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  1. sounds like damned mickey mouse and isn't happy about it.

  2. As the last person said. Honey I broke the chat room.
  3. Ahh the walking drugstore, I know that all to well. If I remember right I take 4 medications @ a vitamin in the morning and then again I take another 4 medications @ calcium at dinner. To top things off I take a sleeping medication.
  4. Only ever had generic Klonopin, no major differences noted, things might work differently for you though.
  5. I'm with the others regarding Paxil for Social Anxiety. However depending on your medication needs, the Paxil Cr might be better than the regular Paxil. Plus both forms now come in generic form. Good Luck!
  6. This probably takes the cake for oddest collection. Wumpscut, Dry Kill Logic, Icon Of Coil, Combichrist, Panzer Division, Mastodon, H.I.V+, Switchblade Symphony, Reaper, Suicide Commando, Fear Factory, Devil Driver, Every Time I Die, and More.....
  7. Kathy, I honestly can't say what you have but I exhibit some similar issues like for example extreme isolation. I wish you luck, if you find anything helpful let me know.
  8. I understand your predicament. I experience some of the same problems myself. My doctor just increased my Paxil Cr to 75 mg, hoping it will help, but I won't know for a few weeks. Thinking of you in this time of need.
  9. I got ssdi first try, the fact that I had 20+ doctors and other professionals who said that I had long term health issues, probably made it near futile for them to deny it. Best of luck.
  10. I'm looking into becoming an Independent Distributor for a Company called Premier Designs. This really seems like it could work well for both of us. http://www.premierdesigns.com Best of luck.
  11. Awareness needs to be raised, lack of it leads to us working in oppressive conditions, which produces awful stigma and ignorance. Just some random thoughts.
  12. I absolutley love my present psychiatrist. Had to wait 8 weeks to see her, but when I finally did she took not 1 but 2 visits to evaluate me. She gives patients her private cellphone number if there is an emergency, is really understanding about how expensive medication is despite copay and helps you with samples whenever possible. Between her and my psychologist, I couldn't have a better team to work with. Really makes you want to show your appreciation for how much they care about each patient. Again kudo's are due 1000x over to those who really care. Gnight, one and all.
  13. I don't know what to say sometimes, a lot of the time. I start babbling, and inevitably end up pissing people off. If only some doctor had said I had Aspergers Syndrome well who knows what could have been done diffrently.
  14. My dear, I don't have kids myself, but well managing my own health is enough of a headache as it is. You diserve ALOT of credit for trying so hard when things are so messed up. Anyhow my advice take it one day at a time if you can, if need be by cheap china at your local thrift shop and smash it to get the rage out. I gotta get to sleep like immediatley. Have a big day tommorow. Best of luck. Mispelling ridden, forgive me please.
  15. Adnama, Only thing I can say is be prepared to get highly frustrated and really confused. <-- Confused now, and medicare.gov doesn't make things any clearer.
  16. I'm on Paxil Cr 37.5 mg seems too be doing the trick, but after I lose my Medical Assistantance, my copays are going to go through the roof again In June it goes from being 3 dollars back to 30 dollars.
  17. Hi Nightshade: I'm pretty sure they are. My insurance company shows them as currently available, and I know for certain they were available a year ago. Todd. Todd, While they may be available they don't appear to be available in generic 1mg sublingual tablets.
  18. Thanks for the wafer idea VelvetElvis, unfortunatley I don't think they are available in generic for starters, as far as with the xanax it was leaving my system too quickly, and causing me to start nodding off at work, when I was on them. This is one of the reason's I'm seeking alternatives. *sigh* I hate the holidays anymore. Just realized one of the gifts I bought is missing a component, so that doesn't please me. Christmas the gift that keeps on giving.....mentally ill people hell. Something like that.
  19. Need some suggestions for fast acting benzo's that I could take on top of my klonopin if I REALLY FLIP MY LID. Been on xanax generic .25 tablets, which when I was on that I was eating 1.5 mg of it and then some. 8 days and counting till Christmas.
  20. Also if need be you could crush the klonopin and mix it with applesauce. If it works with xanax, then its bound to work with klonopin. HOWEVER DON'T CRUSH THE XANAX XR, I've never been on it but I'd hate to see the effects.
  21. I've gotten from green to yellow to pink, green are by teva and are 1 mg tablets, pink are .5 and are made by purepac (and taste nasty), yellow is .5 mg also and is made by watson and teva. try http://www.drugdigest.org for identifying your klonopin. 8 days until hell breaks loose (that would be Christmas or as I call it X-Mess). Hope your family doesn't drive you mad, mine might hoping for a fast acting benzo to use in case of needing to push the big red panic button. Excuse the rambling, its 1:04 am est and i should get off here and go to bed, before I say something else dumb. :ph34r:
  22. I was on. 2 mg, and recently with all the crazy changes occuring i'm allowed 4 mg a day. I also have Paxil Cr 37.5 mg on board as well as 450 mg of Wellbutrin XL, plus Lunesta 3 mg. Yes I run the gauntlet in crazy meds. Dx: ADHD, PDD NOS, MAJOR DEPRESSIVE DISORDER, INSOMNIA Could possibly be Aspie but hasn't been nailed down yet.
  23. Get a lexan plastic water bottle, fill it with water before you leave the house, and your good to go. Its so much cheaper in the long run too because you can wash and reuse, wash and reuse, and there is no lingering taste left in the bottle. I got two lexan bottles from Wholefoods Market for 3.29 and 3.49. Just a thought! Dry swallowing xanax is also an option but it tastes hell of a yucky if you have to do it that way.
  24. Thanks, I'm running into a bit of a brick wall, having problems with high anxiety levels, and the fact that my mother, isn't exactley very well understanding of my mental illness doesn't help matters. Also not being able to find a psychiatrist, and not having a lot of support from my mother doesn't help. My psychologist thinks my medications need to be altered, my neurologist when I brought up the issue of a medication change kinda blew it off or that's at least how I interpreted things. I quite frankly am feeling well directionless I suppose. Managed to get my General Physician to write me a script for 240 generic .25 mg xanax tablets. *Sigh* I just don't know anymore.
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