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  1. ymmv, but after two injections of pfizer with zero side effects, i'm happy. Sis had major moderna arm both times. but she's great after a couple of days.
  2. I don't know if this post goes to my feed. I find the blog access thing a colossal mind fuck.


    Our car was burgled last night by thieves trying to steal the catalytic converter. They must have been disturbed (as determined by the RCMP) because the cat was still there the next morning as was their jack, etc. They had almost had away with it but it seems a bit a bit of corrosion defeated them.

    About a grand later it was fixed (to be covered by insurance) and we're done now.

    A note to the wise, park in a garage if you can, if not, park where there are lots of lights.

  3. oh echolocation, i feel your loss. I lost my poodle a few days ago to cancer. I appreciate the intensity of your loss. i had to put down my little poodle three days ago due to cancer. I don't know how to deal with your bearded dragon, but our poodle was incinerated and his ashes spread on a local farm. But this is Canada so I don't know if it is different in the US.
  4. So, the beer is good, almost very good in fact. The uncapping wasn't quite the joyful event we'd hoped following two deaths in the family over the last week, but the beer is good. It is a hazy IPA with great hops and a lingering hoppy flavour. We used natural carbonation so it took two weeks for the fizz to build, but it was worth it. We are very pleased with our first attempt. We used grains, malt extract and fresh hops. We call it the Bad Cat IPA because my sister's cat ran out the door while we were bottling and jumped the fence to next door and went to ground. Thirty minutes later we had the bugger back inside.
  5. I wish I had the balls to do ECT. Not a a single one of my pdoc, tdoc, etc., have even mentioned it. Kudos to you for doing it!
  6. WE BOTTLED!!! So that's it we're done, unless the bottles start exploding. We were going to keg the beer but the bill for that equipment rose into the $400 range so we opted for bottling. Two weeks from now we should get to try it. Nothing goes off without a hitch of course, like my sister breaking a bottle and then me spraying her with beer from the auto-siphon (oops). Oh, and having to stop and find their cat which escaped for an hour during the bottling.
  7. Well.......we made beer! It looked like hell in the carbuoy, but it smelled good and tasted even better! It's an IPA so it's hoppy, but nicely so with a long, drawn out hop flavour rather than a sharp bite. We've decided to keg it rather than bottle (you're not the first person I've heard of that had bottles exploding, Gearhead). We kind of effed up the filtering though, leaving us lots of chunkies, so we'll have to figure that out tomorrow before we keg the beer. Having dormant yeast in the bottom is fine, but we have hop chunk floaties that just won't do.
  8. Tomorrow we're ready to put it back in the primary fermenter, I think. There are a hell of a lot of instructions on the web for how to make beer. Oxygen BAD obviously, but after that it seems like a crapshoot. We aren't going to bottle, just put a spigot on the carboy. But we have to filter it first. Coffee filters? Not a clue. Despite its wondrous initial smell I don't expect that it will be drinkable. Still, $200 bills just grow on trees according to my nephew......
  9. Halloo, Managed to get the slop from the primary fermenter into the carboy. Looks like hell but smells like heaven. The siphon hose was way too small so that process took forever. Not going to use bottles, just a spigot on the carboy.
  10. I titrated down slowly but was still left with the brain zaps. I have been off it for over ten years and I still get brain zaps, but rarely now. By brain zaps I mean involuntary 'bangs' which cause me to spasm for a fraction of a second. Once, my worst, made my right arm shoot forward and knock my mouse off the desk. grouse.
  11. Yay turkey day!! Hi guys! I think we're hoping one of the girls will pick up the meth trade. But nope, not a scouser, but a lifetime fan. Cerebrus, I didn't know what you meant by 'exceptionalism' until I googled it and found that its definition also included the word 'unusual' which I will go along with. Was that Trump's ass?!? I assumed it was his face.
  12. Tubeway Army - I Nearly Married a Human.
  13. We got the kit for my nephew at Christmas but he's a lazy-ass teenager and hasn't done a damn thing so we decided to make make the beer after the Liverpool game. There was a great deal of boiling and near-boiling and filtering , but it's done now and just needs to sit for about 10 days. Yay! Beer! It's an IPA, but it's American so we'll have to see if it's any good.
  14. Hi Guys, Well, yeah. I do occasionally haunt the boards, but mostly to welcome newbies aboard. I think that's the hardest part about this place, just signing in and saying hi. But now and again I like to post stuff. Nice to see you both holding down the fort! grouse.
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