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  1. woken up with marks on your body? I have. I sure s hell didn't do it.
  2. The "miracle"drug. I take 150 mg's at morning and 200 at the evening, Am I the only one taking this medicine?
  3. The story in short: I've been studying in college for a time, and been doing my internship. I have also been diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder and paranoid personality disorder, though the schizoid side is much more apparent in me; I don't identify with the paranoid side very much at all. I also have a lot of avoidant traits. If you asked me what my problem is, I'd say it's being schizoid and the anhedonia and avolition that goes with it, and the fact that I self medicate with alcohol (bad, I know). I also have depression (moderate - severe). Anyway, I was supposed to complete a training period of 8 weeks in the beginning of this year, but I have skipped a lot of days (8 - 10), so now I'm failing it. I just could not do it. I couldn't tolerate being around people so much; as the work involves a lot of customer service. I was sweating so much, got very near a full blown panic attacks a few times and altogether hated being there. Sometimes I drank to drown out the emptiness I felt after going home, and didn't show up the next day. But I feel like society needs me to do things that I'm not capable of. Things I really do not want to do, because I dislike it so much. I know I made a bad career choice going into healthcare, but it's too late to change that. I feel like I'm going to be classed as a lazy drunk for all this; but it's not laziness. I just can't do it. The anhedonia, avolition and anxiety are just too great. And here I am, feeling like a loser, drinking myself away. Oh, and it definitely isn't the booze that's causing all this; my depression was evident way before my first drink. I just drink to feel good atleast sometimes. Pathetic, I know. Thanks for reading.
  4. Ohmy


    Don't you think that i've communicated this message to them enough times? I already got the schizoid diagnosis, which pretty much tells them I suffer from anhedonia. There are no meds for the negative symptoms of schizophrenia, so all I have left is to whine at this board edit: oh and about the depression; I actually scored very high on the depression test. Yet I don't feel depressed
  5. Ohmy


    Not too far fetched for me atleast. I kept telling my nurse and pdoc that I have symptoms of schizophrenia (runs in my family), but they don't take it seriously. Or maybe they did, cause my ex-pdoc finally declared me schizoid, which is pretty much schizophrenia without the positive symptoms. I'm 100% sure my lack of enjoyment of life is because of my illness.
  6. Haven't taken venlafaxine for a few days. Feeling the zaps.

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