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  1. Yes. I have been doing well for about six months now, perfectly well. It's been great.
  2. Right??? I've been hypomanic and manic several times, but all of these psych meds can cause mania, right? I mean even Lamictal made me manic for god's sake. Stopping Seroquel made me manic too lol. Sometimes I wonder if I should just go off of my meds and see what happens for real. My upswing are allllllllways euphoric. Which is very nice. But then, that makes people think I'm classic bipolar I, which I'm really not so sure. And yes, ADs don't help me either. They do nothing, they make me agitated, or they make me manic. I don't know why I'm still on them when my doctor has me diagnosed as bipolar I. He's a very good doc otherwise. Mood stabilizers have helped me quite a bit too, but it's the antipsychotics that have helped me the most!!!!!! Abilify is a godsend. Do you know how long it takes for Depakote to kick in to stop hypomania/mania? I want to enjoy this while it lasts
  3. Zoloft - 150 mgs - I honestly don't know why the fuck why, all it does is shoot my mood up, but hey I'm having a good time so Abilify - 20 mgs - anti-psychotic, anti-manic, mood stabilizer. my favorite psych med ever. god blessssssss Depakote - 100- mg -- mood stabilization. I hate these horse tranquilizers but what are ya gonna do? Ativan - 1 mg - anxiety, very helpful Ambien - 10 mg - the only sleeping pill that works for me!
  4. I just hate this drug and its side effects, my god. It's brutal. But I was hypomanic on Lamictal, Tegretol did nothing, Topamax was a sugar pill, Neurontin was also a sugar pill, etc etc etc I feel like my last resort is lithium and I don't wanna go there. I had bad side effects from it before, even though it was effective. It also made me incredibly nauseous and I'd puke after taking it at times. Has anyone else been in the position of many mood stabilizers not "doing it" for them? What did you end up doing?
  5. My Depakote levels are just about perfect, actually!! I can't remember the exact level.... I think that's why I was surprised the Zoloft made my mood swing upward. I thought lithium and Depakote were the best anti-manics out there? who knows And yes I know!! 150 mg is a LOT. I know a lot of psychiatrists don't even prescribe antidepressants to people on the BP spectrum. I guess he thought it would be okay with the Abilify and the Depakote
  6. I didn't bring it up because I (stupidly) assumed he'd assume that, given that it's an SSRI. I also kind of thought the Depakote was supposed to stop SSRI's from making you going manic???? I don't know. I love Abilify, no weight gain and helps psychosis and makes me feel very happy, so I hope this dose continues to help!! I just don't want this feeling to end
  7. 20 mgs. I was on 10 before. And no lol, he kept the Zoloft and I'm not sure why. I've never done particularly well with antidepressants.
  8. I believe that this is possible! I used to be considered Bipolar II and and now my diagnosis is Bipolar I. I think I've read that this can happen.
  9. Ended up calling and he got me in immediately. Doubled my Abilify. I hope it doesn't work too fast.
  10. Succinct and to the point, lol. It's honestly just because of the Zoloft. I'm on 150 mg dose now which I'm assuming is a big dose. I don't even know if I'm bipolar. It could be the meds making me like this. My family/friends told me to call so I did, and the doc got me in today. He said I'm obviously manic and that I need to sleep badly. Too bad Ambien isn't working. And that I don't want to sleep. But he doubled my Abilify. I think Abilify is sedating at higher doses, right? Who knows. Maybe it will help. I don't want to go manic, I am enjoying this hypomania. Everything looks beautiful.
  11. My doc DOUBLED my Zoloft last week and ever since I haven't been sleeping or eating much and have been spending the nights talking to strangers on the internet (and I mean, like, for twelve hours straight.) But I feel invincible and excellent and I'm not making any dangerous decisions like the last time I was more manic. So my question: do you have to call your doc when you're hypomanic, or can you just ride it out? What would you do? I'm hoping to just ride this out for a while, although at the back of my mind there's that nagging fear "this is going to end, and you don't know when."
  12. Thank you everyone. Is it really necessary to call my doctor though? I havent felt this amazing in so long. im not out of control so maybe I can ride it out?
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