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  1. chem

    Questions Thread

    Some people are easy to get gifts for. Some I just can't. If I am doing a white elephant thing, forget it (I just buy a gift card in the amount of the gift value) Would you rather: make your entire holiday meal with no directions and no recipes to follow or wrap 1000 presents blindfolded?
  2. I competed in my first martial arts tournament after a 2 year hiatus from competition. I performed one of my rank forms. Didn't make it past prelims, but it's fine.... Honestly was expecting to go up there, announce my form, and stand there like a deer in headlights. My friend took a video but my form looks atrocious (even though everyone watching said it looked all right. My upper and lower body are completely out of sync.) I ate food. Bedtime
  3. chem

    Questions Thread

    Sorta. I get 1 bad burn, then tan easy after the bad burn. Although now that I work in a science lab and don't see the light of day, I look like a vitamin D deprived vampire. Would you rather drive in the rain with no heat or no windshield wipers?
  4. chem

    Questions Thread

    anywhere between 3 and 5 nights a week. could be anything from pasta to pizza to steak/meats to nachos. have you ever watched "The Try Guys" on YouTube?
  5. my room, henceforth known as "The Science Experiment," is out of fucking control. I have cleaned it multiple times, but due to household renovations, a surprise visit by relatives, and health issues, it's turned into a terrifying mess that has eaten a few rewards club cards, a spare phone that I use to play games, and some very important papers. It's got a clothes monster, a messed up desk monster, and the top of my closet makes me not want to open it. if I do, what's up there will try to kill me by falling on my head
  6. chem

    Questions Thread

    Cone with a dish in case it makes a mess. Reading, video games, or go outside?
  7. *Googles side effects of laughing too hard*
  8. chem

    Questions Thread

    Mmmmm. Korean food, delicious! Sometimes I do. My birthday falls right before Thanksgiving so it has been known to get forgotten about. Last year my best friend took me out to eat and got me a sweet penguin carved from stone. Is your living space messy, neat, or somewhere in the middle?
  9. chem

    Questions Thread

    meds- straight from the bottle or blister packs what's your favourite place to eat?
  10. chem

    Questions Thread

    my favourite kind of bird.... chicken (for eating): birds of prey (for birdwatching): lovebirds or parrotlets (in terms of having as a pet) Would you rather.... scrub every inch of the tile in your house clean with a toothbrush daily or have to vacuum 1000 sq ft of shag carpet every day? You cannot answer with "Neither" or any variant of "none of the above"
  11. I got lots of critter snuggles when I went to my friend's house to watch their dogs this morning
  12. Rabbit- lovebirds are so so funny. I had one when I was growing up who loved to swing around upside down for no reason. He'd also scream "Newton!" randomly and that would make the whole house laugh. Have you decided on a name? My happy moment was my friend texting me saying "you can't cry over ramen. the noodles don't like tears" I laughed so hard my ass fell off
  13. I nailed my phone interview! They're going to schedule an in person interview with me for Monday or Tuesday.
  14. I applied for 6 more jobs today. I also got an email response to a job I applied for last week- the company wants to set up a phone interview!!
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