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  1. Sleep would be nice. 

    1. MiaB


      Sorry to hear that - I thought this was early for you.

    2. DammitJanet


      I’m sorry. It is hell. 

  2. Hey y'all. At some point in the past the the signature length limit was accidently turned off. I turned it back on to at 30 lines. Please put any content longer than that in your profiles. Thanks.
  3. The consensus seems to be that it's not worth the cost because it breaks every time there's an IPB update and it takes the tapatalk people forever to fix it. Are you having problems with the current mobile site or anything?
  4. It's only a reversible MAO-I at lower doses. At higher doses it has the same problems as Parnate and Nardil. They tried to get around that with a transdermal patch but it didn't work.
  5. Velvet Elvis


    Here's a password manager that should work on pretty much everything but I haven't used it. I've heard good things about it but it might not be the easiest to use. https://bitwarden.com/
  6. There are aps for android and ios. I don't see why it wouldn't work on a notebook.
  7. In addition to what is built into chrome: https://keepass.info/
  8. Velvet Elvis


    It should tell you if you scroll down the page some. I use the one build into chrome for most things. I reuse passwords for stuff where it won't really matter if the account gets compromised but anywhere that has my SSN or bank card numbers gets a unique password.
  9. I take Intuniv for vocal tics as well as to balance out blood pressure spikes caused by Adderall. It's difficult to put into words but it does help somewhat with the reactive parts. Intuniv on top of clonodine would put me in a coma. Both were originally developed as BP medications and can be fairly sedating.
  10. It's not an official DX but the basic idea has been knocking around in various forms for decades. I am by no means an expert here but it looks like a few different older ideas stuck together in new ways. This article is one of the few things that's been written about it but it's resonated with tons of people. There's virtually nothing in academic literature. There number of people who have read this and said "this describes my whole life perfectly" is really large. It's pretty hard to deny that it's at least pointing at something real. You see elements in the now no longer used (and somewhat sexist) Histrionic Dysphoria. Elements of it have been classified as atypical depression, also not an official dx at this point. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0193953X18309961 https://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletter_article/Atypical_depression
  11. Velvet Elvis


    More or less. The sites ere compromised but it's unknown what data accessed, etc. It's only a potential problem if you used the same password at multiple sites.
  12. I think it's pretty much the same concept applied in a slightly different context. The core idea has been kicking around for decades under different names. It used to be a lot more sexist. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0193953X18309961 The literature on it is pretty scant. This particular formulation of it as applied to people with ADD has been resonating strongly with a ton of people. I think they are onto something particularly regarding how it ties into perfectionism, etc.
  13. I hadn't heard of this before but it's really interesting. I've read various attempts to define the emotional dysregulation side of ADHD over the years. This one seems to be resonating with a lot of people in the online ADHD community. The perfectionism parts of it in particular are pretty much me. I'm not as sensitive to criticism as I used to be but I definitely see some of that in myself as well. Anyone else familiar with it? https://www.additudemag.com/rejection-sensitive-dysphoria-and-adhd/
  14. Velvet Elvis


    As far as I know our passsword database has never been breached. None of it is saved in plain text. It's hashed and salted. This will tell you if your email has ever shown up in a password dump, etc. https://haveibeenpwned.com/
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