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  1. Thanks for responding!! Yeah, that's what I figure what would happen and I've been doing a ton of research on the SSA website about representative payee. Due to it being summer and the custody arrangement (meaning I have my loving angel right now) Im hoping to get a meeting next week if possible.
  2. Hi All, I've been thinking about getting one for a very long time. Im on SSDI and I have no other income. My mom and bff have tried numerous times to "help" me make a budget. Well guess what? Their numbers and my numbers never make sense. I've been screaming for help for months and no one helps me other than sitting down writing these plans but not actually going to the bank with me to take out the money, etc. Last week due to something very stupid I did and I take full stupid blame - i received a "failure to appear in court. This time I appeared and the fine was $910. Since I appeared the jud
  3. Thanks for the update!! I agree with the others - there is absolutely nothing to be embarassed about. Having a MI is rough stuff. I'm so glad you are doing better!! May your journey of health continue, db
  4. I have not planned it out as to great detail but sometimes I think the same way. Then I think the other genetics/family history will get me first. It's hard. You have your children. And you have a good job. I'm sorry you lot your security clearance. But I am very glad to hear about the new job. db
  5. This dream reminds me of the movie collection "A Thief In The Night." And oh, how the church I went to when I was a teen loved to play that series. It really fucked me up for many years. I don't believe in that stuff anymore. db
  6. My child was not planned. When I was preggers I could have told you where terrorists were hiding to shoot people on the highway. And the strange man that accompanied my mom's cat. For the most part I lived with my parents which was ideal - because they cooked my food!!! And gave me a place to stay. The father was helping my dad do various projects...so he kind of lived with my family most of the time too. I did not have any post partum problems. I took meds all throughout the pregnancy (minus lithium). The first week after I came home from the hospital my mom did everything. I I was c
  7. 2am my neighbor is puking his guts so the volume of my music just got louder.

  8. I got it after having sinus surgery. I thought the surgery would make everything better and it just made everything worse. Yes, there are times when it affects my communication because I literally can't hear out of my left ear. It's just the left, thank God. It is troubling but I'm not willing to go back under the knife for it. And my dr is really incredible bedside -wise, like I would want her to be my best friend. But I certainly don't trust her to operate on me again. So I live with it. And its usually 1-3 days. I only get it really bad if we have lots of winds. db
  9. I have thought about grad school when I was much younger. I've been thinking about what the hell am I going to do with my life now? I know I have lost or missing cognitive issues. So far pdoc refuses to deal with it. Just thinking about those stupid IQ blocks and lines makes me want to throw those blocks through a window!! So, I guess I'll be sitting here a while longer. db
  10. Hi all! Thanks so much for the responses!! My mom is my grandma's caretaker. They live together. They also live in a relatively small town in the middle of nowhere. I did some research and couldn't find any gerontologist in the area. I know she goes to a regular GP, a cardiac specialist, and maybe one more type of specialized care type person. I told my mom to talk to whatever dr they were seeing this week about grandma's anxiety and paranoia. I said this in hopes that the dr would be able to refer mom to a more appropriate person. The funny thing in this situation is when
  11. Hi All, I know this is a "for me" site. But lets pretend I'm 91 and computer savvy. I'm not finding anything on CB for Geriatric Psychiatry (or maybe I'm not as savvy as I thought I was). As a consumer I think this field will blow up as people keep living longer lives. I'd like to see what pdocs are offering little old ladies like me at 91 to help with anxiety and maybe some paranoia. Or if there are other elderly members out there going through some of the same things. Thanks dear, db
  12. I can't believe I've had this much legal trouble, but so it is. My ex-h and I were sued in a civil court for "extortion" in florida (y'all can figure that on out for yourselves). I was in CA. My pdoc sent a letter to the court stating I was too sick to travel. The case ended up being dismissed because you can't sue someone for money that they gave you. :/ When the ex-h and I divorced he filed it in Florida. I was living with my parents in CA. Again, pdoc wrote a letter to the court saying I was too sick to travel. So everything was done in a notary's office via phone. There is anot
  13. Yes, this happens to me, too. I've looked up the big word "dysgraphia." I think that applies to me. In the past 6 months I've been typing entire words, almost clauses, backwards and not on purpose. Ummmm.....never been able to do that before unless it was a drinking game (and back then I wasn't on psych meds). If I go into pdoc's office and say this he will tell me I'm using big words again. We've had this talk before. He also blames everything on xanax. HA! My little 10 min research shows a lot of MI meds are known to contribute to dysgraphia. Oh well, or, llew ho, db
  14. I had to do the long tax forms this year. I used Turbo Tax and I've never done it before. I do not own my own business (or any other business) but it still lets you look and see what is deductible, etc. And then it asks you 2-3 times to make sure these things apply to you or not. I don't know what if anything can be changed between now and april 15. But I do hope there is something different for next year because 4k seems ridiculous. And I will try to help once I get my car registration paid off. db
  15. Sorry me and my sexy ass kicking boots have not been in for a few days. I see the problems have been taken care of. To those who are newish and also reading this thread - VE has been running this site for us for 10 years!!! (maybe plus 1) And even before that he was majorly involved in another cohesive site. If you can't give money - then give kindness. db
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