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  1. Well now I've had this option brought up to me more times than I can ignore - maybe I need to apply for assistance and quit trying to make it in the normal work world and killing myself with the stress of being something I can't be. I tried. For years and years. I'm so tired. I want to be me and not be fired or yelled at or judged for it. I want a rest. I'm finding it's hard to find information on what kind of assistance is available to a BP, like Disability, Social Security, etc. Has anyone gone through these bureacratic monsters and lived to tell? Where did you go? What is available? How did you do it? What have you learned? Because oddly enough, I think that if I were capable of figuring out what mysterious help was available to me from agencies, I think I would be eligible to stay in the working world... how in the hell do people do this? How can you figure out all the complicated red tape to get yourself help when you're mentally incapable of even keeping a job in the first place? Thanks for any help. I'm trying hard but hitting walls and getting to the point of just giving up on it all. Your Friend in Space, DogDayGirl
  2. Hawkeye has great advice. I too have been let go or quit from so many jobs that I have lost count...I am a single mother of 2...I am epileptic and bipolar. I have wanted to crawl under a rock so many times and just give up, its so hard when youre not sure which way to turn, but there are avenues, believe me, things just get a little clouded sometimes. My situation was a bit different from yours,I didnt have a job at the time, I have worked odd jobs ranging from everything (my true calling is art, and my children)...but I ended up in a bad relationship. Ive never been able to drive due to seizures, and was penniless. Once this guy figured out I was bipolar, and I began to have seizure trouble, and found all of my weak spots...I felt like I had no way out...no where to turn. I had no money, no job, and even if I could get a job, no way of getting there ( I live in a small town), and no help from others, I wasnt even sure how I was going to pay for my meds, which can be horribly expensive....very frightenning. But somewhere within me, I found the stregnth to start checking out and applying for every program I could apply for. I asked doctors, I asked people on this site, I went to social services, social security...etc. I got out. Here I am today. So...Hawkeye is most definately right...this too WILL pass...there are ways around everything. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hi, Lisa K - Your life makes me feel badly for being such a whiner! How brave you are, I admire you and your ability to talk about it - that's hard for me. I thought that contacting NAMI locally would help me get started in contacting the right agencies, but, as helpful as they try to be, they say they're so swamped right now with nuts like me (ok they didn't word it like that) that they could only give me the name of an atorney who I've called twice and she never returns my calls. I went to some state agency here and they told me to go somewhere else and that proving BP is a disabilty is to hard and I'd probably lose any claim against this employer. But I will continue. Your story inspires me to do that. I have to do it. Thanks, Lisa!
  3. Hi - Today I was fired - for the third time since graduating school. I'm feeling oddly relieved at the moment, the thought of not having to constantly pretend I understand or remember anything is nice, but the reality of rent and bills and pet food has not sunk in or maybe I'm thinking I'm resilient to this kind of hardship, because perhaps today I am invincible and a little manic. BTW - has anyone found a med that allows us clarity of thought?? I've been on lithium since 1991 and I know it's taking its toll on my mind. Or maybe it's just the BP. I used to frequent these boards until I got a job wherein I had to spend all day answering emails in a law firm research situation - then I couldn't stand looking at my computer anymore. But now I've lost that job, the third one I've lost in as many years, and I'm wondering if I need to give it up and admit that despite all that BP brilliance and a law degree, I am just not able to hold a serious job. I can't think well, I have all the other fun things like ADD, Panics, Social Phobias, etc., and this makes living a normal life kind of difficult, as many of you know already. I'm afraid to give in, even though I have no income now, and to somehow tell strangers I'm incapable of taking care of myself and keeping a job. I'm afraid of losing my dog and my cats and a home and freedom. I don't even know where to go for help. I am single, no close friends and my small family is unable to assist me in any way. And I have no income or health insurance now. I was hoping someone here might point the way, give their experience maybe. Maybe just cheer me up for tomorrow. I know it's coming. Anyway - I was just hoping for some words of wisdom from fellow Bps. Anyone there? Thanks for listening, The DogDayGirl
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