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  1. wow everyone in soooooo friendly here. im out. enjoy your forums you self-righteous jerks.
  2. well maybe a "meds that can cause hypomania / mania " thread / sticky would be an idea for the future.
  3. i was not saying "dont take tramadol" i meant exercise caution, especially if you are not taking anti-manic medication. and hey, im new here, so i appreciate your posting tips and just changed my original post. no need to call me stupid either. whoooop
  4. Hey I thought I would let y'all know that tramadol can potentially set off mania/hypomania. My regular doctor put me on it 2 months ago, knowing that I am bipolar ii and now Im totally manic ! Stupid doctors ! Using thorozine atm for mania. With clonazepam as required. I would recomend exercising caution with tramadol if you are bipolar, especially if you are not on an anti-manic medication.
  5. ^ yeah thats what ive been thinking too. last resort though. tramadol just made me manic so im hoping ill get seen soon :-)
  6. cool thanks for the replies. not using it as any sort of mood stabiliser, just hoping it will help with my chronic pain. its a been a battle to try and see a psychitrist this year year, 3 referals have been declined. doh.
  7. sounds fine to me. e is great once in a while. its great to plan something nice for the comedown. or just have a free day to sleep. it wont "fry your brain" enjoy yourself.
  8. fent is one of the strongest painkillers out there. its will sky rocket your tolerence to opiates. i would advise trying something weaker (ms contin, oxycontin, bupe patches)
  9. Has anyone with bipolar tried gabapentin ? (also called Neurontin) Anyone get manic or hypomanic? Im using it for a ongoing wrist injury.
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