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  1. I'm very new to migraines, I've just had what I think is a silent migraine. And it says that there isn't any pain with a silent migraine, but I get this twinge or something in my head.Its not really painful, and it comes in waves. I'll get nauseous, and then the twinge happens, and then it stops for 5-10 minutes and repeats. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. Thanks for the replies. I haven't been tested for food allergies, but certain fruits and vegetables make my mouth itch and my throat all scratchy unless I boil or steam them. It's even happened a few times when I haven't eaten or drank anything at all. When I think about eating food and think of the tongue swelling problem, I can feel it start, so I'm hoping it's just anxiety? I'll definitely have to talk to my doctor about it at my next appointment. Drinking doesn't cause the sensation at all unless I'm having a panic attack and already feel the swelling sensation. I also took anti psychotics at one point but I've been off of them for about a year now.
  3. This just started happening in the past few months. Any time I eat or drink anything it feels like my tongue and under my mouth is swelling, it feels hard to talk or move my mouth and my lips twitch. I know it isnt allergies because I can't possibly be allergic to everything, and its with things I could eat with no problem before. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so did you find something that helps with it?
  4. thanks for the suggestions guys. I actually figured out the problem! I was really anxious so I wasn't eating, which made me feel sick AND anxious, so I couldn't sleep. Eventually I ended up getting hypoglycemia, so all I had to do was eat some food. I got some sleep, and I'm feeling a ton better! I've always had sleep problems I'm just glad this one was so easily solved. I feel kind of stupid for not thinking about how little I was eating that was causing a lot of the problem.
  5. I lost my oxazepam when coming down to my parents place for the holidays so I don't have anything to calm me down until the 29th when hopefully my doctor understands and I can get a refill. I'm worried I'm going to die in the next 2 days from sleep deprivation or something. Should I be worried or is 2 more days okay to ride it out until I get my medication?
  6. I've gotten about 8 hours of sleep over the past 4 days and I feel like death, but that aside I've noticed that when at first I don't get the amount of sleep I need, my anxiety kicks in about how horrible I'm going to feel if I don't get more sleep, so then I can't sleep, and that cycle continues. But I noticed that this morning while up at 4am to now talking to my boyfriend and just reading funny things online my sleep deprivation symptoms didn't seem as bad as when I was anxious. Does anyone else have this problem or any advice on how to deal with it/help fix it? Thanks
  7. For the past year I have been living with my boyfriend and although I've always had separation anxiety issues, they have gotten a lot worse in that year. I'm not used to being that close to someone, so any time he leaves I worry it's going to be the last time I'm going to see him ( if he gets into an accident of some sort is what always goes through my head ) I think one of the reasons I worry so much is because he has DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder) which makes even simple things like going down the stairs hard for him. So Im always worried about him gettign hurt. I also just feel generally more depressed and anxious when he's gone, I just sit around in bed on the computer waiting for him to get back. (Pathetic I know..) Anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with separation anxiety? Or have any of you gone through something similar?
  8. I have an amazing boyfriend who supports me, etc but the problem is I dont feel good enough for him or his family. I feel ashamed when they asked how many meds I take (just out of curiosity),or when it comes up that I havent left my house in a month, or that I can't work, etc. Im always thinking Im not good enough for them, and it makes me feel awful. Anyone else ever feel the same way, or what do you think would help make me feel better about myself?
  9. Lately I've been sleeping in 2 hour increments. sometimes even 1, and I'll do that all day and night, sleep for 2 hours stay up for 2 or 3, then sleep for 2 hours, etc. I seem to deal with it fine, but it's driving my boyfriend nuts. Is there anything I can do to make myself sleep longer, and has anyone else had the same problem?
  10. About a year ago I started taking resperidone and after 2 months, started gainin weight, now up to 50 pounds, I hadn't changed my diet or the amount I excersized, the weight just started piling on. Also, I started lactating, and recently, it's been pretty bad, I leak through my shirts, etc. Has anyone else gone through this and even if you haven't, do you think its time for a different medication, if so, any suggestions of what med? I really hope the weight will come off once I stop taking it.
  11. Ever since I started my medication, I've started gaining weight. I went from 160 to 200. Non of my clothes fit anymore, I feel disgusting and ugly, I hate myself. Anyone else have this problem? Do you think I should stop taking my medication before I gain even MORE weight?
  12. My anxiety is getting worse and worse by the day I thought it was getting better for a little while but it's right back at it now. I keep thinking about how things will never be the same, how some day my mom is going to die and my boyfriend and I'll be left all alone to deal with everything and I'll be wishing I could go back to when everyone was alive and happy and those thoughts won't go away. I know its silly to think about something so far in the future Im only 18 but I just cant stop, everything is fine right now so I don't understand why I cant just be happy. Anyone else ever feel this way?
  13. Thank you everyone for your views on life and all the information and links, it's nice to see how diverse we can all be but still get along. I think the point of life for me is to learn as much as possible and experience as much as possible, just enjoy myself. The problem is when I'm depressed I get scared/cynical and l sort of lose sight of that. I wonder how many others beliefs suffer during depression.
  14. First just let me say I don't think there's anything wrong with being an atheist, I'm just curious, what is the point of life to an atheist? When I get depressed my views go from agnostic to atheism quite quickly, and I just couldn't imagine there really being a point to anything if we just blink out of existence when we die like we were never here in the first place. (That scares the hell out of me!) So I'm just curious about what keeps them going in life. Other opinions welcomed too.
  15. When I'm depressed I dress a lot darker, more make up, lots of black. Of course that's when I can actually get the motivation to do anything. I've also felt like cutting and dying my hair.
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