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  1. I'd call your local crisis social worker line. they get paid to for one off therapy sessions for people with MI. Don't worry, they won't have you admitted unless your suicidle and i' getting the impression you are not. From there i'd see a pdoc... As far as telling your boyfriend... I'd only tell him when things start to get serious. if they already have then it might be a good time to let him know of your problem and that your working on it. If he's a good person he'll stick around. I've gone about 2 years without cutting. I still have deep scars to prove it but at least they blend i with my skin and my arms are a little hairy so that helps to hide them too. You can do this. You just need a good support circle. Also try to avoid your triggers. keep your mom at arms length for a while if you need to. It might be hard if you live with them but not impossible. I wish you all the best. please feel free to pm me any time.
  2. Benzoman

    Know what?

    Hey Birdee, much love to you and yours. Look forward to seeing you in chat dude!
  3. Yeah I found when i was titaning up on it i would get an exagerated feeling of wellness. Not really a high just that feeling i mentioned. So it doesn't suprise me he takes it only once in a while for that. Also blart don't give that man your address or let him sell you any of those brain enhancer pills, or take anything at all he tries to send you. he wanted to give me some of those for free. He considers people with mental illness and his friends to be "test subjects". He's probably one of the most demeaning people i've ever met to people with mental illness and people in general but he's also given me some heart felt and good advice. He's a double edged sword for sure.
  4. I just love this guy and think he's funny heh. Figured it would be interesting to hear from a troglydite on the issue and funny too.
  5. Scientist Vinny Todd Buttafucoco (not me) compares the anxiety medication Neurontin to its supposed upgrade Lyrica.Weighing the pros and cons of each. This guy is pretty rad heh
  6. Benzoman

    Know what?

    You guys have been really helpfull. Especially in chat. Shout outs go to tree girl, always love, and Sylvan. I look forward to talking to you guys like every night.
  7. Benzoman


    Hope I'm not overstepping any boundrys, but I love your eyes!
  8. I hear you there danni. i can easily go through 6 pizza pockets and a big bag of chips in a night when i binge. It might not be as bad as some of you but food is my drug. Its something both me and my mother struggle with. I'm an emotional eater.
  9. It would take 12 of them to go over the daily alocation of paracetamol, Given the barbituate in them you would be in a coma by then. Still a really stupid idea, but whatever. Different mode of action, The reason you take fioricet is the barbituate not the paracetamol. In the land before benzos they used to be used as anxiolytics. So while you are technically abusing a painkiller, Its not really the same. i did it for the codiene and the optiate feeling lol.
  10. I hear your pain because I used to abuse tylenol 3 to feel better until i one day built a tollerace to it and stopped using it. The best thing you can do is talk to your pdoc and see if maybe theres some other medication that can help you better in conjunction with what you're already taking.
  11. The chat won't let me connect. says theres a problem and to contact an administrator. anyone else gettin that?
  12. didn't mean to come off as a jerk, just wanted to make people laugh a little if i could. i know this isn't a dating site.i was just trying to joke around a bit, lighten a few moods maybe. Its not like it was explicit. I was simply playing on the benzoman premise. Lets move on with the conversation if we could instead of ruminating on demonizing me for trying to lighten the mood a bit. My intentions were good to just make some people laugh and lighten up the thread a bit. I do appologie if i offended anyone. I guess I didn't think it through before I posted that my joke would offend some people. i will leave this board and leave you all to your devices as you seem like you'd be better off without me anyway. I can't seem to say anything right anyway, so i might as well hit the dusty trail. And no i'm not trying to create a pitty party.I'm tired of offending you all and don't want to do it any more. I may return one day when I learn the proper social skills to fit in here without stepping on anyones toes. take care, I really do hope everything works out for you all, -benz p.s. continue as you were, don't want to kill the topic with my exit lol.
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