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  1. Yeah see thats the thing. Theres no way to know for sure if the aap is the reason i'm mania/psychotic free or my symptoms just gradually subsided or mellowed out. I know the latter is less likely to be the case given all the studies. But I have been very med compliant and i'm hoping that maybe my brain stablized lol if thats even possible. I mean I know there is no bipolar cure so i'm definitely not saying i'm cured. But I feel better and haven't been manic or psychotic since my initial break. And then I was mostly depressed. I'll talk to him about lowering the abilify. If he doesn't want to take me off of it atleast maybe I can get down to 5 or 10 mgs.
  2. If my symptoms really are just anxiety. And the racing thoughts just anxiety. And the loud thoughts not hallucinations but anxiety related. Then it just makes you wonder if you really need an antipsychotic in the first place. I definitely don't want to have another full blown manic episode. But just wonder if I could just manage my mania prevention without an antipsychotic and just monitor sleep and take zyprexa as prn or a benzo? None of my last two docs think when i complain about being psychotic that I really am psychotic. I mean last time I complained about delusions and hallucinations the doctor bumped up the neurontin and not the antipsychotic. So I think they are right about the symptoms being anxiety but I don't want to take an antipsychotic the rest of my life if I might not need it all the time. Thoughts?
  3. I was on patentrim before and didnt go into mania or have it really effect my symptoms. I was on a heavy cocktail though of zyprexa and invega and on a less potent one now. I have 3 bottles of green tea extract left that I figure I might as well use. What do you guys think could this be a good idea or is it best to avoid these things? I'm about 80 pounds overweight so if I could cut out 20 pounds with green tea that would be nice. I'm just hoping the green tea doesn't effect my sleep which has been pretty decent as of late.
  4. Well I wasn't taking it everyday. So I guess he thought it was okay to just stop cold turkey. I'd take the ativan like every now and then sometimes 2-3 times a week or once a week.
  5. If so how did you cope without them? I told my doc i was taking 4-5 of my .5 mg pills which isn't much and he said im developing tolerance and better stop now before it gets worse. So my go to pill is gone. He said I just gotta go with the flow instead of popping pills. I have been feeling better lately but I am always reluctant to change. I know i'm not going to die or anything without them but ativan seemed to work well when i'm stressed.
  6. Well in my own subjective experience I feel fine. I may have a gambling addiction but not so sure its full blown mania. My baseline seems to be on the hypomania side. Not sure if theres a drug I could take to improve myself to the normal mood level. Wish there was though.
  7. Ever since i've been gambling the past few months my mood has been lifted. I'm more upbeat and positive and hopeful of the future. I'm down like over 700 dollars. Not even winning. And never felt better. What gives could this "novel" treatment really be the fix? Or was I never depressed in the first place? Or was my depression just environmental not genetic?
  8. I read that paxil causes a lot of weight gain and luvox doesnt cause as much. So that pushes it in luvox favor. Luvox also seems to be the best for ocd which is another plus. But I also have some other anxiety issues. Like social anxiety where I don't like leaving the house lately. Also I have some generalized anxiety/worry where I ruminate over past events or things that recently happened. So I have a lot of different types of anxiety. And paxil has fda approval for ocd,sad,panic disorder, and generalized anxiety. Which I really like cause those are all my issues. While luvox seems to be an ocd only drug. Would luvox be a better option to take at first because of lower side effects? then switch to paxil if luvox has no effect? I'm currently taking lexapro but i'm anxious as ever. Not that depressed though. Just dealing with lots of rumination about the past.
  9. lol nice to see I'm not the only one with this issue. I dunno if it is related to bipolar or just a personality quirk. Or maybe its just our way of coping with serious/painful situations. Since bipolar depression is pretty tough. I really don't know but it is interesting.
  10. Seems to be what I deal with. I'm pretty sure its anxiety. It doesn't seem to have gotten to that psychosis stage. Social anxiety mixed with panic attacks, and i wouldn't be surprised if this happens. Social anxiety being you fear you will embarrass yourself in front of others and panic being you fear going crazy. Of course i'm not making a diagnosis and could be wrong about which type of anxiety disorder you are experiencing. Either way many of the treatments, treat the symptoms and it doesn't matter which anxiety type you have. So definitely talk to your doctor about this and try not to worry. I've been up this road before with anxiety and worrying i'm psychotic. My doc keeps yelling at me YOU ARE NOT GOING CRAZY!!!......so i think you can find some comfort in my experience with anxiety and to make sure to talk to your doctor. Good luck.
  11. How do you tell the difference between someone laughing at something because they are immature or because they are mentally ill? Like for instance I was watching this youtube video and this guy was talking and saying something like" every childs greatest joy"..and just thought it seemed like something out of a movie or whatever...and started laughing. Then I got to thinking if this was a sign of mental illness or not. What do you guys think and how does one really know the difference? I also had a few other occasions like when I talked to a family member who told me what they said wasn't funny and then i was like oh.. Now I ask this because I have a sister who is schizoaffective and she will burst out in huge amounts of laughter in the most innappropriate times, and I sort of get scared if thats what i'm doing.
  12. Do you notice more side effects by taking meds in the morning compared with night? Thats one other concern is if I deal with more side effects cause I don't sleep through them. But I think i'm going to take the abilify in the morning and hope to sleep better tonight.
  13. I've been having some trouble sleeping lately. Like trouble worse than usual. I wonder if its the abilify I started a couple weeks ago. What experiences have you guys had with abilify and it causing insomnia? And if it did cause insomnia is that something worth waiting for it to go away and keep taking it at night time? Or if it causes insomnia at night then the protocol is to just switch to the am? I just prefer to take all my meds at night cause its easier.
  14. I'm trying to get off of seroquel cause of weight gain. So been forced to pop gabapentin/ambien. Doc said ambien can be dangerous if you use more than one 10 mg pill though. But I don't want to gain weight from seroquel. Anyone else just keep taking more and more pills till you can sleep? Even more than prescribed? Are we really expected to just not sleep instead of taking as much as we need?
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