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  1. I wish I could speak fluent French! So jealous! But seriously Rosie, it sounds like you have, until recently, done the majority of the care in regards to Grandma, it's time for Aunty I and Uncle S to step up and do their part - whether that's paying someone else, or doing it themselves... up to them... and if they don't like it, well frankly- tough shit.
  2. Hey... just a thought... would it be possible to keep your kit in your class? Or do you need them at home for homework type stuff? If you need to keep them at home, could you ask the roomies to look after them, and then just grab them back for homework, and do your homework in the living room, and then give the kit back once you're done?
  3. Hey, I have been in remission from Bulimia for about 7 years with the occasional slip up, but I went a bit crazy over the past few weeks/months (I'm a bit hazy over the situation and how long it was and all the details) and to cut a long story short, I ended up not eating for two weeks, and then only eating about half a meal every two to three days... now that I'm coming out of the crazy, I'm struggling with my thoughts in that I like that I lost so much weight, I like that I don't feel like eating much, and can easily eat just one meal a day. I know it's not healthy, and I know I'm going down a slippery hill, but yeah... I get what you mean. I plan on talking to my Mental Health Nurse about my issues on Monday, so hopefully I can get on top of it... I hope you can get control over your stuff too, I'll have my fingers crossed for you... sorry I don't really have anything helpful to add, just wanted to let you know you're not alone!
  4. Sorry Lance, I too had the same problem, that was just way too big a block of text for me to read. Can you do a short summary?
  5. I am also agreeing with Tryp, I have that too as part of my BPD. When I read the title of this thread, before even opening and reading the post, BPD immediately came to mind.
  6. Sometimes, when I'm just starting to go into a delusion, I'm sort of aware, so I can start reality checking, but sometimes if I don't do the reality checking, or if I get in too deep, I kind of forget, and don't realise it's a delusion, and then I don't realise until I come out of it, and then I'm like... uh, oh yeah, that was totally silly, no way would the Police be stalking me, that was a total paranoid delusion.
  7. You said it much better then me, that's what I was trying to get at... the malicious intent thing
  8. That's a really broad question- physically hurting you- if it wasn't an accident or in a play fighting scenario, then that's really not on... Emotionally or psychologically hurting you- to what degree and in what circumstance? Was it something like, they accidentally insulted you or a matter of bad communication? Did they purposefully put you down? Did they continually hack away at your self esteem? If it's not a case of accidentally insulting you, or bad communication, but they're generally being nasty arseholes, If it was me, I personally would call off the friendship, as I have too much shit to deal with, and I don't need the extra negativity in my life. I need friends who are as supportive and as understanding as they can be, not ones who are out to hurt me.
  9. ktb69

    How To Write A Book?

    Thank you for your advice guys, it's given me a bit more confidence, and I think I have a better idea of how to get started now! It's interesting to see there are a few of us writing (or planning to) about our journey!
  10. Okay, firstly, I'm not sure where the best place to post this is, so if this is in the wrong topic, Mods- feel free to move it! I'd like to write a book, I think about my journey. Nothing fancy, it doesn't have to be amazing. It's just for me, to give me something to do during the day, a distraction and a longer term commitment I guess. My only real problem, is I don't really know where, or how to start. Ideally, I'd like to write about my goals, and my childhood, not just my current and past mental health, but I have very little memories pertaining to my childhood, and the memories I do have are somewhat clouded. I have a few journal entries starting from around the beginning of this year, and notes from my mental health professionals, both which I plan on drawing from, but again, no idea where to start. How do I go about structuring a book?? If anyone has any experience (or even if you don't have experience) tips and advice are greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  11. Ahh, okay, thanks Vapour, I shall keep trying, hopefully, eventually, I shall get in... lol
  12. I can't get into chat, I keep getting this error message: I've tried closing my browser (Firefox) and I've tried logging out and back in again, both to no avail... any ideas? I've never had this problem before!
  13. Could it be a side effect of one of your meds? I've found I have started doing it a lot since starting on the Escitalopram, my mental health nurse agrees it is probably a side effect of that (for me). I find that resting my tongue against the roof of my mouth helps relax my jaw sometimes, or chewing gum. I'm thinking about asking to switch the Escitalopram as I'm getting a few other side effects too, so hopefully that will fix it for me. If it's not a side effect of meds, I'm not really sure what else you can do (helpful, huh)... maybe some breathing exercises or something?? Do you have a t.doc? If you do, maybe they would have some ideas to help with this?
  14. Thank you Whatever way round you do it, you're making progress! Even the fact that you've considered giving the meds up is progress! There was a stage, where I had a huge stock pile of extra meds which my mental health nurse knew about, and asked me to give up, and I was a stubborn bitch, and refused completely. I wouldn't even entertain the idea of giving them up. So yes, progress!
  15. Well done!! I understand the mixed feelings... I flushed some left over medication down the toilet a few weeks ago, which was a major thing for me, I thought I would feel so proud of myself, but I ended up feeling confused and kind of gutted for a few days. Now, I am so glad I did it, as I know it's what I needed to do. My next step is getting rid of my blades as you have done, just not quite ready for that yet, although I haven't used them in nearly 7 weeks, yay. Congratulations on getting rid of your razors, such a big step!
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