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  1. Yes. It had a time out. Now it's doing its fermentation thing
  2. so, I was gifted sourdough starter a while back. I've been baking heaps with it my friends and I started a chicken coop. I'll take some pics later
  3. I'm normally an anxiety ridden mess when it's "pre-pandemic" times. Throw COVID in the mix and my anxiety is even more over the top than normal. I've been finding that things that normally wouldn't make me more than a little bit anxious (for example, being a couple minutes late to meet a friend or not being able to find a particular item on my grocery list) can send me into an "anxiety spiral" where everything just goes downhill and I'm teetering on the edge of a panic attack. Since most of my go-to methods for anxiety/stress relief are a no-go right now (my county has had a huge uptick in cases and has had to go back under tighter restrictions), I'm having to do a lot more walking around or playing puzzle games to cope. I'm trying to manage everything that I physically can manage (keeping a tighter hold on financial purchases, limiting where I go and who I see)
  4. chem

    Questions Thread

    Not often enough Would you rather... fall in public or take a freezing cold shower with all your clothes on?
  5. chem

    Questions Thread

    Chickens, my Nellie cat, and still being employed. Oh, I also got a new laptop and it's amazing What's your go to brand of shoes?
  6. chem

    Questions Thread

    14 years ago. I was 14 Morning person, night owl, or somewhere in the middle?
  7. chem

    Questions Thread

    Yes. Do you have a hidden talent?
  8. chem

    Questions Thread

    Any season that doesn't involve massive allergy attacks or scorching heat. Ideally the period between late fall and early winter would you rather go camping in the middle of nowhere for 2 weeks with no internet and all the food you could want (you still have the ability to call and text people) or live in a mansion with unlimited internet and you only could eat vegetables for 2 weeks?
  9. Better to self medicate with bacon than hydroxychloroquine
  10. My kitty has not met them. The cats at their home have. One cat is scared shitless of them and the other wants to eat them. Their coop arrived today, so that's something to build throughout the next week or 4.
  11. The county we are keeping them in doesn't allow roosters. Also, raising them to lay eggs. I'm also not exactly single, lol. But that's a whole other topic for a later date.
  12. so this wasn't completely my idea... but two friends and I bought 4 chicks and necessary food/water/care bits&bobs, and a chicken coop. I'm now a chicken father to 4, 4 week old chicks. they were very cute in the beginning... now they look like half-feathered little dinosaurs with hella attitude to go with I got to name one chick and she's an absolute little mischief maker. completely fearless, a cuddler, and will absolutely devour any earwig (pincer bug) she finds
  13. I've hit the point in the pandemic where I have drunk so much cola that the resulting caffeine addition to my system is going to throw all systems out of whack. and please don't ask why there are 20 boxes of captain crunch cereal in my room I can't seem to lose weight, but I'm maintaining okay. I think
  14. I made sourdough pizza crust with what remained of my sourdough starter (I had a mishap with it earlier this week where it expanded beyond the confines of its fermentation jar and oozed all over my countertops, so that was fun) tomorrow I will order my laptop and acquire groceries
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