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  1. My MD wants to drive and discontinue with Prozac. I've been on it for 4 years and have reduced down to 10mg every other day. I'm having brain zaps, dizziness, etc on the day I don't take it. Any suggestions on how to deal with these symptoms? Just go cold turkey and deal? Keep on 10mg every other day for another week or so? Agh, this sucks!
  2. Is weight gain an issue at a very low dose? I've gained enough weight from other meds and don't want to add any more .
  3. Thanks everyone. I think it's just my depression and anxiety rearing it's ugly head.
  4. For the past 24 hours my heart and head have been racing, I've been crying, irritable and have zero energy just to name a few. Is that considered a panic attack?
  5. I have generalized anxiety with triggers like everyone else but my anxiety is worse at night. Before I started meds and therapy I would have panic attack like symptoms in my sleep. IMO it's worse at night because the business and "noise" of the day stops i.e. kids and husband asleep.
  6. This has been on my mind for awhile so I thought I would throw it out there into the universe. For about the past 2 years I have been actively trying to cope/manage/deal with my depression, anxiety and OCD. This has included many hours of therapy and trying different meds. When I start feeling better and even, dare I say "normal", I feel scared and find myself doing things that are in contradiction with my treatment plan. For example I will stop taking my meds, drink more often instead of just occasionally with friends and/or taking other meds I don't need. Maybe I'm so used to feeling anxious and depressed that it's become a huge part of my identity and when it starts to go away I freak out? Anyone else have any experience with this?
  7. Hey, I have OCD, depression and anxiety also. Join the club! I take Wellbutrin 450mg every day and that has really helped we with the OCD and depression.
  8. Went to my psychiatrist today. I always feel like an over wrung out sponge (emotionally speaking) when I leave.

  9. Is anyone else sensitive to caffeine and alcohol? Both make we wired pretty easily.
  10. I often have trouble with anxiety that worsens in the evening, I have even had episodes of waking up in almost a panic attack. Pretty scary! Anybody else experience this?
  11. Just went to my Psych MD and feel like an over rung out sponge.

  12. Only had three hours of sleep last night due to anxiety. I've been a teary mess all day.

    1. malachite


      I'm sorry you had insomnia due to anxiety. I hope you sleep better tonight.

  13. My doctor has increased my Wellbutrin from 150mg once a day to twice a day. I was reading online that Wellbutrin can cause insomnia and you also have to space the doses about 8 hours apart. Ok, so my questions are has anyone had insomnia from Wellbutrin and is there a time a should take the second dose by? The pharmacist I talked with said 6PM but with my bad sleeping patterns, that seems a little late (for me). Thanks
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