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  1. Believe it or not, 6km walk before 5am today (had to get to family business to let in tradespeople, and I can't drive). Skipped swim training last night, tho.
  2. Yes, homeless people in Australia can apply for government housing (as can all low-income people). Here in Victoria, a homeless person who applies for government housing can expect to wait 2 years - longer in some parts of Melbourne. Non-homeless low-income people with no special needs usually wait 10 years or more. I won't even start on things like my $1500 prescription med bill for 2011, proposed changes to DSP expected to make 40% who would now qualify ineligible, inequities between Centrelink payments, very low income people not on pensions not being eligible for rent assistance unless they are on a pension etc I'd much rather live in Australia than many other parts of the world, but our social welfare system is not as strong as was claimed by the OP. Sorry, I just had to say all that.
  3. The US and NZ are the only countries in the world that explicitly allow direct to consumer prescription drug advertising.
  4. My first ASD diagnosis circa 1984 was "atypical autism". "Atypical" in that I was a teenager who could talk, and I'd had a regression age 9ish (long story involving undiagnosed epilepsy and very inappropriate responses to my seizures/after-effects thereof). I was dx things like childhood psychosis before I was dx ASD.
  5. When did you approach Uni/college Disability Services about your MI? What sort of things did you put in place? I'm restarting a Bachelor's degree in a month - my third attempt. Need disability accommodations because of my brain injury and ASD, but wondering what I should say/do about my MI.
  6. My assessment's finished. Completely unsurprisingly, I haven't become non-autistic in the last 25 years (I'm a Gen Xer first diagnosed at 13 or 14). FWIW, the label this time round was HFA.
  7. I'm up to maristrider v5.0, at least. There's actually an art photo of me called 'Rebirth' - maristrider v3.0, with ghost images of v1.0 and v2.0, standing topless in a clifftop cemetery at dawn. Some radical changes in me and my life over the years, to the point where my teenage (or 20-something, or even 30-something) self might not have believed them possible. Mostly prompted by situational stuff (eg health/disability changes, needing to care for my mother, her eventual death).
  8. Mild cerebral palsy affecting my left side more than my right - so right handed. Left eye and ear dominance.
  9. I've been put on maybe 5 SSRIs, and had to stop every one fairly quickly - they made me hypomanic or mixed. I probably would have had to stop sodium valproate for side effect reasons (it was screwing with my liver and making my PCOS worse. Plus the weight gain). As it happened, stopped for lack of effectiveness reasons first (I was prescribed the med for epilepsy. I wasn't diagnosed BP at the time. In retrospect, the med sorta helped there, tho things were still far from ideal). I've also had the experience of nasty titration side effects that (mostly) went away. I'm still taking both the meds, and absolutely <3 them.
  10. I've had many many many temporary tattoos over the years. I got my first permanent ink at age 40. By then, I was sure what I wanted!
  11. I do most of my browsing on my iPhone on free Wifi, so Safari. At our shop, Safari or Chrome (on the laptop my bro bought) and IE (on the pre-existing PC). Otherwise, whatever the computer I use has installed - usually IE, sometimes Safari or FF. When I still had internet access at home, usually used FF (for the extensions and out of habit), sometimes Safari. I tried Opera for a few months, but that was many many years ago.
  12. According to the Lamictal PI sheet, in clinical trials: * concentration decrease = 2% (vs 1% for placebo) * "thinking abnormality" = 3% (vs 2% for placebo) * memory decrease = between 1/100 and 1/1000 * speech disturbance (in people with epilepsy) = 3% * aphasia/language problems (all trials pooled) = between 1/100 and 1/1000 Of course, side effects reported in clinical trials may not be representative (any side effects of Perampanel I forgot to mention? Not counted. My asthma flare a few months ago? Counted as an adverse event, despite a 30-year history of asthma).
  13. dumdum - one of the new meds coming down the pike (Perampanel) was my magic bullet. Started taking it almost 18 months ago in a Stage III trial, now open label extension. Best seizure control I've had in 20 years, by far. Didn't realize how many I was really having until some of them went away! Walk into walls even more than I used to, but so worth it!
  14. I am autistic, I have epilepsy, I have acquired brain injury, I am an abuse survivor, I have an eating disorder. I'm not entirely consistent in how I describe my bipolar. I don't even always say "bipolar" - also use phrases like "history of recurrent severe depression" and "mood disorder".
  15. I used to be a competitive swimmer (yes, despite my epilepsy). Ran until I got injured. Currently walk very long distances very fast (recently did a charity 30k / 18.6 miles). Starting to ride a bike. Can't afford a gym membership so do bodyweight resistance stuff. Interested in triathlon - after 20 years of seizure h*ll, got enough control to actually consider it. When I'm mildly-moderately depressed, exercise helps. When I do it, that is - tend to lose motivation to exercise exactly when I need it most.
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