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  1. That person had type 1 TN. There is type 1, type 2, and a combined 1/2. I have the third.
  2. Just wondering if there were other members with it and what their treatments were, along with what type they have. The one thing likely to work I have been fighting my insurance on since February so I am likely going to need to try something else.
  3. I am approaching my 5 year anniversary of being self harm free. I am trying to think of something to do to commemorate/celebrate the fact it has been 5 years. Any suggestions? Also... I just want you guys to know that you CAN do it if you want to. Take time, make it about taking care of yourself, being good to yourself. Slowly work on the feelings that go around it and try to replace healthier habits with that. I self harmed for many many years and it almost doesn't seem possible that I could be less than a month from 5 years free.
  4. Yo Mama so multiple she had to buy a 12 bedroom house so everyone could have their own room.
  5. CRAZYBOARDS.ORG: more free labor than an iPhone sweatshop! I'm fired, aren't I? no. you just have to double your hours. *whips*
  6. Updated: Daily: Lotemax (eye drop) .2% 1 drop each eye BID -- chronic eye inflamation Qvar 80mcg Inhaler - 2 puffs BID --Asthma Luvox 300mg -- OCD, bipolar Klonopin 1mg (bedtime) -- OCD, bipolar, sleep issues, PTSD Levothyroxen 250mcg -- post surgical hypothyroidism due to thyroid cancer Dexedrine XR 30mg AM, 20mg early afternoon -- ADHD, anxiety on hold until cardiac work up is finished Ranitidine 300mg -- gastrointestinal issues Refresh artificial tears -- minimum of 4 times a day per eye.. no maximum PRN: Tramadol 50mg 1-2 tabs q 8 hours -- pain (back, migraine, nerve ) Oxycodone 5mg 1-2 tabs q 4 hours -- pain (back, migraine, nerve) Klonopin 1mg -- up to 3 extra mg per day. Triamcinolone Cream -- chronic random rashes/hives not due to allergic reaction Pro-Air Inhaler -- 2 puffs every 2-4 hours as needed Atrovent -- 2 puffs every 4 hours as needed Albuterol Nebulizer -- 1 vial Flexaril 5mg BID -- neuromuscular issues, nerve damage, muscle twitches Zofran ODT -- chronic nausea / gastrointestinal issues bactroban -- chronic ulcerated open sores Lidoderm patch -- pain Doxepin 10mg -- sleep Daily Vitamins Supplements: Magnesium -- deficiency B Complex -- deficiency biotin - deficiency Vitamin C -- deficiency Multivitamin -- deficiencies Vitamin D (weekly 50,000iu pill)-- deficiency Ferrous Gluconate -- deficiency Probiotics -- gastro problems / chronic gastro infections Cranberry concentrate -- chronic kidney stones and UTI's this is pretty much the current regime
  7. Love this thread! Corsera is great! I have been looking into other sites as well, so thank you guys for the added resources!
  8. I know a lot of it has to do with the fact I have multiple chronic illnesses that could/probably will cause me to die young. So I have a good support group of people in the same situation who understand and are supportive. It just means they die more frequently than the norm for people our age.
  9. My SIL is dead.. so I can't even deal with this period in hell (aka my parents) by going over and having her bake me sweets and me bitching about my mom and her and my brother laughing. Need to decompress. Damn.
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