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  1. feels hopeless. caught in a web.

  2. I used trazodone twice while hospitalized (Docs didn't want me to take lorazepam because of my benzos abuse), and I found it pretty useless.
  3. The receptor some of these meds hit to calm you the fuck down is also a receptor that makes you want potato chips like no other. It's not like it's a pharmaceutical conspiracy to make crazy people fat. You'll notice they're working on it. And the first 2 atypical APs that don't make a lot of people gain weight make a lot of people crazier instead. Kassiane <{POST_SNAPBACK}> My point is that if mental disorders were on a priority list, a lot of the side effects such as weight gain would not be prevalent. I do not believe conspiracies, but I do believe in apathy to weight gain due to medications. Even from people who have the same mental disorder, go figure?! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> MY point is that to make people CALM THE FUCK DOWN they *HAVE* to hit a receptor that makes people WANT TO EAT, at least where atypical antipsychotics are concerned. The other choice is the typicals, and everyone runs and screams when those are mentioned. Its risk of TD and EPS (old meds, ie haldol, thorazine) or risk of putting on pounds (seroquel, zyprexa, risperdal to a lesser degree) , or risk of getting a lot crazier on your meds (geodon, abilify), at least where APs are concerned. I cant say it plainer than that. Either you want to understand my point or you do not. Kassiane yes I am cranky. It is attack of the idiot week. I am sick of dealing with people who don't want to get the point. And there's real life too <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I take Seroquel since november 2004, 300mg three times a day, and my weight is the same as before (56Kg for 175cm, I'm pretty underweight). Maybe Prozac is helping to keep my appetite down. When I was on Zyprexa, I gained 10kg in a month. I later lost every kilogram gained when forced to hospitalize after my third suicide attempt (don't ever try to kill yourself with Zyprexa and Paxil: your brain will be fucked up for months).
  4. I've been on paroxetine for months, before being hospitalized for a suicide attempt. This med seemed to work perfectly for about two months, then it abruptly faded away leaving me depressed as fuck. My pdoc doubled the dose and I went totally out of my head, wondering about suicide every minute I was awake.
  5. IMHO there's no chance to have it work again in a delayed relase formula. In some countries (like Italy, where I live) this formulation isn't even on marketsale.
  6. After having it stopped, I once used Seroquel to sleep (advised by my pdoc); even if I was used to that med (I dosed around 900mg), even a 50mg dose would completely knock me out in one hour. If I awoke suddenly, I suffered an *EXTREME* grogginess that made difficult even gettin up to drink water. The hangover lasted the whole next day, though. IMHO is the worst possible choice as an hypnotic.
  7. I've been on olanzapine (5mg) before switching to quetiapine when my psychotic symptoms got worse. Despite of the low dosage, it actually made my hands shake in a really noticeable way (I was on paroxetine 40mg also). Quetiapine didn't do that, however.
  8. Yes, it's a known side effect. From my personal experience is also quite common. I've been on Seroquel for months, and this occurred several times in the very first weeks of treatment.
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