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  1. I tried a new ice cream place today. The ice cream shake I had was soooo good. Creamy, rich, well flavored, and mixed perfectly with cookie crumbs. Yummmmm
  2. Granted. However your symmetric face makes your freckles stand out so much so you wear a ski mask. I wish this 2300 piece kitted order would go away.
  3. Granted. Now you know everything all people in a 100km radius are doing too. I wish my datefriend could hang out with me tonight
  4. granted. poof- now your hair is stick straight and encased in glass I wish my student loan debt was paid off
  5. I'm hungry and tired, and my right kidney hurts. I can't tell if it's a kidney stone or something else
  6. granted. however, something that makes the water tastes better reacts violently with your toothpaste, causing spontaneous combustion I wish for more dark chocolate covered caramels
  7. Granted, but your dog now has an insatiable appetite in exchange. I wish for a new pair of socks
  8. Granted, but your pool is filled with toxic sludge you can't swim in. I wish I could have blue hair
  9. chem

    Questions Thread

    In what context? I've punched a lot of people while involved in martial arts. What color is the floor in your current location?
  10. chem

    Questions Thread

    Some people are easy to get gifts for. Some I just can't. If I am doing a white elephant thing, forget it (I just buy a gift card in the amount of the gift value) Would you rather: make your entire holiday meal with no directions and no recipes to follow or wrap 1000 presents blindfolded?
  11. I competed in my first martial arts tournament after a 2 year hiatus from competition. I performed one of my rank forms. Didn't make it past prelims, but it's fine.... Honestly was expecting to go up there, announce my form, and stand there like a deer in headlights. My friend took a video but my form looks atrocious (even though everyone watching said it looked all right. My upper and lower body are completely out of sync.) I ate food. Bedtime
  12. chem

    Questions Thread

    Sorta. I get 1 bad burn, then tan easy after the bad burn. Although now that I work in a science lab and don't see the light of day, I look like a vitamin D deprived vampire. Would you rather drive in the rain with no heat or no windshield wipers?
  13. chem

    Questions Thread

    anywhere between 3 and 5 nights a week. could be anything from pasta to pizza to steak/meats to nachos. have you ever watched "The Try Guys" on YouTube?
  14. my room, henceforth known as "The Science Experiment," is out of fucking control. I have cleaned it multiple times, but due to household renovations, a surprise visit by relatives, and health issues, it's turned into a terrifying mess that has eaten a few rewards club cards, a spare phone that I use to play games, and some very important papers. It's got a clothes monster, a messed up desk monster, and the top of my closet makes me not want to open it. if I do, what's up there will try to kill me by falling on my head
  15. chem

    Questions Thread

    Cone with a dish in case it makes a mess. Reading, video games, or go outside?
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