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  1. I'm on invega sustenna too. It does hurt but you get use to it. Try getting it in the opposite arm to the one you write with. I'm a lefty and getting it done in my right arm hurts less. I'm going to talk to my pdoc about taking me off the shot and putting me on the pill. I hate having to get it once a month. yes i want to go onto the pills. they wanted me on the injection because i was refusing medication at the time but i have no intention of stopping it now because I'm feeling so good, and without any noticeable side effects except weight gain which i hope i can control now i'm out of hospital and able to be more active My prolixin ones used to hurt like hell, too. And always in the arse. The haldol ones are much less painful for me. Glad to have seen on your thread that the invega is working for you nonetheless xx yes it is working, so if they won't let me take tablets i'll just have to put up with it. Think it was worse this time because the nurse who did it was only in training. always hurts but i was in agony with it last night, couldn't move it
  2. Thank you all! I am actually looking forward to 2015, feel it's going to be a good year. First step is to move house. Where I live is beautiful but very isolated and I've realised now that I need friends around me and things to do or I slide too far into my own thoughts and my own world.
  3. Too long, far too long! I was admitted to hospital in June and placed on a section. According to staff I was severely psychotic at the time but I don't remember that much of it. I denied it of course. No, I wasn't ill, I wasn't psychotic, I didn't need medication and I wasn't going to take it, thanks all the same. Eventually they got me into a little room and said if I didn't have the injection the rest of the staff were going to come in, strip me and give it to me anyway. So I didn't have much choice. I still denied for months that I needed it. But today I saw the consultant and I had to rather sheepishly admit that yes, it has helped me. Because i feel well, more well than I have for years. I have no symptoms whatsoever right now and I'm actually excited about the future. I think it's probably good that I'm on a depot, because almost inevitably I will at some point decide that it would be a good idea to stop medication and this way I have to talk to someone first, I can't just stop taking the tablets. Thank you, Invega Sustenna. I may not like having you in my body, but I'll put up with a lot to feel this good.
  4. I'm on Invega Sustenna and it doesn't make me drowsy. But doesn't interfere with my sleep either, the way Abilify did.
  5. I only officially got the dx this year, at 41, but I'm pretty sure I would have got it in my early 20's if I hadn't been so paranoid about psychiatrists I avoided them like the plague.
  6. Ativan is lorazepam, right? If so then it's what they give me IP and it usually does make me sleep for a couple of hours, though sometimes I need 2mg if I'm very agitated.
  7. First week I was in here I didn't have internet and felt really isolated (I have a lot of friends on twitter) so I got my friends to bring me in a tablet and mobile internet thingy. It's a lifesaver! Proper low-carb would be hard in here because I'm vegetarian and a lot of the meals are potato or pasta based. I'd have to rely on salads and I think I'd get hungry.
  8. I'm finding it hard to concentrate today. Keep moving between confusion and clarity. Also feeling very cooped up in the hospital but may be able to go for a walk later (can only go escorted and usually there's not enough staff)
  9. It seems to be quite common in the NHS for people to be given a BPD dx, especially if they're female and have any history of self harm at all. I've known it happen to a fair number of people. It happened to me - only after I went to tribunal against my section did my DX get properly reevaluated because the independent doctor didn't believe I had it (and no professional who worked with me for any length of time believed I had it either!) But at least he's referred you for a second opinion. So, standard advice, write *everything* down and keep a mood diary.
  10. Thanks dancingteapot, I feel all clear and happy again this morning. That's the problem - I *like* the voice and the system wants to get rid of it because they want to keep accumulating power and profit. But maybe I'm wrong? They keep saying the paliperidone ( invega?) will make me see things differently but it just seems to be making me more confused so far.
  11. I was so certain I'm not psychotic earlier, now I'm wondering again if the staff here are right when they tell me I'm acutely unwell. The big question is, though, why does the thought of dying, which I've been told has to happen, make me so overwhelmingly happy if it's wrong? My head just seems to be so all over the place from hour to hour I have NO idea how to sort it out.
  12. Thanks for the ideas everyone. Really reluctant to try zyprexa because of the weight gain, but I guess lithium would be worth a go. Haven't seen the consultant for 2 weeks but should see him Friday (I'm IP)
  13. I've had a shift in my mood pattern recently and they are now cycling on a more or less weekly basis. And badly. I'm on 2000mg depakote and 125mg lamictal. Will talk to pdoc about it next week but interested to know what other people had found helpful Thanks
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