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  1. I would HIGHLY recommend meds. I am a believer that when BP becomes destructive there is no amount of lifestyle that will stop it. Lifestyle, of course, is critical. But meds are also critical. Please go talk to a Pdoc.
  2. This is extremely common. Benzos and alcohol work on the same part of the brain. It makes sense that you would substitute one for the other.
  3. I'm curious as to what you mean by "issues". I feel that a dual approach is best for me: meds plus therapy. Meds can't fix life circumstances but therapy can't fix the chemical imbalances in your brain that may trigger dysfunctional responses to those life circumstances.
  4. bluechick

    weird but true

    Where on earth did you find that? That is awesome!
  5. I know what that's like. I have the same issue. I don't even check my voicemail because it makes me anxious. Basically, if the called I.D. doesn't recognize the person or I'm not expecting a call from that person then I just don't pick up. I've tried changing my phone number to see if that helps but it doesn't. And I'm so paranoid about it, I don't even want to bring it up in therapy. This is a demon I don't want to face.
  6. in my experience, cops are reluctant to take someone in on a psych hold even though it is obviously necessary. From what I've heard from some cops I know, it's a paperwork nightmare. Yeah, like that's a good reason. Totally fucked up. The guy should've received care. People are lucky he didn't seriously hurt someone else. Just irresponsible police work.
  7. Being thin does not mean you are happy or confident. In my experience there is no correlation between happiness and weight. I've known plenty of miserable thin people and just as many fat and happy people. I believe that the key to happiness is being the best you can be while still being honest with yourself about who you are. Maybe you're overweight just because you enjoy food. If that's the case, then just enjoy the food. If it makes you happy then who gives a fuck what the skinny people think?
  8. My father in law appealed numerous times and just recently won. Don't give up. From what I've seen, losing an appeal may not be the end of the issue. Go talk to your lawyer.
  9. Absolutely. Specifically, I don't take AAP's. I refuse to accept the emotional blunting. I'd say that this is one problem better dealt with by your Pdoc.
  10. Talk to your Pdoc. There are drugs that help with smoking cessation. Pdoc may be able to add that to your current cocktail.
  11. Will-that's an interesting statistic. But don't ALL smokers have a substance abuse problem by definition?
  12. I've been stable and happy for the last six months. At first I was scared too. "What if it doesn't last? What if it goes away?" With the help of my tdoc, though, I was able to work past the fear. Even if the depression comes back, that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy life now. Living in the past or the future causes anxiety. Enjoy yourself right now. I'd like to offer some suggestions: 1) stay on your meds. They are part of the solution and a part of what is presently making you stable; 2) keep going to therapy even though you feel good. You can use the time to learn about how to stay stable; 3) keep track of your present coping skills. Sure them down. They are a great reference guide for the future, if and when you destabilize. These are the major ones that help me. I truly hope you can maintain your happiness. It's a beautiful feeling.
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