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  1. please delete, duplicate post
  2. The NHS is many things, free, understaffed & in demand.... How have you found the NHS Mental Health System? What are your best/worst experiences? For me it's; Best: When I was a teenager I was given therapy sessions and help when I needed it most. Worst: Today I was told the NHS doesn't supply Counselling and got offered the help of a charity that offers acupuncture and 'health walk groups' instead of any NHS Mental Health support.
  3. Hey there! Long time no post and I wanted to pop in and get chatting about something that's recently cropped up for me and got me thinking about things. So I'll cut to the chase. I've recently been enrolled in some group therapy after a few years of no meds/therapy/contact with mental health services. After the group I had a chat with the therapist running it and explained about the intense mood changes I'd been having etc. Anyway, she put me in touch with someone who gave me a phone assessment and the questions asked seemed to be the checklist for Borderline. She then said, "ah yes it sounds like Emotional Intensity". This is something I've never heard before in this context. I've heard of emotions being intense or emotional intensity as a symptom but she seemed to use it as a diagnostic term. I did some googling and discovered that Boderline is starting to be "rebranded" as EmOtional Intensity (here's one of the articles I found http://www.awp.nhs.uk/news-publications/trust-news/2016/march/raising-awareness-of-emotional-intensity-disorder/ ) I wondered, have you ever heard of this Emotional Intensity term being used and what are your thoughts on it? -TOLBY
  4. Afternoon/Morning/Evening Guys, It's been a long time since I last posted on here and things have been really manageable which is great but I recently am finding myself coming out with some rather 'irrational' things that scares my partner (bit of background; we've been together 3 years, are engaged and he is usually absolutely amazing at supporting me with depression, having experienced it himself first hand) Recently, thanks to the stress of work, i've been finding I'm saying progressively more irrational things that seem totally rational at the time (apart from a tiny bit of me that feels it's odd). To give you an example it was really windy the other day and I thought the air/wind was angry ghosts and if I breathed them in then I would become possessed by them and I tried to cover my partners mouth with his hat to help him. It was at that point he wondered wtf I was doing so explained and he seemed very worried. The second time I felt like my breathing was being restricted ( I had a tight necklace on at the time which looking back was probably the cause of the feeling). I panicked and asked him for a pen as I felt that I needed to stab my neck to create a air hole to breathe. Looking back I can understand how ridiculous this all sounds but at the time it felt real. I know I will never act on these, as my other half calls them "silly thoughts" so I want to reassure my partner of this and have done but I feel I need to say more. I also asked him if I should go to the Dr's about it but he is worried they would section me. As i'm in the UK it's easy to reassure him that that is highly unlikely due to the massive bed shortage in the UK and what I didn't say, the number of times I've been much much worse and very ill and been turned away from A&E with a vallium or three. Sorry for ranting, so the crux of this is, how do you help your loved ones to stop worrying!? Thanks for reading this, I really appreciate that you took time out to read it all. Thanks again! TOLBY
  5. Hi Guys, I hope you're all having a good day and if not here's a hug and a smile just for you :) x

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      Hi Lurk! Long time no see. Welcome back!

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  6. Thank you Paperskyscraper (love your name by the way) I'm considering getting rid of it in my personal statement purely becuase of the very limited word count but everyones kind words have given me the confidence to let the uni know, which will be by putting it in the disability section on the UCAS form. I'd rather have a safety net for me set up for uni as recently the stress of coursework has gotten to my mental health a bit.I still need my teachers to proof read my personal statement, but apart from that almost finished applying to uni....very exciting!!
  7. Haven't posted in a while, I hope your all well. (I really hope there are some fellow whovians on here to share my fangirling) So it was the 50th anniversary of Dr Who last saturday!!! Anyone else watch it? What were your thoughts? Personally I loved it, especially the reference to previous episodes.... *Spoilers* (always wanted to say that) ************************************* Tom Backer's cameo was the cherry on top! Still a little dubious about Moffat as a writer even though he created my favourite character (River Song) haha Did you do anything special for the 50th? I ordered pizza Anything planned or thoughts for the Christmas episode...1 month to go!!! Or anything Dr Who related to share like cosplay conventions or childhood memories of the show. Would be great to hear from like minded Dr Who fans on here...i really hope you exist.
  8. Probably London. I love the anonymity it gives. Like you can walk down the street in your PJ's and no one will care. And the architecture is amazing. Or somewhere out in the country, maybe scotland or a remote part of Southern Ireland.
  9. feeling a bit alone but it's my fault for not reaching out for help. I'm ' the listener' shouldn't need to be listened to.

  10. I remember watching a few of these a couple of years back. I used to like the message that being 'superskinny' is just as bad as being 'supersize'. I think this message will always stay with me now. It was also good to get an insight into the person behind their weight, just from a curiosity point of view and to sort of compare myself to them to measure my 'healthyness' which probably wasnt the best thing to do but yh...
  11. It's nice to hear from someone who is already at uni in the UK, Squish and how well your university, by the sound of it, has helped you. I will mention it, i am yet to show my teachers my personal statement to have a look over, it'll be interesting to see their response to me adding that in and if they are supportive and understanding of me wanting to keep it in there as it IS relevant to me. If you guys want to know, I'll let you know when i hear back from the uni's if I've been accepted to any
  12. Thank you Titania I've come up with this as a section of my first draft, let me know what you think...do i dwell on it too much?: (EDITED TO EMIT MY PERSONAL STATEMENT SO IT DOESN'T COME BACK AS HAVING PLAGIARISM ISSUES WHEN I SUBMIT IT) Erm what do you think? I'm tempted to maybe add something about creativity but I dont want to waffle...
  13. Impulsive by definition means without forethought. Personally I feel there's a sudden obsession like if I do 'this' and 'this' then I'll be able to create 'that' so then i go out of my way to do 'this'. For me thats not impulse but obsession. Impulse is more in the moment with no achievable end in sight just a single thing i MUST do for no real reason.
  14. Mine started off as a sort of conversation in my mind, so I could talk to them without saying anything aloud. Then it grew into a full blown identity and the whispers would sound more like someone standing right beside me talking. For me hallucinations accompanied this; so when it was whispers I didn't have any hallucinations apart from shadows then as it sounded like talking beside me the shadows turned into the voice so when the voice was talking it wouldn't just sound like someone next to me was talking, i'd be able to see them too.
  15. When depressed I found my views on everything were extremely tinted, my beliefs were no exception. At the time though they feel correct. Personally I try to hold on and remind myself of what I believed in before that I found comforting or find something hopeful about meaning.
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