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  1. I do talk a lot about my old tdoc with the new one.... She actually asks me what my old one would tell me what to do in "that situation"... Last week she texted me for about three hours to calm me down after a particularly distressing situation.... Not only am I struggling with my mental illness, I'm struggling with a lot of physical stuff as well.... The MI stuff is that I have no one to talk to other than my tdoc and she keeps pushing me to reach out to people.... I feel like people that I do talk to turn around and talk about me behind my back... The physical stuff is my eye... And I
  2. So a month and a half ago my therapist told me that she was moving to Atlanta.... She referred me to a new therapist that I feel like I'm trying to learn to trust... I told this new therapist today that I was having self harming thoughts... Not the actual suicidal thoughts that I'm really having.... This new therapist is really nice... She already pretty much has my symptoms pegged... My behaviors pegged... She called me out today.... I miss my old therapist, my husband is working on site, I was just informed that I had a stroke in my right optic nerve that will eventually lead to blindness...
  3. I take sonata as a prn for sleep... It has a very short half life and is out of your system in about four hours... Like you I have problems falling asleep but staying asleep is no problem... The sonata helped me fall asleep and there is no hangover the next morning
  4. I think I really messed up! I took my morning dose of parnate 10mg at 11:00 this morning... My pdoc while I was inpatient prescribed Imitrex for my migraines... Sooooo I thought they were ok to take together since he knew I was going to start the parnate.... So I took 100mg of Imitrex about 45 min ago... Then I googled the two to see if there is an interaction.... There is! Serotonin syndrome! I've had it before and just about died from it... Now I don't know what to do or who to call about it! Help!
  5. I took an MAOI for about 5 years and it quit working so doc put me on a different MAOI for a few weeks... After an allergic reaction to that one he put me back on the original MAOI... And the effects were really positive... When my pdoc retired I saw a different pdoc he didn't like maoi's so the idiot took me off of it... About a year and a half ago I got a new pdoc and he just recently put me back on the MAOI and its working great again!
  6. Thanks for all the input... I guess I know every time that its just anxiety but it still scares me... The thing is I don't feel anxious when I get the pains but when I sit and wonder if it is the big one then I get sweaty and short of breath... Also signs of a heart attack... It just gets totally out of control.... I guess it's another thing to deal with! Thanks
  7. I had a total hysterectomy in march of this year.... Took my ovaries and all... Mine was done vaginally so there were no incisions.... I unfortunately had an internal bleed after the surgery and they went back in thru my belly button and lower abdomen and took out 2 liters of blood.... The hysterectomy was no problem.... I guess it was when took my ovaries he cut something he shouldn't have and it bled... (I found out later that this dr had numerous malpractice suits against him for the same thing! I wish I would've known that before) anyway... The only thing I have really noticed is vaginal
  8. Nope.... Nothing works... In the er they give me nitro and all that does is give me a headache... They also give me a gi cocktail to see if its heartburn and that doesn't help either.... They have even given me Ativan a couple times.... Nothing seems to work... If it is anxiety it's the worst ever... I've gotten to the point that I just sit in my chair and concentrate on my breathing until I fall asleep... I've just never heard of anyone with this type of anxiety that manifests itself as chest pain... It's kind of scary!
  9. I have been having terrible chest pain lately... It hurts my jaw and my left arm... Sometimes it just doesn't go away and I end up in the er... They always run the same tests... Blood work, EKG, chest x-ray all of the above and more.... It always comes out negative... It is so painful and very real... Even saw a cardiologist who said everything was fine... I have come to the conclusion that it is anxiety.... What else could it be? BUT.... My Ativan doesn't make it go away.... I've even gone as far as to take three mg to make it stop... Does anyone else experience this phenomenon when anxious..
  10. I just did a washout from trazodone and latuda to start parnate... It was super hard and I thought I was going to have to go inpatient cuz of the anxiety and suicidal ideation... I've been on the parnate since Wednesday... I was on it for 15 years and then my idiot pdoc at the time took me off of it cuz he didn't like maoi's. I got a new pdoc and told him how good I did on it and finally he started it back... I just have to go back to watching what I eat and drink... Don't be afraid it is doable!... Just be sure your doc goes over the stuff you should avoid and educate yourself and you'll do f
  11. Pdoc... Not podcast... Stupid iPhone! Sorry!
  12. I have never ever talked about this with anyone... Not my tdoc or podcast family... No one... It is so bad and I am so ashamed of myself.... So here goes... When I was seven years old I had a friend... I'll call her rj... She was my age and had an older sister... I would go to her house a lot and play... One day she told me she wanted to show me what Her sister had taught her... She had me lay on the bed and she pulled down her pants and underwear and climbed on to of my thigh and started rubbing her pubic area on my thigh up and down... She told me it felt good and so I did the same to her.
  13. Congrats crtclms! What a great day to celebrate! It's so awesome to know that people stick around that long! I have read a lot of your posts and they are always helpful!
  14. What I have noticed since my hysterectomy is that it is very very painful to have intercourse with my husband.... I have pretty much cut him off and he keeps asking why... I just explain to him that it is so uncomfortable for me... My gp gave me a lubricant to use but I just can't do it.... I have no sex drive either... Just don't want to have sex... I think if I had some hormones in me that may be different... Idk... Hot flashes and no sex... Wow what a combination!
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