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  1. It usually takes a few days or I never get one. But somehow I bounced waaay up. I was do sad last week. I don't understand why. Now I'm silly and having crazy thoughts... Trouble sleeping.
  2. Holy hell. Swung the other way in just less than a week. Wtf 

  3. I dont know I just felt like since doctors never call me back that it must inconvenience them when I call.
  4. Wow sorry for this tablet autocorrect lol I meant to say I'll call pdoc. I didn't ..forgot...?
  5. Isn't it weird how when you feel like this all your beliefs are thrown out the window and you don't care about anything? i called prod office and have a key for him to know what's going on.we'll see what happens
  6. I just saw my new pdoc a week ago. I told him I wasn't sure how I was feeling. Kinda numb. I'll check that suicide prevention page.I can't go to hospital...I would lose my job.I'm just a temp.and it would be too expensive. Sigh. I just want to sleep. Lots.
  7. Hate tdocs... Never found therapy helpful. What do they do to you if you call a crisis line?
  8. Was manic for a few months. A week or so ago I just dropped down. Way down. I'm so tired. I was just numb at first. Now I'm sad and slow. Foggy brained. Thought about the world without me. That scared me. I'm getting tough love support from the wife. Taking all meds as I should be. Trying to stay positive. How will I know if I just need to chat with a specialist who handles deep depressive people considering doing bad things?
  9. If you can believe it, Lithium works well for me compared to Lamictal, but I still rapid cycle, at least 6-7 episodes a year, maybe more actually. I need to keep track. But Lamictal did nothing, at least Lithium is keeping me from going total psychotic. Except for the one time, that is... heh.
  10. So the wikipedia says this: " Hypomania is also a feature of bipolar I disorder; it arises in sequential procession as the mood disorder fluctuates between normal mood (euthymia) and mania. Some individuals with bipolar I disorder have hypomanic as well as manic episodes. Hypomania can also occur when moods progress downwards from a manic mood state to a normal mood. Hypomania is sometimes credited with increasing creativity and productive energy. " I never realized this before. I had a hypomanic episode a few months ago, and now am going through another one. But I was confused because I thought only type II got hypomanic. I was wrong I guess. Anyway, it is funny because I don't have the bizarre ideas and racing thoughts, and I have been sleeping ok, but I am more talkative and outgoing than usual, a bit obnoxious, and slightly irritable if I don't catch myself. But the beauty of it is, I can catch it. I like this kind of mania, I don't get myself into trouble, I am just a better version of myself. Is that wrong to think of it that way? Who else here has Bipolar I but continues to have hypomanic episodes, and why did mine just start in November and come back periodically, - will I get more or do you think it will escalate? It's been a week already...
  11. Happy to have you vent here! Sounds like a traumatic event, I am glad you're ok. I was taken to hospital once by police from my job. It was embarrassing. I had taken a klon before they arrived to calm myself down though, so I was held 8 hours for observation, and then they let me go home. My girlfriend at the time was so annoyed at having to come pick me up in the middle of the night. This was before uber/lyft lol
  12. I like my new job. I am a Claims Analyst for a Fortune 500 company. It is nice. We get the day off today as a holiday, for MLK day. My wife had to work. So here I am NOT cleaning the house like I should be... ha.

  13. I will die sooner of stab wounds from the girlfriend who pays the electric bill. lol
  14. https://youtu.be/SCXtJ_knJWo I am listening to Neurofunk. I SHOULD be listening to Christmas music...
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