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    Health care policy/ethics and bioethics; former management consultant & finance/operations/human resources manager; taught business and accounting at university level; (lost my hard-earned career to MI & substance abuse). I read a lot, mostly non-fiction.

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  1. Born and raised in the Upper Midwest of the USA. My mother's people came here from Norway in the 1800s so I am 50% Norweigian but I don't look it at all... I wish I were tall & blond, etc! My dad's people came to the USA from Poland/Russia/Germany or some combination thereof. Once they arrived and were here for a generation or so, there was some Native American ethnicity in the mix as well. So I am all sorts of things. As an aside, my daughter married a young man from the Czech Republic several years ago and we just had our first grandbaby this year . When his family
  2. I was on clonazepam for ten years. Never caused suicidal thoughts. Of course, the additional worry with benzos is that someone who is contemplating suicide will take too many... but that wasn't your question. Could it be that your depression is just not being well-treated by other meds/therapy? I am sure you've thought of that, of course. Just sharing my experience w/clonazepam.
  3. Testing sharing a google photos link. Testing to see if it works to see a photo when I use get a "share-able link" from google photos
  4. I had heartburn like this on and off for several months and it ended up being gallbladder problems (had surgery and that resolved the issue). It was SO much like heartburn except not right in the middle of my chest it was over to the right, high and toward the back. Pretty classic gallbladder. Could that be it?
  5. I think breaking down the stereotypes of mental illness is such an important cause and you should be so, so proud. You are strong and brave to do the youtube video. Thank you for posting it! Also - I love the t-shirt you have on in the video. Did you get it from the class you took?
  6. Yes this is resolved - I think I noted it on the PM thread but now I'm not sure. Anyway - thanks to ALL the admins and mods for everything you do. It's great to be back in my "real" name! Edited to Add: "DUH!" I did thank the admins (including you Wooster) BUT in a new PM from FlamelessCandle once I could log in as "me". Of course, you wouldn't have seen it since I didn't include you in the conversation. Again, "DUH" and thanks.
  7. Looking at pictures (and videos! ain't technology grand?) of baby granddaughter. LOVE and HOPE!

  8. I think you should go, too. I agree with everyone else; you've not been well for weeks. I've been thinking of you a lot even though I don't post much. Please keep us posted if you can, but the first priority is for you to take care of YOU.
  9. True. OMG true. The person below me likes to cook.
  10. Sorry I didn't see this earlier..... Before I became too depressed/anxious to work full time, I was in the corporate world of finance & human resources; I know a fair amount about leave, both paid and unpaid. I don't know if any of this will be helpful or even apply to Mike's situation but I thought I'd share what I could. First off I am sorry you and Mike are going through this; I know it's been such a hard time for you and now to have to deal with Mike... you're in my thoughts. Generally are three basic ways for time off work to be handled: (1) First off, if Mike has any ty
  11. The Sears Tower in Chicago. What is your favorite season of the year?
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