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  1. Anyone have any tips for easing the dizziness? Going off Welbutrin for good this time (now that I've got the right dose of celexa, and the right dx - ADHD + general anxiety disorder, NOT anxiety, depression, and low self esteem. No, writing nice things about myself in a journal won't fix the fact that my brain tries to process 12 thoughts at a time, all the time. Can't tell you how many therapists tried that one before I finally figured out -on my own- that I ought to be evaluated for ADHD. Stuuuupid therapists >:( ) ANYWAY, I've tried dropping off it several times in the last 7 years, but always ended up with looping, negative thoughts along with the physical symptoms. This time, there's none of that! I feel great and I can tell it's the right thing to do this time. BUT jeezy-peets am I dizzy! I've been off it for 7 days now, no tapering. (I know, I KNOW. Dropping meds cold-turkey = bad. Did that with Paxil once and almost ended up in the hospital once I couldn't feel my face anymore ) But I'm keeping an eye on the severity of my withdrawal symptoms and, so far, they're not that bad. I've gotten past the intensely sleepy phase and am surviving the mildly nauseous phase. The dizziness just hit last night. It's not so bad I can't function and I know it'll pass in a while, but it still sucks! Any suggestions??
  2. I used to think a constant bad taste in mouth was one of those fakey symptoms people imagine they get in clinical trials. But since starting Adderall, my mouth has been dry and seriously tastes like I ate blue cheese then licked my cat's rear and didn't brush for a week. WTHeck do you do about this? It's seriously irritating, to the point that it actually effects my mood, and I'm really self conscious about if other people notice bad breath when I talk. Now I'm crazy, stinky, irritable, and self concious! Not helping!
  3. So, I'm on 20mg Adderall XR (and I can tell you right now it is NOT enough!) The first week I could really see the difference, now it's not as noticeable. I can feel it wearing off around 3pm, and I'm an anxious, irritable wreck by 5pm. I know dosing is obviously different for everyone, but I'm trying to get a rough feel for the average. So, what's yer dose? Caffeine & sugar - why do they make me feel like crap now? Before I lived on both to keep me sane through my day. Now, it's like they cancel out the Adderall. I'm having a tough time staying away from the Coke & Peeps, but its not doing me any favors
  4. Thanks Miron! The adderall is working great. I've never felt so... not frantic I guess. Sleep has been great, I think I lucked out the first time on the med and dose. That never happens!! It's only been a few days though, so I'm still paying close attention to things. I can feel it wearing off in the evening, but it hasn't been too bad. I'm starting to see how to let people in my life to help. But I made it all the way into a degree (only took 7 yrs!) a house, a happy marriage (he's adhd too!) and managed to raise the twins for 3 years so far! Although I'm pretty sure having ADHD actually helps with the whirlwind of chaos that is twins!! Right now, the biggest challenge for both of us (my hubs just got dx'd last month!) has been to stop feeling bad about how we can't keep the house even remotely clean or organized. Finances either. Now that we know what our problem is, we're working on fixing it. I think we may have to rent a dumpster Pretty sure the twins are ADHD too, so we'd better get out sh*t together before they're school-aged! I wish our house had slides and we only had 10 possessions each...
  5. Hahaha! Thanks pick! Maybell, I'm telling you, the primary care at my local urgent care place is the best!
  6. ...instead of fixing the ADHD I didn't know I had until today which was CAUSING all the anxiety. Kinda pissed. Anyway, I got a scrip for Adderall which I'll start tomorrow. But I don't have insurance - I just go to the urgent care place to get refills for my anxiety & depression meds. The Dr there just handed me the scrip and basically said "let me know how it works!" before shooing me out the door. So, uh... adult ADHD with lots of anxiety (and anger? From some other posts it seems like that may be a part of ADHD, not just a horrible character flaw that I should be able to control like I've been told all these years?) What do I need to know?
  7. I've been dairy-free for a week now, and I swear to God it cured my OCD. Ok, maybe not 'cured' but got it to the point I can fairly easily ignore the urges. How awesome would that be if it stays this way?! Fingers crossed!!

  8. Well, my apoligies. I've tried all the parenting forums I belong to, as well as talking to our pediatrician, and no one has any clue. I was just looking for some help. And thanks wj74.
  9. Well, my 2 year old doesn't have an account. He totally asked me to post this for him because he's worried he may actually have a progressive epilepsy syndrome that's getting misdiagnosed as autism.
  10. (posted this on the sleep board too, sorry for the repeat) My son is in the process of getting diagnosed with autism. (Not really surprised, we've suspected it for almost a year.) BUT any time he wakes up at night 2 or more times, the next day he is a fully participating little boy. Eye contact, conversation, looking to us for our reactions to things, you name it! Does anyone have any idea what could be going on? Is there something about the sleep cycle getting interrupted, that breaks him out of his behaviors? Or is this something that happens with ASD disorders? I don't even know how to begin researching this, and we can't see the neuropsych for ages I just want to understand!
  11. Having no motivation or energy is better than constant, frantic worry. Right?

  12. Getting old isn't helping anything. Every day something new aches, and every day I'm convinced I'm dying of something new. The fact that I know this is crazy doesn't seem to make any difference.

  13. I didn't do well on Luvox. I've got anxiety & depression issues too, and it didn't help enough with either. Zoloft and now Prozac have worked really well for helping me control my OCD self harming thoughts & actions and anxiety. I'm also on Wellbutrin for the depression & it's made a big difference. But everyone's different, and you'll never know until you try it out! Good luck!
  14. reducing one of my anti-depressants, not by choice. let the suckfest begin.

  15. Finally getting the background panic under control after a really bad week, and then I read the news.

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