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  1. I have tremors and tried some Primidone I got from my neurologist. It seemed promising, however it made me irritable, moody, hungover, and downright unpleasant. I couldn't stick with it. You could try it though!!! Also, the neuro said Klonopin may do the trick as well.
  2. Never fear. In the times I have just started Wellbutrin, I noticed a short period of sexual dysfunction which quickly resolved after a week or so. I believe it is the body's neurotransmitters adjusting to the drug. Give it another week!! To correct a previous post, I don't believe it is in an SNRI. It target noradrenaline and dopamine. Hence the lower risk of sexual side effects.
  3. I appreciate your advice and agree with you. However, in this case, the medication is adversely affecting my mood. I cannot risk chancing another depressive episode. My mood is stable for the first time in 5 years. I am picky about my psyche meds, though. Fortunately, I have come across a good combination that complements me.
  4. Well, f**k this s**t. It make me feel irritable, hungover, and numb. The cure is worse than the disease.
  5. Hi folks, I've just started Primidone for tremors (due to anxiety). My neurologist prescribed 50 mg up to 3 times daily. I took a pill last night. I slept hard, felt a little drunk this morning, but the tremors quiesced. Interestingly, it seems to have elevated my mood. I'm usually at a low-grade depression (even with antidepressants), so I am not complaining. I was wondering what effect (if any) it may have on my mood in the long term. I'm interested in hearing your experiences on this interesting drug.
  6. I never had a "rock bottom", but when alcohol contributed to me impulsively quitting a good job, I realized how serious a problem it was. I've been sober over a month now. When I was in the hospital, one of the patients had a distended liver I could see bulging out of his abdomen from excessive drinking. That image helps me stay motivated.
  7. Last year I quit a great job. I was having a severe mood episode, added alcohol, and ended up compulsively quitting my job, by email of all things. I am so filled with regret and self-hate over this. I have such a hard time believing I would do such a stupid thing. Can anyone else relate?
  8. Hello, I have recently been diagnosed with borderline PD. I was wondering what medication combinations have been particularly effective for you for this disorder. Especially I would be interested in hearing if you have taken anything that helps for crisis conditions, such as overwhelming feelings of rage or emptiness. I feel like I'm running out of options.
  9. I have been having headaches, tension headaches, related to high anxiety. I have been taking Fioricet which is effective, and the barbiturate component helps with anxiety. I used to exercise frequently, but I find it annoying and agitating nowadays. I see you have a wish list. My mine is Klonopin, but I had to quit when they became my favorite meal. I feel compelled to be honest with my providers about my past medication abuse.
  10. I had a short, unsuccessful trial of Viibryd for depression years ago. I am taking it yet again, this time for anxiety. Maybe the Buspar-like action (supposedly the 5HT-1A agonism) with the SSRI will help, although Buspar itself did nothing for my anxiety previously. I also enjoyed nicotine lozenges at one time, and I am returning to them because I think they help with anxiety and it gives me something to do with my mouth.
  11. I think any dosage level of Zoloft could affect sexual functioning adversely. But if I may respectfully offer insight into a delicate subject from someone with more years of "experience": Intimacy is a skill which is learned by spending more and more time with your partner (contrary to what we see depicted in the media). I think everybody's first experiences are a little difficult and not without some disillusionment; mine certainly were (again, no thanks to what popular entertainment would have us believe). So, I don't think what you are experiencing is abnormal. However, if you c
  12. I was irritable and agitated to an extreme degree when my depression was at its worst. Klonopin was great for this, but I understand it is more difficult in the UK to get a benzo script. I had trial of Risperdal, which killed irritability and agitation, but unfortunately left me feeling hollow. SSRIs are supposed to be good for irritability. You have been on Prozac for a long time. Maybe it's time to switch. Zoloft worked well for me.
  13. I took Klonopin for awhile but began to abuse it, and was subsequently taken off it. It was fabulous for agitation. But some people find benzos (as well as beta blockers) can worsen depression. If you do want to try to obtain a script, make sure to let the provider know you have tried other remedies (SSRIs, exercise, meditation, diet) without success. Also mention life circumstances (e.g., family surgery) which are making you anxious at the moment.
  14. I recently came off Zoloft and Effexor after tapering a few weeks. It's been uncomfortable, but the worst is over after a month or so. I don't mind the brain zaps, but the agitation, fatigue, insomnia, and body aches are annoying. I've come off ADs several times in the past 20 years; it can be done. Just takes time, my friend
  15. I had a Deplin trial sometime ago for depression. It did absolutely nothing for me, positive or negative. Funny how meds affect people differently.
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