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    being outside, camping, hiking, walking the beach, ect.. being around my friends and family, and my amazing fiance whom i love very much.
  1. feeling a bit empty, but at the same time.. much better than this past week or two.. blahh.

  2. I do bite myself, iI have since I was about 3 years old.. I was a bigger biter than a cutter or any other form of SI..
  3. I was never a "normal" kid.. (what's that even mean, right?) I was 3 years old when I was put into a preschool for children who had "behavior" problems.. they "diagnosed" me with violent rage syndrome.. I had a pretty screwed up childhood, which didn'y help the fact that I was already off balance... when I was about 14 the doctor tried putting me on Paxil.. They said I was just depressed..even though I'd been angry, confused, misunderstood, and hard for others to put up with from the age of 3.. The meds made me extremely violent.. I was taken off of those and sent to see a psychologist.. they then diagnosed me with Bipolar 1, Anxiety disorder, PTSD, and OCD.. with some ADD to throw into the mix. Fun, right? NOT! I started seeing a counselor and never got very far with that.. they did however put me on 300mg of Lamictal.. it's helped so far, but I feel as if it's almost wearing out, for lack of better words.. I've recently had a manic episode and I'm giving in to this whole "you're not the only one going through this kind of crap" thing.. There ya go, I hate talkin about myself so I think I'm done now.
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