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  1. *Googles side effects of laughing too hard*
  2. chem

    Questions Thread

    Mmmmm. Korean food, delicious! Sometimes I do. My birthday falls right before Thanksgiving so it has been known to get forgotten about. Last year my best friend took me out to eat and got me a sweet penguin carved from stone. Is your living space messy, neat, or somewhere in the middle?
  3. chem

    Questions Thread

    meds- straight from the bottle or blister packs what's your favourite place to eat?
  4. chem

    Questions Thread

    my favourite kind of bird.... chicken (for eating): birds of prey (for birdwatching): lovebirds or parrotlets (in terms of having as a pet) Would you rather.... scrub every inch of the tile in your house clean with a toothbrush daily or have to vacuum 1000 sq ft of shag carpet every day? You cannot answer with "Neither" or any variant of "none of the above"
  5. I got lots of critter snuggles when I went to my friend's house to watch their dogs this morning
  6. Rabbit- lovebirds are so so funny. I had one when I was growing up who loved to swing around upside down for no reason. He'd also scream "Newton!" randomly and that would make the whole house laugh. Have you decided on a name? My happy moment was my friend texting me saying "you can't cry over ramen. the noodles don't like tears" I laughed so hard my ass fell off
  7. I nailed my phone interview! They're going to schedule an in person interview with me for Monday or Tuesday.
  8. I applied for 6 more jobs today. I also got an email response to a job I applied for last week- the company wants to set up a phone interview!!
  9. Speaking from the perspective of someone who went to college with parents who were heavily involved (but not overwhelmingly so) in the decision making process, here's some things that we (my parents and I) did. we made lots of lists- every dang thing you could think of... pros and cons, expenses associated with each school, financial aid options, majors I was thinking of studying, what schools were top choice/reach/safety net, lists of schools that I wanted to apply to we did a lot of research into each school on my list- I went to the library and checked out all those guides for applying to schools and what schools had what majors. I spent a lot of time looking up info on the internet. I talked to friends that were attending some of the schools I was interested in. My parents had questions about each school and did their own research. I won't lie, my parents and I had some arguments about schools/majors/all the stuff involved in choosing a college. Ultimately, as long as he feels comfortable with where he goes to school and what he's studying and he feels like he has your support, that's how you know you've all come to a good decision
  10. JT- I miss you. I miss you in the small things from the thought out responses to commiserating about the hate of heat. I miss you in the big things from moderation decisions to spending time in chat. I miss your checking in on the site almost daily. Like Gearhead, I look up at the sky and declare the universe did the wrong thing by taking you from us. I've been on CB for almost 10 years and I see the positive mark you left for us here. Whether it was checking in by logging into chat (even if you didn't have much to say), or leaving comments, or asking about other mods and members, you made a difference. I want you back, but I'll take some small comforts in knowing you won't be forgotten. Wherever you are, rest easy and may there be no more heat for you to hate. -Joe
  11. chem

    Questions Thread

    Can neither confirm nor deny. Do you like grocery or clothes shopping more? Why?
  12. chem

    Questions Thread

    Men's 7 or 7.5 What's the last app you used on your phone or tablet? If you don't have a smartphone or tablet, what program on your computer did you last use?
  13. chem

    Questions Thread

    both please. I feel compelled to ask this since it's now New Year's Eve... what is a goal you have that you want to work toward in 2018?
  14. I didn't misunderstand or misinterpret what you said- you didn't leave me enough context in what you wrote to work with. In my brain, the phrase "don't go to" gets interpreted as "used to go, but no longer attends" more often than "has never gone to" You said I mean, you didn't say "I wonder if there are people out there who have never heard of GROW/have never been to a GROW group that have managed to get their hands on GROW resources and books and use them in their own therapy process." If you had said that, I would have said "There's probably a handful of people who have picked up resources from GROW who have never been to a GROW meeting. There's no way to know for sure that's truth." I know in my case I've seen AA materials in the donation bin for the used book sale at my local library, so I wouldn't put it past people to donate GROW materials after they were done using them Being specific with language helps avoid confusion
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