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  1. sorce of anxiety may have been located. but now i feel worse. yay minor depression.

  2. No can't get in. But I managed to subside my panic.
  3. Yes! Please tell me how I'm living my life wrong. That way I can continue that way just to spite you.

  4. *takes deep breath* It's good to be alive!

  5. I got my epipens yesterday. I went into shock and didn't know better. They set up an appointment for the allergist for next month. So until then I have to just really stay away from any wool. @wooster. Good to know they did not tell me about keeping beny on my person. Really hope I don't fuck this up again but it was my first severe reaction and I almost waited to long to get attention. Basicly my managers threw me in a wheelchair and rushed me to urgent care across the street. Thanks for the info guys.
  6. I carry an epipen now. Epipens are cool. :/

    1. M@ri


      One cool thing about epis is that they can keep you from dying. :)

    2. rabies1313


      Yes and I am sure it will come in very handy someday. But really I hope not. Cuz anaphlaxis really really really sucks. It's been over 24 hours since it started and if I don't take my meds regularly it starts to flare up again. fml But at lest I listened to the doctor and kept my stubborn self home today. Cuz I can't talk too much right now or my throat starts to constrict again. Note pad and smart phone to the rescue!

  7. I saw some cute ones really cheap on ebay. I might buy them for what is left of this season. Since it is almost over.
  8. So yeah fun day. I almost died from inhaling wool fibers at work. It took two hours of fighting for air and Four managers and supervisors to convince me I should seek medical attention. I almost died of just the embarrassment of needing so much help because I was too weak to take care of myself. Oh and there was a wheelchair ride Luckily my clinic that also has urgent care was just across the street so My managers could drive me there. I do not need the expense of an ambulance right now. And who knows how long it would have been to get it there and then the ER and the fear of being put in IP. I called my only friend and he sat with me threw the whole treatment. Which was good to have some one there to run and get a nurse when I could not breath and to have someone to hug me when the fear I was holding in slipped out. He also cracked jokes to keep it light. My inner throat was what had swollen. The Doctor kept checking the back of my throat but it was fine so at first he thought it wasn't "too" bad aside from high bp and heart rate. But after the "20th" time they had to rush in and help me breath they hooked me up to an ekg. I got stuck with my buddy beny and roid. They waited an hour and when I kept going threw gasping attacks they debated an epi. I had to stop them. I really did not want to perhaps lose my mind since I already had very high anxiety and am Bipolar. So they gave me a dose of ativan so if they would have to resort to epi I might not start jumping off the walls. We ended up not using it. So now I am mandated to stay home and monitor myself for the next two days and take oral roids for nine days and beny 4x a day. I now have an epipen for emergencies such as this. Any way My question is do any of you know where I can get pretty face masks for work? lol If I can't find any I'll just get fun colors. I might look funny but it's only till we are done selling wool coats and sweaters. I really want to avoid the epi and being rushed to the ER. Thank you!
  9. asked on a date while having a panic attack. Is this one a keeper? lol

  10. The accent into Maina

    1. bpladybug


      accent or ascent?

  11. thanks guys. I told my sister my feelings on her judging me based on what I used to do and she kinda aplogized. In a round about way. pfft. I will talk to her more tonight when she is off work. It;s hard because we haven't seen each other much since I got help. so yeah.
  12. Does any one have issues with family or friends blaming everything on your disorder? I'm a little up set that my sister expected me to freak out on her and my mom today. I have a feeling it's because I am Bipolar. Now to be fair I did used to freak out a lot over stuff, but it was usually a big thing like a dirty house or a lost phone. But that was pre rx, pre meds and pre coping skills. Their van is totaled and they don't have a car which may prevent me from going south to visit. But they had no control over this. I hate that they don't know me well enough to not judge me on my disorder. I'm really upset about it.(not freaking out though :/ ) So my question is how do you deal with something like this?
  13. I was on Fanapt for about 6 months and I loved it. Yes at first I had dizzy spells but it went away after some time. I hope it works for you.
  14. Yes it is a higher dose than before. I will wait and see if it subsides.
  15. Ok so here's the deal. When I was first RX'd the Zoloft we had agreed that it would be easier for me to just take it at night so I wouldn't forget. I had other pills to take at bed time. Any way it worked out great. Now fast forward to now. I have been off it for a month and got a refill at a community clinic cuz I moved and have no pdoc yet (not till oct 1st). They told me to take it in the morning with food. I took it this morning and had a bagel about 15 mins after I took it. A Hour and a half or so later I got really dizzy. It went away after a while but my questions are as follows. Should I keep taking it in the morning? Will the dizziness go away as my body gets use to the drug? should I eat more? eating in the morning is very hard for me. Has any one else had this happen? Tank you for your help.
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