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  1. Mods, please feel free to move this if it's not the right place or if another place would give it better visibility. Hello! I've been away for quite some time, but here's a quick summary of my crazy: I have major depressive disorder, dysthymia, and generalized anxiety disorder. I've been in remission for about 10 years but had a relapse recently after two very sad overseas funerals, a visit to my parents (Dad has Alzheimer's, parents underwater on their mortgage, Mom probably has some undiagnosed mental health issue but refuses to seek treatment), and yet another close friend h
  2. Yeah, I think we're going to wait before announcing to IRL people. We broke down and told our parents and my sister yesterday. I have my first prenatal appointment on June 3. I think we might tell a few close friends once we've heard the heartbeat and/or had the first ultrasound. I'll wait to make the Facebook announcement when we know if we're having a pink one or a blue one. I haven't met the OB yet, but I'm going to make sure they have each other's information and permission to communicate about my crazy and the baby.
  3. I'm really excited and happy and also petrified and nervous and slightly more crazy than usual. I've told the Frenchman, who is overjoyed and has become even more protective of me than usual. Yesterday I told him I wasn't allowed to be around cleaning products so he has to clean the house from now on. Do you think he believed me? Yay!!! No pregnancy symptoms so far, probably because it's still really, really early. Taking olga's advice and trying to eat my veggies!
  4. I was kinda disappointed that there was no scream after he went into the bathroom.
  5. Probably easier than I should. Are you good at keeping your house clean?
  6. False. I take two regularly and I used to take some PRN but stopped those because I'm trying to make a tiny human. The person below me loves chocolate.
  7. Either the complete Brahms symphonies or the opera Little Women by Mark Adamo. If you could magically gain a skill you don't currently have, what would it be? Could be speaking a foreign language, playing an instrument, being really good at a sport...
  8. True. It makes me really happy to do little things for people. Makes my whole day, in fact. The person below me is okay with the taste of tap water.
  9. I vastly prefer having that area waxed, but it costs too much and I stink at doing it myself, so I got myself a combination trimmer/razor instead. I don't like shaving there because it gets all prickly when it's coming back in, but I do keep it very well-trimmed. I do find that it's easier to keep clean around period-time if I don't have a lot of hair. A good astringent will help a lot with the little bumps. Witch hazel is an excellent one and not too expensive. She might also want to use a scrub in that area just before she shaves. When I look back at my childhood, I remember my m
  10. 1.5 hours. But it would have to be my dream job. What is your favorite scent? Could be a perfume or a regular smell like freshly baked bread or laundry or something.
  11. False, but I'd be happier if I was! The person below me picks their nose.
  12. Tell him that you're considering self-medicating. Hopefully that will light a fire under his ass. It makes me mad when pdocs won't take their patients' needs seriously.
  13. I have lots! Most of it is still living at my parents' place until we have a house. I have a Bible here that a relative got me for my baptism. At my parents' house is my first violin that I got when I started taking lessons. I was only three years old and it's so tiny and adorable! 1/16 size, in case you're wondering. What is your most prized material possession?
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