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  1. Hi Guys, Well, yeah. I do occasionally haunt the boards, but mostly to welcome newbies aboard. I think that's the hardest part about this place, just signing in and saying hi. But now and again I like to post stuff. Nice to see you both holding down the fort! grouse.
  2. This is a fave song of mine from a little old band from 1970's east London. But then a Birmingham band covered it in the 80's and kind of immortalised it.
  3. Nostaligic. The Boney M ladies were the beauty queens of my childhood. To this day cornrow braids always catch my eye.
  4. aiding my sis in cleaning her rec room. encountering so many early school writings of my nephew and neice. they can't possible be thrown out and bring back such wonderful times.
  5. i hung out for about 4 hours in my sister's backyard. i helped pick raspberries and about 2 litres of gooseberries. she ate all her strawberries and picked her red currants - which my niece ate. still waiting on the apples and grapes. it's all pretty impressive for our latitude. Edited to add: Yay CEREBRUS! I've no idea as to the nature of your post but you've always been positively restrained and cool whenever I've interacted with you. So, peace out.
  6. Rather pleased. I snowed this morning, like blizzard snow, for about 30 minutes. Nothing stuck but it scared the hell out of the daffodils and crocuses.
  7. listened to lady gaga's stupid love. love it. but it sounds exactly like 'i perform this way'. i am so chord driven it's embarrassing. i live with the continuing horror that my niece loves modern pop music. i heard it's all written by a guy in norway. i at least discovered punk and new wave in the late seventies while my sister was wowed by kc and the sunshine band, etc. Sorry, that was stupid shit. today i transcribed the story of a survivor of the battle of Monte Cassino.
  8. I have befriended the vacuum cleaner with its brush attachment. I have hope.
  9. Pretty good. Finally went to the dentist (after about 10 years) and after getting a root canal and crown (some months ago) I got a cleaning. It was only half done after an hour cos it's been so long, but I'll get the rest done in the new year. The dental crew knew I'm an alcoholic and don't seem to be too judgemental, but you never know. At this point in my addiction I have no pride. But I have a lot of shame.
  10. I made my mum pee her pants today. I used my powers of wit after dinner and her and my sister couldn't stop laughing. My mum had to change her pants but my sister made it through okay. I like making people laugh and occasionally I nail it somehow.
  11. Thanks for letting me know! I have no idea where this will appear. I don't understand which posts go where.

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