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  1. hard to breathe.

    1. Parapluie


      Maybe try some deep breathing exercises?

    2. NullChamber


      in through the nose, out through the mouth, slowly. pretty simple, and should help. :)

  2. This is for llama44, who thought I was banned (who? me?) and that was the reason for my super long (okay 3 months is a long time!) absence, and for the people who have joined since my prolonged absence! Hi! I'm back (clearly).
  3. Thanks! I removed myself from my apartment and am distracting myself at at Perkins.
  4. Thank you, FlamelessCandle. That means so much to me. Hope you're well.
  5. fail.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. breezy
    3. llama44


      Interesting. Thought you were banned. Anything to say for yourself?

    4. breezy


      Huh. I guess not.

  6. cherry coke :-)

  7. I didn't really get to give it a chance. It lowered my blood pressure too much and I was dizzy all the time.
  8. I went four months until today's disaster. I am in the process of moving to another apartment. No therapist. All of my friends are gone. As in, they graduated uni and moved on. (Or they're in England without me until the end of the month) I'm working as a CNA in a city I hate. Away from family. Drama's just following me. Whatever. I have no excuse. I just need support. I need someone to go out to dinner with me tonight. Something. Figured I could use online support at least. So here I am, posting.
  9. I was discharged from being IP by this pdoc who doesn't know me two days ago. I refused to sign my own discharge papers but was still let go? Before I left I accused the pdoc of wanting me dead. I was still suicidal when he let me go so I got this emergency appointment the next day with a therapist through the university. I'd never met her before, but within five minutes she said I was in a lot of pain and distress and she forced me to go to the emergency room, where I sat for four hours before being discharged, even though I have a plan and have written a suicide note, because the same pdoc from when I was IP was the on call. They released me with this general sheet that was two lines of nonsense saying "don't kill yourself, but if you feel suicidal go to the emergency room." What the fuck? Then I went to my scheduled appointment with my therapist today. Told her how seriously suicidal I am and she called the police on me. They had a 5150 all set up, I was put in the squad car, then they said they got a call saying to release me. They drove me to my apartment and left. My mom has been talking about me to my uncle behind my back, I found out. Saying things I would never imagine her to say. I thought she was on my side. It's like she has a double life. No friends. No job. Nothing. I'm incredibly miserable. Nobody will help me anymore. I'm not going to deal with this anymore.
  10. life is the worst ever.

    1. llama44


      You have a choice here. Choose recovery. Keep going to tdoc and pdoc. You can do it.

  11. life is the worst ever.

  12. I just posted a blog about it, but i had the worst IP experience this past week. I feel discriminated against because I do have a dx of borderline, and I do not feel safer than when I went in. I have no idea what to do, but I need help.
  13. back from the worst hospital stay ever.

    1. saoirse


      :( Hope you are doing a bit better now. Good to hear from you.
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