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  1. Yes i am in therapy, every friday i go to the philadelphia va. Oh thanks for the heads up on my writting, sorry about that. I have been in therapy for just about a year, i have tryed everything, medications didnt seem to help, alcohal just masked my ptsd and, delayed my healing. I feel like there is no end, I am getting worse, and it scares me, thats why im on here, I hate to write. I have 3 children, 16boy, 13girl, 3girl. The two teenagers are my step-children, and i want to adopt them, I love them, But for some reason I try everything to stay distant from them. My daughter i am ok with, but I still won't play games with her like i should. I can't get happy, the only time I am truly happy is when i am holding my fiance in my arms. I am currently taking Methadone, And Temazapam(to help me get back to sleep after nightmares).............Oh by the way im Jim
  2. I had a VA appointment last friday, and at the appointment I had to re-enact a couple of horrific times when I was in Iraq. Long story short, we were driving, we were hit on the right front side, by a roadside bomb. There were four of us in the vehical. I was sitting behind the driver & I was the only one who surrvived somehow. As soon as I noticed the explosion we were already flipping, next I can remember calling out names(of the 3 that were in the humV with me), No one was answering, as I looked to my right there was a body...... ok well lets just say it was really bad, really really bad. Anyway ever since I had to do the re_enactment, I havent been able to eat, barley sleep, which im used to, but I can't stop bein sooooooooo jelous to my fiance, she has never did anything wrong to me in any way. I really dont have any friends since I stopped drinking a year ago, all I have is my fiance, and I am soooooo happy that I have her, if I keep this jelousy crap up shes gonna leave me, and than theres nothing stopping me from buying rope. has anyone elese had to do a re-enactment and how do you get back to norm? I do wish she would almost baby me, but I don't want to ask her, I kinda hope she'll figure It out on her own? what do I do, and is it normal for me to question her every move from ptsd?
  3. Seeing Anything On The Road, Or Sides Of Roads That Aren't Supposed To Be There, Can't Get Over The IED'S From Over Sea's. I Have Been Giving The Field Sobriety Test 4 Times, But Not For DUI, Or DWI I Was Swerving Away From Trash Bags, Piles Of Rocks, Etc........
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