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    Too strange to live; too rare to die!

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    Before severe Anhedonia set in...everything. I guess instead of drugs, I occasionally used alchohol and learned both college and hobbies: Political Sociology; Theology including Zen Buddhism; Philosophy; Quantum Mechanics; String Theory; M-Theory; Chaos Theory; Parallel Universes/Dimensions; Life after Death; Dreams and Reality...esp. Lucid...you get the idea.

About Me

Hi to anyone and everyone who cares. My name is Steve (anenome) email: anenome11@gmail.com  and I have multiple mental disabilities as well as a couple physical ones.

I am not here to seek counceling; maybe some success/wrong diffiiculties/choices. Mostly, I am here because I've given up on ALL alternatives and you can think of this as a 'last resort' kind of thing.

I'd say the ratio of 'needing help/advise/stories to giving help/advice etc.' is about 50/50.

As of now, I am in desperate need of some advise or at least someone to talk to, whether it be about your problems; children; the gov't.; movies; books; disabilities; the weather; whatever...I am open to suggestion, I am on open minded person, and at the point I am just living 'second to second'. So I am pretty much open to any disscussion and if it means being a 'listener', that is as good, it not only gives you a secure way to 'vent' your problems to a complete stranger and you know if will be confidential, as well, it gives me a chance to 'not think about my problems'...even for a second, a minute, an hour or more.

So, feel free to contact me, I would invite it. I don't know much about the rules etc., but I assume since I gave permission to contact me via email, it is alright. My email is:  anenome11@gmail.com

So feel free to contact me. Just to verify, please, somewhere in the subject line of the email, put the word 'talk' in there somewhere so I know it is you and not junk mail.

Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

I have A LOT of experience in many, if not all disabilities...so I KNOW I can be of help somewhere.

Thanks again and looking forward to hearing from you.


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