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  1. yeah i think i am having a heightened response due to my fears. although funnily enough, going in i had convinced myself that if you know a placebo side effect is coming then you can prevent it from happening. the mind is a pretty fascinating thing. i feel ok now. we'll see how the anxiety gets on as the first week progresses.
  2. hi guys sooooo for those of you who didn't see my previous post on anxiety vs TLE, i have been prescribed citalopram as an add on to my lamictal for dealing with chronic general anxiety. tonight was my first dose, and, ummm... i dont want to seem like i am overreacting about side effects, but... about two hours after my dose, while working at my computer i started to feel a little disorientated. nothing serious, just started making silly mistakes with my work (i am a graphic designer). then i began getting pretty confused - tried googling citalopram initial dose and managed to type citaljona ncun ncasbslb or something to that effect. ha. even writing this is pretty hard (having to go back and correct my typing a lot now). my mouth also got super dry and then very suddenly my stomach dropped out of my body and i got a weird panic 'woosh'. like the dolly zoom effect some people get during derealisation. i'm in bed now. i pretty much got up from my work, turned off the lights and got into bed. i feel a little better. still pretty confused but at least not panicking. i know full well that i may be having a placebo reaction due to some unconscious expectation of side effects. either way, the results are very real. i'm not too concerned - whether genuine side effects or placebo i know they are not life threatening. i did however want to get a bit of feedback on whether anyone else has has similar immediate reactions to new drugs? is anyone else nervous about the first dose? is it super common? high five ok thanks bye
  3. ok! just to provide an update for anyone reading this thread, i have managed to get my doctor to prescribe the citalopram alongside the lamictal i am already taking. she was pretty good about it, checking with a colleague at the local psych ward, and said it should be fine. i think i am pretty lucky all in all to have a doc listen to me about this - hopefully the citalopram will even out the anxiety in a few weeks time. thanks again to everyone for being my sounding board! m
  4. thank you for saying that i think in the grand scheme of things i have very few, and relatively mild issues compared to what a lot of other people go through. if these problems have impacted my life as badly as they have i can only imagine what a mess of emotional spaghetti it must be to deal with 3, 4 or 5 issues at once. this forum is great, thank you
  5. thanks everyone, the advice is much appreciated. going to be a lot more pro-active about this situation. will keep updated on symptoms once my meds are prescribed. yay!
  6. hello again crazyboard peeps thanks for the advice and info, i am going to try hunt down a private doc but in the event that it is totally unaffordable will try to persuade my gp to either refer me or look into the matter further. for my own research purposes, i was wondering if anyone had advice about where i could find out about possible drug interactions between lamotigrine and citalopram? i am really not keen to stop taking lamictal, which has been amaaaaazing and completely controls the derealisation. although i dont want to go in with too many set notions of how i should be treated it would still be helpful/ interesting to know a little about the drugs. thanks in advance to anyone who can answer. m
  7. hi wow! thanks for the quick reply. i am originally from south africa, where going to a private psychiatrist was pretty cheap and easy. i am living in the uk now and going private can cost, at minimum, £400. seriously, thats insane, and i literally cannot afford it. because we have free medical here, doctors are pretty reluctant to start referring patients to specialists unless they deem it insanely necessary. specialists are extremely over-subscribed and getting a referral is like getting blood from a stone. my gp has been in contact with people at the psych department of the local hospital, and seems very confident. so. here i am. le sigh.
  8. hi all i hope you can help with this conundrum. i will try to keep it simple. just looking for a little bit of input about whether i suffer from anxiety or temporal lobe epilepsy (or both... hahaha). (update: i wrote waaaay more than anticipated, sorry! i would still really appreciate any input) ok, my background, briefly. i have suffered almost all my life from episodes of what i would guess people describe as derealisation. these episodes would last about 30 seconds to a minute each, and started shortly after i was in a major car accident at the age of seven. although derealisation is often described as a feeling of unreality/ or the world seeming strange, flat or without emotion, my episodes were the opposite. it was as if the world was more real than real, as if the 'film' of cognition through which we filter our experiences was ripped away, leaving a hyperreal, almost shimmering and overwhelming sense of the material world. obviously, these episodes were quite frightening and left me feeling emotionally and mentally unmoored and unbalanced. aside from these episodes of hyperreality, i grew up in a single parent home with an extremely damaged, anxious mother. life was extremely unstable (bouts of intermittent homelessness, an absent father, poverty). fear and anxiety was the dominant feature of my life to such an extent that it was almost invisible to me. it was the norm. at 23 i was referred by my therapist to seek treatment for possible temporal lobe epilepsy. eeg was inconclusive, but my psychiatrist hedged his bets and lamictal was prescribed. this gave total and complete relief to my derealisation symptoms. it allowed me to function more normally than ever in my life. i was able to focus more, and to experience the world in an ordinary way. yay the real world! i am 28 years old now, in therapy (combination fo cbt and psychotherapy), and living with a supportive and understanding partner. however, i have suffered from crippling general anxiety all my life, and the lamictal does not seem to touch sides with it. symptoms include: worrying excessively, feeling dazed, inability to focus, constant irritation. the anxiety has ramped up recently to the degree that i intermittently fear an apocalypse, a feeling i have not had since childhood. seeking help from my gp has led her to believe that the TLE diagnosis was incorrect. she is planning on switching me from lamictal to citalopram. i am open to the possibility of a misdiagnosis. however, if the lamictal took care of the 'episodes' then surely that would mean that i have TLE with a side of anxiety disorder? she seems to think it is either/ or. so, my basic query is: if lamictal takes care of derealisation episodes, then surely the diagnosis of TLE is correct? i'm not sure why she thinks the derealisation + anxiety stems only from an anxiety disorder. i know that TLE and anxiety are highly co-morbid. any advice on how to proceed? anyone else have these symptoms together? what are you being treated with? m
  9. hello all my name is mia, i was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilsepy five years ago and thought i would check out these boards to help me get a handle on new meds my doc is prescribing me. hope you all can help out, and that i am also able to lend a hand of support to others. cheers m
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