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  1. I didn't do it. I figured it was some sort of malicious thing and just returned here.
  2. I have had it happen again a few times as well. It's not to an ad site this time, but rather tells me I need to install software updates: https://softwareupdaterlp.com/campaign/firstprice6/?ID=trillmstrcpi2&sub=trillmstrcpi2&S2=wT2TOFLTIHVOKGKH06IOJE6I
  3. I can make a million excuses not to go, but when I am in this kind of a space I need to go to the ER (or A&E), regardless of how I get there.
  4. what does the person's nationality have to do with her level of compassion?
  5. Regardless of how you feel, it really not an excuse for making gross generalizations of others. Or go to an Emergency Room. Please do take care of yourself.
  6. I'm feeling the need to insert a bad Girl Scout Camp song here.....
  7. I am on 300 mg of effexor, and I don't think it has affected my sex life at all. I have not been interested in sex lately, but that has had more to do with my depression than anyhting. When I am feeling good enough to want sex, the sex is amazing. I have only been on this dose for about 8 weeks after a severe bout of depression though, so it is a little hard for me to gauge how/if it is affecting my sex drive currently. However, I was on 225 mg for over a year, and was able to have mind blowing sex with my wife without a probem. Everyone is differnt, Your mileage may vary.
  8. My upstairs neighbor smokes weed, and it's really none of my business as long as he is not doing anything to put me in danger by doing it. As it is, the smoke does not enter my apartment, and I could really care less what he is putting in his own body. As for his sex life, I really don't think that's any of your business unless he is making unwanted advances towards you or is engaging in sexual activity in common spaces. What he does with whomever he chooses wherever he wants in his own space is his choice, and really has nothing to do with you. You could catch a disease having sex with anyone. That's why it is important to use protection. However, attacking your cat is not acceptable. You did not make it clear that he was doing this in your original post. You simply said that he was unfriendly. Has he actually attacked your cat in the past or are you just afraid that he might do so? I think the point that others have been trying to make in discussing his nationality and yours is that his being or looking Polish has nothing to do with his behavior. Attributing his behavior to his nationality is discrimination.
  9. And no, I don't feel you are being needy at all! I once had a doc who would tell me at the end of the appiontment when she wanted to re-schedule, but when I would go to see her receptionsint, no appointments were availiable in that time frame. I would end up having to go twice as long between scheduled appointments than what the doc was recomending. Then, I would have to call in for emergeny appointments in the mean time. I found that unacceptable and was able to find a new doc.
  10. The longest I have gone between pdoc asspointments has been 3 months. And that was when I was stable. When I was IP, I saw a pdoc daily. As an Outpatient Client, I have seen a pdoc weekly on occasion, but that has been pretty rare. I have been in a Partial Hospitalization/Intensive Outpatient Program for the past two months which has inculded seeing a Psychiatriac Nurse Practitioner weekly. As a General Outpatient client, I would expect to be able to see my PDoc/PNurse every two weeks-monthly if I was struggling. Some of the other clients in Partial Hospitalization saw an acutal PDoc, but I was assigned to the PNurse, and had a really good experience with her. She actually listened to me more than any other provider has, and helped me to get to the bottom of a med issue I had for several years. She was willing to wean me off a med that all the other PDocs I saw when I was IP and seeing my old Pdoc OP wanted to increase. And I feel a whole lot better for it! At this point, I have an appointment to see a new PDoc in 6 weeks, and have no follow up scheduled in the meantime, but I am relatively stable, and the PNurse from IOP has told me that she will schedule an appointment if necessary. I would find it unacceptable for a doc to continually cancel appointments without re-scheduling within a week-2 weeks of the originally scheduled appointment. If you cannot get in to your provider every 2-4 weeks while you are this unstable, I would also find that unacceptable. What I would find the most unacceptable though is your current PNurse's perplexity at handling your case. I would totally look for a new provider if I were in your shoes. Although I would be careful to not cut things off with your current providers until you are established with a new proactice.
  11. I love Sia! I have known for a long time that she has Graves Disease just like I do, and recently I also learned that she is Bipolar and struggles with addiction issues. I am amazed that she has been able to work as such a talented artist despite her limitations.
  12. I was prescribd Metformin to combat the weight gain I had from abilify. It helped me stop gaining, and I was able to loose weight with exercise and diet.
  13. Congrats Dragon! You are doing an awesome job! In my experience, it does get easier as time passes. I will never be immune to the possibility of a relapse, but it's not as hard to not pick up as it once was for me.
  14. I'm so relieved to learn that this is not a sign that I have a virus! I still plan to download anti-virus software, but it's not as big of a priority right now.
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