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  1. Tomorrow we're ready to put it back in the primary fermenter, I think. There are a hell of a lot of instructions on the web for how to make beer. Oxygen BAD obviously, but after that it seems like a crapshoot. We aren't going to bottle, just put a spigot on the carboy. But we have to filter it first. Coffee filters? Not a clue. Despite its wondrous initial smell I don't expect that it will be drinkable. Still, $200 bills just grow on trees according to my nephew......
  2. Halloo, Managed to get the slop from the primary fermenter into the carboy. Looks like hell but smells like heaven. The siphon hose was way too small so that process took forever. Not going to use bottles, just a spigot on the carboy.
  3. I titrated down slowly but was still left with the brain zaps. I have been off it for over ten years and I still get brain zaps, but rarely now. By brain zaps I mean involuntary 'bangs' which cause me to spasm for a fraction of a second. Once, my worst, made my right arm shoot forward and knock my mouse off the desk. grouse.
  4. Yay turkey day!! Hi guys! I think we're hoping one of the girls will pick up the meth trade. But nope, not a scouser, but a lifetime fan. Cerebrus, I didn't know what you meant by 'exceptionalism' until I googled it and found that its definition also included the word 'unusual' which I will go along with. Was that Trump's ass?!? I assumed it was his face.
  5. Tubeway Army - I Nearly Married a Human.
  6. We got the kit for my nephew at Christmas but he's a lazy-ass teenager and hasn't done a damn thing so we decided to make make the beer after the Liverpool game. There was a great deal of boiling and near-boiling and filtering , but it's done now and just needs to sit for about 10 days. Yay! Beer! It's an IPA, but it's American so we'll have to see if it's any good.
  7. Hi Guys, Well, yeah. I do occasionally haunt the boards, but mostly to welcome newbies aboard. I think that's the hardest part about this place, just signing in and saying hi. But now and again I like to post stuff. Nice to see you both holding down the fort! grouse.
  8. This is a fave song of mine from a little old band from 1970's east London. But then a Birmingham band covered it in the 80's and kind of immortalised it.
  9. Nostaligic. The Boney M ladies were the beauty queens of my childhood. To this day cornrow braids always catch my eye.
  10. aiding my sis in cleaning her rec room. encountering so many early school writings of my nephew and neice. they can't possible be thrown out and bring back such wonderful times.
  11. i hung out for about 4 hours in my sister's backyard. i helped pick raspberries and about 2 litres of gooseberries. she ate all her strawberries and picked her red currants - which my niece ate. still waiting on the apples and grapes. it's all pretty impressive for our latitude. Edited to add: Yay CEREBRUS! I've no idea as to the nature of your post but you've always been positively restrained and cool whenever I've interacted with you. So, peace out.
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