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  1. I'm back! My internet died and for some reason the mobile version wouldn't let me log in, but everything is fixed now! Hooray!

    1. Obscuremachine


      Yay! Missed seeing you around!

    2. Saeihr


      YAY! \o/ Welcome back!

  2. Ah yeah, just seen that now. It's just moved and I scrolled to want I wanted to look at straight away Oooh, funky new feature: if you hover over someone's name on a post, or on the forums, it brings up this info, online/offline and current status. Pretty nifty imo!
  3. Ah yeah, just seen that now. It's just moved and I scrolled to want I wanted to look at straight away
  4. If you reeeeally want to know, go to their profile and you'll see - Active Posts x (y per day). Divide the total (x) by the number of posts per day (y) and that's how many days ago they joined. Round to the nearest day. (eg. before I post this, I have 52 posts, 2.62 per day. 52/2.62 = 19.85. I joined 20 days ago)
  5. Benefit payments sorted out but new pdoc was a complete twat. Back to square one.

  6. Himinow

    Where are you?

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  7. Great news that you're feeling better!

  8. Agreed. But one notable exception from the list, Stephen Fry, made fantastic documentary about BP. It features interviews with Carrie Fisher and Tony Slattery who are also on the list, as well as many non-celebs. Can't recommend it enough.
  9. I just wanted to drop in and say...

    Your avatar is awesome and it made my day. No I did not intend for that to rhyme.

  10. Tdoc - Therapist Pdoc - Psychiatrist Check out the Glossary in the New User Info board if there's any other abbreviations that you need clearing up! We use plenty!
  11. The emergency plan I wrote up for my housemates has 'BRING BOOKS, LOTS OF BOOKS!' in nice big letters at the top! :P

  12. Yeah, my manic patch calmed down and I started sleeping again (now too much, bah) so thankfully I didn't end up having to go. Start at the pdoc on Monday so hopefully I'll get something to help soon! Hope you get your referral soon! Love that you even take your camera to the ER - that's dedication to your art!

  13. And so she wakes up, in time to break down

    1. RebelSong


      She left a note up on the dresser and she's right on time. You don't know anything right or wrong.

      So basically, I adore that song.

    2. Himinow


      I said I know-oh-oh-oh and she says so-oh-oh-oh. I wanna panic but I've had it so I go-oh-oh-oh: you don't owe anything to anyone!

      It's amazing. So hard to be unhappy by the end of it!

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