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  1. I have been taking Seroquel for about 6 yrs. and have been mostly stable for about 2-3 yrs. *knocks on wood* I'm on medicaid and they don't pay for the reg ser. so now I have to take XR. I start tonight and am wondering what the diff. will be: SE, wt. gain, etc. "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" Well, that's gone out the window. Because of medicaid issues, I haven't taken seroquel for about 5 days. No sleep, no eat, somewhat batty, clinging to ceiling issues. Any idea what it will be like going from ser. reg. to xr?
  2. AM-I have a question for you. I am worried about what may happen if I were to get another car accident. Like that woman you were talking about who was told that if she was rear ended, she probably not survive. I know you are not a dr., but how would I know something like that. I have been in quite a few car accidents so this is something I am really worried about. And after back surgery, does the "hardware" in your back cause problems if you are in an accident? Karin, Yes, my mom is an ang.el So is the rest of my family. I come from a big family and we are very close. They have supported me so much when I have "bad episodes" from the BP. My kids are 7 and 9 and can feed themselves, as long as it doesn't involve the stove or oven. My son, the 9 yr. old is so sweet. Whenever we go to the store together, he always carries and lifts stuff that is too heavy for me, which is just about anything. Not anything too heavy for him. Anyway, the neuro nurse, who is very kind and knowledgeable, told me that I should be able to take care of myself and my kids, as long as it's not too taxing, a few days after surgery. Surely she wouldn't tell me this if it were not so? I am only scheduled to stay in the hospital for 24 hours, but if I can't get up on my own and walk for a short while, then it would be a longer stay until I could do these things. I am also told that I would be expected to walk every couple of hours ,unless I was in too much pain, every day. Gradually building up to longer walks. I feel much better about having the surgery and the general anesthesia. The thing I am still unsure about is if the neurosurgeon and nurse are minimizing my recovery time. I was told that a lot of my recovery will depend on how much I follow the post-op instructions. Oh-and how to get the support I need at home. It is not so good to have a major surgery when my bf is so against it. I could always stay with my mom for as long as needed. She's retired and would love to take care of me. Would I be able to be a passenger in a car just after surgery? Since I have medicaid, I can have someone drive me in a semi-emergency transport for free. How do I know how to weigh the options between having surgery or having pain and the possibility of disability or death? BTW, thanks very much again!
  3. Thank you so much, once again. AM-that was very useful info in "laymen's" terms. I'm curious about the severity of my L5/S1 because it does seem like there is alot going on. You said it wasn't the worst you'd seen. Approximately how serious is this? My neurosurgeon did not in any way try to talk me into surgery. Rather, he said it is a last resort when I couldn't stand the pain anymore. I told him-ha ha-that I was ready to have someone shoot me because I can't deal with the pain any longer. Not if there is a chance that it can get worse over time. It is strange that my prim doc. was going to refer me to get a second opinion from an orthopedic surgeon, but they called me back and said that the orthos don't deal with back pain. Maybe because I'm on medicaid? That's another reason why I think if I'm going to have surgery I should have it soon, while I'm not working and have medicaid. Being poor sucks, but thank God for food stamps and medicaid. I probably couldn't work now anyway-too many issues. I also have to have my gallbladder removed because it doesn't work. Then there's the whole bipolar shit. Karin, thank you so much for giving me so much info. It really really helps to hear about surgery from someone who has done it and benefitted. I have another problem, which is causing almost as much anxiety as fear of surgery: my live-in bf, who would be taking care of me for a few days (although the surg nurse at my neuro's office said I would be able to take care of myself right away after I get out of the hospital and I would be able to take care of my kids), anyway, he's very much against me having back surgery. His brother had a back surgery gone wrong and got an infection that ended up with him being permamentally disabled. My mom is going to take care of my kids until a few days after surgery or as long as I need her to. Blah! So much to deal with. I have such bad anxiety latele that I have horrible nightmares every night and after a nap which I awake in a state of panic. Like they show people on tv or movies waking up from a nightmare. That has never happened before. Also, if someone suddently appears, I jump out of my skin. I guess I'll stop complaining now.
  4. I don't think that drug interaction is a problem since I see so many doctors who all know all the meds i'm on. I don't drink or do drugs. Oh- I also have tinnitus in my left ear, vertigo, and lately a feeling of my ears popping like when you are on a plane.
  5. I checked two different interaction sites and one came back with no interactions and one came back with 2 major. I'm scared that there is something seriously wrong with me.
  6. Okay, I had a weird and very disturbing experience last night. I had gotten up to go to the bathroom and felt really dizzy and weird. Hard to describe. Instead of lightheaded, I felt "heavyheaded". I went and laid down on the couch and it was worse. I was shaking and sweating and feeling like I was going to black out. I didn't take too many meds. I asked my bf to get me a wet cloth and I put it on my forehead and neck, face and after a while, I was better. I looked up serotonin syndrome and this doesn't really sound like that but what do I know? I was also worried about it being drug toxicity because I am on so many meds: lamictal- 150 am; 200 pm seroquel-50 am; 100 pm; 50 prn klonopin-.25 am; .5 pm (went from .5 tid to that- yay!) tramadol-qid baclofen-supposed to take 20 mg bid, but have been taking 10 mg bid because I just started it a few weeks ago promethazine-tid- non-working gallbladder-get to have that removed yay me I got to my primary care dr. Monday so I will bring this up. Oh, btw, my heart rate and beat was normal- I kept checking it. Very scary stuff. Especially since I am so many meds. I have had severe panic attacks before with really awful physical symptoms. Not sure what is going on. Has anyone had this experience?
  7. Thanks for the replies. I know more specifically what is wrong with my back. I got tired of getting dumbed down "jelly doughnut" descriptions of what is wrong with my back so I went and got my mri results. Here it is: L4/L5-disk space level demonstrates a central bulging disk with annual tear in the left paracentral location but without focal herniated disk protrusion. There is mild spinal stenosis. L5/S1- The disk space level (on the pretty picture it looks like there is none!) demonstrates dessication of the disk with Modic type 2 signal changes prominent on both sides of the interspace. Central bulging disk indents the thecal sac in the midline. There are small bilateral foraminal herniated disks. I freaked out and cancelled my surgery. It is more distressing because everyone in my family/friends have equally and strongly opposing/championing of me having back surgery. I.E. "You really should do it" "You really don't want to do that" I've had my neurosurgeon explain things. I've done literally hours of internet research (I know-dumb idea!) and am still unsure. The people in my life have good intentions but aren't helping to relieve the anxiety and uncertainty, rather, they increase it.
  8. I decided to have back surgery after years of intense pain. No amount of non-surgical treatments have worked. I have a torn ligament, nerve damage, herniated disc, spinal stenosis. I'm having a transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion in two weeks. So so scared. I am really afraid of the whole getting put to sleep thing and if my medication will be a factor. I'm getting screws in my back that are going to stay. yikes. does anyone have any experiece with surgery, back problems that required surgery, or anesthesia. also, does anesthesia make bipolar worse?
  9. I just got an rx for baclofen to substitute for soma, which i'm tapering off of slowly while titrating up slowly on the baclofen. My dr. said to take 20 mg bid and i went online and did some research and the recommended starting dose is 5 mg tid then go up to 20 tid. I took 1/4 of my 20 mg. pill and it made me so high i felt like i was going to melt into a puddle on the floor. not complaining, but not gonna drive or operate heavy machinery! I am concerned that i am taking too many pills that are CNS something or other. I take currently: klonopin .75/day; lamictal-350/day; seroquel-150/day; soma 1 1/2/ day (coming off); tramadol-four times a day; and the baclofen-5mg/day (titrating up). Is all this just way too many CNS drugs?? How much is too much. I won't even have so much as a beer or a glass of wine because I've heard too many stories. The baclofen seems to kinda work. I'm getting an MRI Tues. Blah, blah, blah.....
  10. I have suspected gallstones and ulcer. Getting a gallbladder scan Tues. Very apprehensive. Mostly about getting injected with radioactive dye. After you go to the bathroom you have to wash your hands thoroughly and clean the toilet for a few days. That totally weirds me out. I get an abdominal ultrasound on Thurs. Needless to say, this will not be a fun week for me. I get really scared when i get tests done. Scared they will find out I have cancer or something. How do I cope? Anybody have any experience with this?
  11. My dr. put me on something called Arthrotec. It is a strong anti-inflammatory w/ an added stomach buffer. Just make sure you don't have any chance of getting pregnant because it is known to cause spontaneous abortion or deformaties. It works fast and lasts long. Only problem-it causes acute hunger. Worse than wacky tobaccy cravings! I would eat and feel starving to death and hour later, and so on..I don't take it anymore for that reason, but it is definitely worth mentioning to whoever you see. It is a very strong and effective pain med. Non narcotic, non addictive, don't have to take it every day. And it works great and fast. I don't know why more people don't know about it. Of course something bad about it could have come out since i last took it!
  12. You could go to the financial aid office at your school. They have jobs there. And they're easier to get and more compatable w/school.
  13. Do you have a tdoc? Maybe addiction meetings? I lost weight by seeing a nutritionist. Might also be a good idea to get blood work done to see if their is a reason. It's maybe like quitting smoking, which is really really hard. My new year's resolution was to quit, then when cigs started going through the roof-they're like $6 per pack now. Well, i don't know if this was any help, but i wish you luck and strengh.
  14. I got spammed too and didn't like it one bit. How freakin' rude is that? So glad to hear he/she is banned. Good riddance!
  15. Yep, still here having Seroquel nightmares. I remember my dreams almost every night. I even have intense dreams when I take a nap. It's very disconcerting. For some reason, the most common theme is social situations. Sometimes, my dreams are actually really good, like a movie playing inside my head. Or a book. But, damn, I can't imagine life w/out my dreams. It has become such a part of me. I don't know if that is a good thing or not. Does anyone know if you don't get enough "good" restorative sleep when you are nightmaring all night long? I often wake exhausted, even if I slept for ten hours. Why do I have these dreams? Besides seroquel, i mean. You'd think if it was a SE it would be temp. but this has been going on for yrs.
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