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  1. Hey hun, I'm not sure if or when you will get this but I hope you are well. You are much loved and sorely missed. Best wishes and love to you. 

  2. are other people not able to get into chat? I feel like I have been banned. It is the first time in over a year that I have sent someone a private email in this forum and now I can't get into chat. I have paranoia so I need a reality check.

    1. chem


      I can't get in either. It broke itself and unfortunately nobody from CB can fix it cos it's hosted by a third party.


    2. Fromsmurf


      okay, thanks-- my paranoia gets the best of me sometimes.

  3. Fromsmurf

    redhead P head

    SUPER! I approve, looks great! gonna call you, red, now!
  4. I'm on SSDI- but thinking about sending 2.00-- is that too small an amount to make it worth it? is there a p.o. box to send it to or paypal perhaps?
  5. Hi everyone- Well, i've been a bit slack writing here, I usually tell people in the chatroom what I am up to each day. I get much accountablitiy and encouragement there. I feel I have been growing in my goals and improving. Others seem to see it too. Everyday can't be perfect and I try to remember that. i'm still working at a ten minute at a time system with a 20 minute break inbetween- this seems to go well for both my mental and physical well being. But i am adding things to the 10 minute list. I guess at this moment I'm going to talk about some things I wish/hope to accomplish over time, taking these rather small steps. I would like to quit smoking all together- an average day is 6 cigarettes, but if I go anywhere at all it can easily turn into a pack. So- I'm going to start cutting down. When I want to smoke, hopefully I will write or get my frustration out some other, healthy way. I just cannot afford to smoke. Even though I think it helps me mentally. I had started doing two sets of 10 minutes each p/t exercises- though on somedays it only works out to one- i'm going to try harder to make it two times as this is very good for my over-all health. Once I get my house clean, again. I tore it apart for a project- I think 3 or 4 ten minute rounds of cleaning will work. I babysit afternoons, so I get some walking in and also some great times with my grandkids and kids, this helps me mentally and is worth the price I sometimes pay physically. I am going to try to make writing an everyday part of my life. I once earned a living writing and even if I can't do that, perhaps I can write a book or earn a little extra money. But I have to start somewhere, so for now it will just be putting fingers to the keypad and seeing what comes out. I am dedicated to crocheting as well. I really want my children and grandchildren to have some heirlooms that they can enjoy for a couple of generations to come. I feel I've finally been able to loosen my grip and make a better product without so much stress on my hands. Okay- ntm saw my back patio- it is a mess- so I am going to try to commit at least 1 or 2 ten minute segments this week to cleaning it up. Once I get it cleaned up well enough, I'll start planning how to fix it pretty and hopefully get my landlord to hit it and the indoor outdoor carpet with the power washer. I am dirt poor right now- so I am thinking of selling some of my gold jewelry and other things at one of those 'cash for gold- places' but I am also looking into how to make some extra money some other way- so if you have any ideas - that are legal-- lol- let me know. I guess that's it. I'm not bothering to edit this because the seroquel is kicking in... so excuse my effing grammar, spelling and such.
  6. no internet for a few days guys,I'll hop on where I can

  7. The interesting thing about lack of sleep or sleep deprivation is that even persons that have never experienced hallucinations, paranoia, dellusions, ect.. will, with enough deprivation, have all those symptoms of psychosis. Good uninterrupted sleep is vital to humans and will cause many problems is it is not addressed. My best advice is to start small and find what works for you, but even if you have to use a sleep aid someday, it's probably better for you than going without adequate rest. All of the ideas above were good. Whether or not you decide to take a sleeping aid, there's no bad time to start good sleep habits.
  8. I just started crocheting a couple of weeks ago, it's been very therapuetic for me. I'm starting to get the hang of it now and enjoying it more. I plan on making a bunch of granny squares for a baby blanket first but I'm hoping to make my kids and grandkids heirloom quality items that they can pass down for a few generations. It's not too expensive to make something really, really nice over time and I like that. Good luck with it
  9. It's difficult for me. The adult, rational me is no longer a victim. But there is still a victim inside me. And like vape said, with ptsd it's very difficult to break free of it because it resurfaces with triggers or sometimes just waking up with a nightmare. I feel as long as there is a side of me that understands that I am not a victim, though I was a victim, that's good enough for now. As I sort through life and improve in mental health through meds and therapy perhaps the 'child', the 'victim' will be less a part of my overall self in the present and more a thing of the past, where it should be and in reality is. I hope that made sense. And I hope it helped a little. I think it helps me some to think of it like this.
  10. I do love my alone time- this especially after spending a weekend camping with close and extended family. My alone time was zero- I love them dearly but it was so nice to get home and be alone with my cat in the quiet. I really need a certain amount of quiet time, alone time and complete privacy for me to have balance. I truly hope I'll be able to keep affording my own place in the future. Living with other people, ANY other people would be very hard for me to do at this point in my life.
  11. I'm not dead- just gone camping until Mon.-Happy Bunny Day

    1. Becks


      Happy Bunny Day to you too!

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      I miss you!

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      happy bunny day too :)

  12. I'm not dead- just gone camping until Mon.-Happy Bunny Day

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