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  1. Too funny! I feel the most stable I have so far as well, but I am hesitant to trust it yet.
  2. I feel bored alot but unmotivated. I want to bug people on MSN Messenger, but I think they have me blocked.
  3. Some men can suffer from low testosterone. He should speak to his doctor about it. You should have a heart to heart with him. Could he be on SSRI's and not telling you? That'll do it too.
  4. These things are meant to be stolen. Perhaps you have the wrong job. Office temp work might be where it's at.
  5. I have wet hair right now and it feels terrible, but I don't have it in me to dry it.
  6. I have the same problem. I feel like the shower feels like it's violating me. I force myself ever other day or so. I feel better clean, but I hate the process. A bath would be nicer, but I have a crappy tub. I think this is very common. Don't feel bad.
  7. Personally I went nuts, manic, then rapid cycling, mixed states on Effexor alone. Now a year later, on mood stabolizers, Effexor has been re-added with no problems, no cycling. The mood stabilizers are the key to allowing me to tolerate an AD.
  8. I am diligently taking my Omega Brite. I have been more stable lately, but with so many med changes I couldn't tell you if the omega has made a difference or not. There are studies that show it does.
  9. I've been at the point where I was sobbing uncontrollably and laughing an hour later. Pretty crazy shit. I know how you feel. More often it is daily cycling though and Topamax kicked it in the but for me luckily.
  10. I'm sure it's the booze. I felt fine. Why bother taking it at all if you're going to be boozing it up?
  11. I was going from depressed to hypomanic to manic to mixed states with psychosis all within a week. It was yucky. That is rapid cycling, but by definition it only means 4 mood switches a year, I believe.
  12. It made me rapid cycle and in the end I had to give it up entirely. At 200 mg I was running wild. I seem to be having better luck "so far" with antidepressants. It's not for everyone.
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