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  1. I still miss you Ray.

  2. So long old friend,

    You gotta be in a better place now.

  3. Ill miss you so much. For those who didn't know you they missed out on a great man. Hope you and minx are holding hands and are at peace. I miss you old friend ill always remember you

  4. I will always remember you my friend. You will be truly missed. But Miss Minxie must be overjoyed to see her sweet soul mate again. Send her my love and take a big piece of it for yourself. ~Big Bear hug to you from across the stars~

  5. missing you in YIM

  6. miss you very much

  7. coughing up ick...

  8. Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays by the Boomtown Rats...'nuff said Ray
  9. glad to see things are going, um, something approaching well.

    -encouraging your oxygen habit, snotty

  10. Stranger in a Strange Land is an awesome book!

    Isn't American News Reader from California an oxymoron?

    (I'm teasing :-) )

  11. HELLO!!!

    Just wanted to say thankyou for the welcome!!!

    I have a feeling you see mw with a flat cap and a whippet on a lead!!!Not quite!!!LOL nice to meet you anyway!!

  12. wish i could hear you speak since i love the Yorkshire accent!

    BTW my b-day is feb 3rd fellow Aquarian


  13. Hey, saw that you visited my profile, so came to check out yours. I put my pigs on your guinea pig thread. Well thanx for stoppin' by my lowly newbie profile. Maybe I'm a cyborg too, due to my lack of emotion. Well, later.

  14. hello, popped in to say hi!!!

    and thanx for be so sweet

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