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  1. Thanks so much! I know it might seem silly, but having reassurance from others settles my anxiety.
  2. A lot of people function well on Topamax. It doesn't make everyone have cognitive issues. I really don't like it when people here tell members to have their docs reevaluate their cocktails before we know any history. This thread is why. When I was on a higher dosage, there were times when I was unable to find my words, etc. I would often try to lower my dosage (because I am stubborn) and instantly start to feel bad, then the side effects would start over. The Xanax helps a lot with that as well. I find I am able to slow down my thoughts, and match them with how fast I can speak, so I don't sound like a bumbling idiot. I have been to many doctors, and as soon as I get a bad feeling, I stop seeing them. I am very comfortable with who I am seeing now. He listens to me when I have questions about my meds, and understands when I panic about trying a new med. I just wanted to get some "real" perspective on this cocktail. So thanks.
  3. Thank you. I know school is important. Self-doubt has a lovely way of creeping in at the worst times.
  4. I guess I should've mentioned that. Topamax pretty much saved my life. I tried every antidepressant and SSRI out there, and everything made me feel like I was dying. My former pdoc where I used to live suggested trying it, and I was able to function and not lie in bed crying all day. I was on a very high dosage for a while, and got down to 50mgs twice daily about a year and 1/2 ago. The same goes for Xanax XR and my anxiety, at least for now.
  5. I recently started taking classes to be a medical assistant, after spending most of my 20s crippled with anxiety and depression. I thought I was doing okay until I started the new semester, and my classes seemed significantly harder for me. Long story short, I have been on Topamax for about 8 years, along with some kind of anxiety med mixed in. I am now also taking Xanax XR 1mg twice daily and regular Xanax .5mg as needed. My pdoc just prescribed me Adderall XR to take when I need to study, as needed. He said the combination of meds will be fine, but I am paranoid. I took one on Saturday and was almost in tears because I could actually FOCUS.. but I am really good at talking myself out of things. Reassure me or tell me otherwise, please.
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