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  1. I work in a doctor's office and the drug rep informed me that Brintellix is being renamed Trintellix due to name confusion with another drug. This probably will happen in June. Just a heads up.
  2. Maxed out my credit card. Guess that's the end of online shopping. I have unused backup card that I plan to keep empty. We shall see. Fucking Zulily and Amazon and my lack of self control. Bad mix.
  3. I love Geodon and it's my favorite med in my cocktail. When I take it I find it very calming without sedation. It's been weight neutral and I feel it has helped my depression as an add on. I've taken it for two years now and had short periods that I had tried Abilify and Latuda, both with side effects.Went back to Geodon both times. My doctor has been trying to find a combo that will cover depression, anxiety, and OCD compulsions.
  4. So far I haven't really noticed much improvement with it. Still had some crying episodes and shopping has not been curtailed at all. I am questioning if my crying is just a normal part of emotions with depression, though MD thinks the fact that I start and have trouble stopping, that it is a problem. And the shopping, just nothing will touch this problem. I am so compulsive in this habit it's getting dangerous. I have a follow up with my psychiatrist tomorrow evening and I will discuss if this is a med worth continuing. I may try for another month or so since my insurance coverage has met the deductible and it's not crazy expensive. I'm bummed again that I can't work this problem out.
  5. I gag brushing my teeth, worse in the morning. I have vomited from it. Also gag/vomit from colds, post nasal drip, coughing, sucking on a hard candy, trying to carry anything in my mouth, dental xrays. And sometimes its just a thought about gagging that sets it off. Embarrassingly, this happened at work and I barfed into a paper recycling bin in front of all my coworkers. It has worsened since taking psych meds but I've always had a sensitive gag reflex.
  6. I have struggled with treatment resistant depression and compulsive behaviors like shopping, internet checking, eating, crying jags. My doctor has recommended trying a new med, he says off-label, called Nuedexta, for his term of "emotional incontinence" (!!! I know, such a bad turn of a phrase.) The med is originally used for people with pseudo bulbar affect syndrome who have had a stroke or traumatic neurological injury and have jags of inappropriate crying or laughing. He says it may help put the brakes on the part of my brain that is unable to stop compulsive activities through neuro chemical pathways. I don't have a lot of info on this med or use off-label beyond for the PBA syndrome. Anyone tried this? Know much about it?
  7. I do like sour candy. Sour Patch Kids, yum! Do you wear multiple rings (other than a wedding ring)?
  8. I've taken it a couple of years as a part of my cocktail for treatment resistant depression and OCD. I think the SSRIs I've taken contributed to a moderate weight gain but not the Geodon. I look forward to my evening dose of 120mg (morning is 60mg) as I find it very calming. It used to be sedating after about three hours but now, not so much. It's my favorite psych med I take.
  9. I'm buying loads of pretty tarot decks for my "collection". I've spent way too much $$ lately.
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