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  1. There's a paypal button in the sidebar of the desktop site.
  2. The ads barely cover the costs of keeping the site online. Speaking negatively about advertisers is against the adsense TOS but I can't be bother to care atm.
  3. I've heard speculation that BJ could be on the spectrum. Does anyone know i there's any truth to that at all? I only mention it because the The first time I ever heard of the guy was when he was a guest on Top Gear, before it was common knowledge in the US that Clarkson is pretty deplorable himself. The two of them remain mentally linked in my head, which has become more and more appropriate as I've learned more about each. I've been looking for ways to emmigrate to NZ from the US since the Bush years. They don't want crazy people, nor does anywhere else with a public health care system.
  4. Google tries to block those and usually does within a day or so if some slip through. Is it still a problem. I'm thinking about just removing the ads because they aren't even making a enough to cover expenses anymore anyway. Are they still a problem.
  5. I took it for a while. It made my OCD quite a bit worse but I wasn't on anything else for it at the time.
  6. While parts are specific to the UK, this this is extremely useful (if you have the attention to dive into it.) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3666194/?fbclid=IwAR1nY_m8FxNvsKxBYjSOlq9PWXPtoq_293wzYrCBApfZ2l_mdFFV5D0Ake0
  7. IIRC that's one people have had trouble even getting as not a lot of it is made and the profit margin is low.
  8. That's news to me after taking 60mgs a day for the better part of 20 years. No MD ever mentioned it and it's not in any online literature I've read. I've got an old PDR stuck somewhere but I usually just rxlist for a reference WRT that kind of stuff.
  9. Apples and oranges. Feeling shitty when your meds wear off at the end of the day and having a lower baseline on days you don't take them isn't isn't withdrawal. One of the big advantages of stimulants over other ADHD meds is that they work immediately, only last a few hours, and have no remaining effect after a few days. If you feel fucked up days after not taking them it's probably because they destabilized something else you have going on. Most docs are extremely conservative about prescribing them to bipolar and SCZ patients for a reason.
  10. I've never even heard of withdrawal from someone who didn't abuse them and take more than the max recommended daily dose. Sure days off are worse than your average day was before you started taking it but that's not withdrawal.
  11. Nobody bothers leaving reviews that say "eh, it was OK I guess." Reviews come from people who were either: 1. Overwhelmingly impressed 2. disgusted 3. paid The affordable housing shortage in this area is insane, and that's with a $1k 1BR defined as "affordable." We're in a slum that only goes at below market rate because it's nowhere close to meeting codes. I need to be within reasonable Uber range of VUMC so we don't really have any other choice.
  12. Keep in mind that the only people who leave reviews are people with bad experiences. Where is it exactly? Is this one of the ones off Harding? At least it's not Stadium Inn.
  13. I've never had withdrawal, just the end of the day crash. My understanding has always been that stimulants aren't even addictive at therapeutic doses. I've been on and off them for decades at this point. I'm useless on days I don't take them. I've always been on something like Wellbutrin in addition which helps a bit when I don't take it.
  14. Have you had that response with other stimulants? That happens to me sometimes on stimulants but not always. Sleep, diet, and exercise all seem to effect how I respond to stimulants. Vyvanse doesn't become fully active until it's metabolized by your liver. There are some food and drug interactions as well as other health conditions that can interfere with this.
  15. I locked this. Until there's some kind of hard science and peer reviewed research on this we would really rather not have discussions on this subject here.
  16. There has to be limits to that. There's a difference between administering medication and putting somebody in an induced coma. Is there any plant on which "we're going to keep you strapped down and force fed until you you want to live" makes one bit of sense? "Sorry you were sexually assaulted, will you please quit struggling so we can put in this catheter?"
  17. I just don't see how repeatedly holding down a traumatized and suicidal rape victim, restraining her to a bed and forcing things into her body without consent would have ever been the right thing to do here. It's the physical violation part of it that I find horrifying, not keeping her alive in general.
  18. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5440772/ I'd run any supplements more unusual that a multivitamin by your doc just in case there's some interaction you don't know about.
  19. That was the first one I found on googling. With any non-US news story I try and get as much information as I can from foreign media or people who actually live there. This story still doesn't go into what might have been the deliberative process behind the decision making. https://www.dazeddigital.com/life-culture/article/44754/1/debunking-viral-story-dutch-teenager-legal-euthanasia-noa-pothoven
  20. It is not your fault that the U.S. reporting distorted and sensationalized the what happened because it makes good clickbait. Neither euthanasia or suicide are really accurate ways of depicting the situation at all. I think most, if not all, of what you've been saying here would be pretty spot on if the story made up in the US media was what actually happened. I The way this has been exploited is disgusting.
  21. Anywhere that would risk federal felony charges by mailing you 10% is nowhere you want to have your CC numbers. Green Hills and Brentwood locations. You think it's expensive? https://www.tncbdsolutions.com/
  22. Nobody's mental health is going to improve while restrained to a hospital bed with an IV in their arm and forced feeding tube up their nose. I don't know at what age people can refuse life saving treatment there. In the US it's 18 and it's reasonable to think it could be 17 in western European country. I've been checking out death with dignity laws in the US recently after getting some unpleasant medical news myself (nobody freak, I could easily have decades). The idea of being forced to stay alive for months or years hooked up to machines while fully conscious is something right out of a horror movie. You can't do that to a person. It's not the same thing as being involuntarily committed to a psych ward at all.
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