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  1. I'm not 100% sure, but i think its mainly the inactive ingredients that make up the difference between name brand and generic.
  2. Effexor XR was good for me but i'm not totally sure it's not an ssri because it works on two chemicals in the brain. It's powerful and works well if you don't have side effects from it.
  3. Was there another question that VE didn't answer? Or do you like to just randomly throw phrases into posts? Yes, there was. Neither vapourware nor VE will respond to me, though. VW said she will let the other admins handle me. I've tried communicating with VE, but he told me he's been busy lately. He said that about 2 or 3 days ago, so I'm not sure who to approach and am actually a bit scared at this point. This is one of the few places I could open up about things and it would be a major bummer if I wasn't able to continue using the board. I'm afraid to say anything more than this because I've been cursed out and banned from chat for a reason I still don't understand and one of my topics has been locked for trying to find out. If someone could help me make sense of this I would really appreciate it.
  4. I agree. This is not where I hoped I would be a year before MI. If i had the chance to live one or two days to live without mental illness, and to experience in all its glory and pleasure everything life had to offer, I would take it in a snap. However, most of us don't have that option so the best choice in my opinion is to accept this and move on. Try to make the most of this life because, as many of us believe, we only get one life.
  5. I would really appreciate it if someone could write out the rules that limit what can and cannot be said on blogs here at CB. I've already read all the pinned topics on this forum.
  6. I do NOT look down on them. I'm very egalitarian, so I think everyone should be given a chance. However, irritation and being upset with infringment on another person's participation/ another person's job/ another person's volunteer work is another story.
  7. I'm sorry if I offended you. I understand what you're trying to say. I've known a hand full of people that can swing from being very respectful and pleasant to very obnoxious. It didn't make them any less human. I guess where I said they should be treated like children, I meant more that they should simply be repremanded. I still believe that if they can't control their disruptive behavior, and are repelling people from the social club, they should at least be politely repremanded, given a warning and possibly further action for the well being of the remaining ~90% of people who go there. Also, there are people who literally act like children. It's very purpously done for one reason or another, which is unknown to me. BTW, I'm very glad you responded to this (despite feeling bad for offending you). Because I would like to know how you would handle such people. Please let me know.
  8. Though my Dx doesn't mention anything about mania, i did have a mixed episode once, which im not sure i told my doctors about. The episode caused me to be extremely stressed, and that ultimately stayed with me quite a while and it was difficult to lose that weight. Perhaps ask for something to calm you down? That is what would have helped in my case.
  9. Just wanted to know how this works. Vapour says I made an assumption, but as you can see from the chat logs, I asked her a question. I didn't make a statement. OK here is the conversation leading to me being kicked from the chat room Vapourware no if you're not going to walk a dog, don't get one or take it outside just don't bother Likeabowlof0ranges my friends pug was high maintence, it had hip problems it needed physio Vapourware sorry but i'm passionate about dogs Likeabowlof0ranges what about a guinea pg item0 i can take it outside, but it wont likely be more than 2 x a week Vapourware if you can't offer them the intellectual and physical stimulation they require, don't waste your time and their life item0 well i was actually planning on getting the dog from a shelter... Vapourware dogs are dogs, regardless of size. they're curious, inquisitive, intelligent and need to explore item0 a place where they would otherwise die Likeabowlof0ranges vape one of my dogs was attacked (when with a former owner) and is quite scared of walking, so i don't like to take that one out Vapourware so? still a dog item0 vap are you saying its better to put the dog to sleep than in a home that can only take it for walks twice a week? Vapourware lol CB chat gets me riled up these days. maybe just me Likeabowlof0ranges item0 why are you so set on a dog? Vapourware i'm going to do my assignment Not me @bowlofOranges: You were from Melbourne, right? Vapourware @item: okay. when did i say that? Not me @vape: enjoy the 3%! Likeabowlof0ranges originally, i live in adelaide now Vapourware please point out where EXACTLY i said that item0 because dogs are very keen on reading humans and are the most affectionate animal you can buy Not me ahh ok Likeabowlof0ranges goodluck vape Vapourware don't say i "implied" that bullshit doesn't ride well with me if you can't point out an exact quote shut the fuck up with your assumptions are we clear? item0 lol Likeabowlof0ranges item0 many animals can be affectionate, and a dog won't be affectionate if you do not put in the time and effort Vapourware lol back at yourself item0 Vapourware people who make bullshit assumptions piss me off get the fuck out of here You have been kicked from the chat room Please let me know if this is in the wrong area of the forum, and apologies in advance.
  10. Thanks. I think I'll take this advice. However, for certain individuals there, it may be appropriate to treat them like children. So I'm thinking of asking them to not treat everyone like children, just those who seem to require it. I'll spend some time at other places, as soon as a medical problem I'm having is resolved. I also plan on not going there again if they aren't receptive to any constructive criticism. thanks everyone else for your input.
  11. For practice. Good insight. Who the fuck said you were a consumer? I said that's what term they use in the system I work with. Unless you live in my country, state and town, how the fuck would you even know what term they use? By the way: http://lmgtfy.com/?q...health+consumer Thanks. That's a good idea but i feel really lame around other people who have some interests in common with me, because they almost always know way more than me, often many being younger than me on top of it. I have really low self esteem / poor body image, so I feel I need to pratice my social skills with people that don't make me feel useless or down when they reject me. And what about attitude?
  12. Does anyone here have a branch of mental health treatment where they live that deals with socialization? Like, planning activites such as parties, going to basketball games etc? I have one. They do lots of activities that I should be going to but am not for a few reasons. Some of the staff were previously "consumers" (to use my current mental health care system's preferred term) and they seem to be irritable and treat the non-volunteer/non-employed consumers like children. Some of the events they plan are just silly. For instance, in easter they had an egg hunt and played board games. They often play bingo for candy. That's just mildly insulting, not a big deal at all. However, when they begin to corral everyone and give head counts in public, not allow us to venture away from the workers and give instructions in a condescending manner, it gets really annoying. On the other side of the spectrum there is another problem. There are certain individuals who do act childish, and perhaps need to be reprimanded as one would a child because of how OBNOXIOUS they are. Smelly, loud individuals who feel the need to vocalize their every thought and observation at an unrelenting, absurd volume. Regardless of how nice they may be, they really gnaw at me. These are the root of the problem because they irritate most, if not everyone else: including the consumers, the volunteers and the workers. I'm avoiding the socialization club because of these two groups (the irritable workers/volunteers and the irritating consumers). I want to start attending their events and get-togethers, but, it's hard for me to hide my disgust and annoyance and I think others can tell, despite my best efforts to hide it. This sometimes leads to some people having attitudes toward me. This combined with the irritation can make every visit very stressful. Any advice/suggestios on how to deal with this, or change the situation would be much appreciated.
  13. thanks guys that was very helpful. I'm going to ask my doctor about starting it (and hopefully stopping other meds).
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