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  1. Just wanted to say Hiya and that I'm 24hours behind that moment that sets you in a tailspin every year. Too much going on in my life, lotsa bad things happening to those around me. Hope you're well.

  2. Did you hear from the state yet? When you get started on medicare, will your cobra costs go down since they will be secondary? Or will they still be primary insurance? I absolutely HATE dealing with health insurance, it is SO expensive and trying to get the best deal without spending every last dime you have. Good luck, december, D
  3. Hey, december, which did you get? I have this one ---> Creative Zen Nano 1GB. I've had it for several years and use it a lot. It has a silicone protective cover with a clip and also an armband to hook it on if you don't want to hook it on your shirt. I'm happy with it, it didn't cost a ton and the battery last forever on it. A very wise decision to switch from the cd player for portable music! love, D Edited to fix the darn link
  4. China, Great news from the nursing board and your pdoc! I wish you all the best. I always wonder why, with the med changes I've gone through, do I not feel closer to how I felt before the MI reared it's ugly head? I hope you are able to get back to the real you. You deserve it... D
  5. I'm so sorry you're not doing so great. It's so hard when you have responsiblities and there is no way around them and no help with them. Please try not to fixate on them, as you know, it makes them worse! You are a strong person and you will get through this. However you need to do it, get hold of your pdoc! You NEED to do this in order to get past these feelings of crisis you are having. Can you try one of Penny's suggestions? Any way you get in touch with the pdoc is ok as long as you do it. Faith, not everyone else on the planet is able to live a "normal" life. Hell, I'd say there are very few who go through life without having the same feelings you are having right now. You are NOT a loser! You tell that voice in your head to take a hike. I wish I had better advice for you, but just know that you've got people that care about you and want you to feel good. D
  6. Hiya D, just me floating around; it's Val. day and I think you are having a blizzard! I love your photo on this thing...I had to read Minx; I hadn't been around CB for a long while....


  7. NYPaintLady

    Twin Stuff

    Hey, Stasis, My husband is an identical twin and I think that they are still connected by an umbilicle cord. heh When they were born, they weighted within a half ounce of each other and were born 2 minutes apart. BIL is now 1/2 inch shorter due to back surgery, but they are still very much alike. Stubborn as mules, the both of them... It's a rare day that they don't connect with each other. Since BIL is working for H now, they see each other each weekday yet still talk several times over the weekend. BIL's one daughter looks very much like my daughter, the other resembles my son... How weird is that? D
  8. Please give the Wellbutrin a chance to work. It usually takes at least 6 - 8 weeks at a theraputic dose and sometimes even longer for a med to show its full potential. It would suck if that was the med for you but you didn't give it a chance. FWIW, I think you should increase the dose as your gp suggested and give it a chance to work. But, I'm not a doctor or health professional of any sort. D
  9. What the nurse used was most likely "smelling salts". They normally contain ammonia and rubbing alcohol. The sharp smell irritates the mucous membranes in your nose and causes you to breath quickly to get rid of the smell thus bringing you back to consciousness. They used to be able to be purchased at the drugstore, I don't know if they still are. Good luck, D
  10. SIX cats? You're my hero... :-) Welcome to CrazyBoards! D
  11. Geez, Loon, you make it sound like december was on the prowl for a person to be a dad and that she planned on getting pregnant. Not the case at all. She and Alex became close friends and they get along well together. That's it. It's really not nice or appropriate to talk about someones situation as if you know all of the intimate details. If it were me that you were talking of, I would be a lot less nice than december was in her reply to you. Please be careful what you say about other people that are on the boards. D
  12. I am on Effexor, currently 300mg, and have been for 6+ years. I do drink occasionally and I find that it takes a lot more alcohol for me to feel the effects of it. If I do get a good buzz going, it doesn't last as long as it did pre-effexor. As with most meds, it affects different people differently.
  13. Penny, You're an admin now? No wonder you've been so scarce at chat... Miss you! How's things? D
  14. Hey, T, you are only hurting yourself and undermining your relationship with your partner by continuing with this obsession with this past relationship. I think that if you do this when you get bored, you need to find the willpower to get up and walk away from the computer instead of googling your ex. It sounds like you were hurt that the ex wouldn't change, ie. stop drinking, for you and 'this' is the reason you are obsessed with her, not because you want to continue the relationship. You want to see if there was someone who she 'did' change for. No matter the reason, the relationship is over and you have to let go of the obsession. There's my version of armchair psychiatry... or I may just be talking out my ass.
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