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  1. I tried a full time job but it only lasted a week and a half. I reported it over the phone, and received a letter saying it was being forwarded to an agent for review, but it inaccurately stated that I still worked there. I didn't go to the local office at that time because I'm lazy and I didn't expect them to decide anything quickly, but they just decided that I am responsible for my medicare premiums now, which I can't afford without the job. Is it too late to go to the local office with paystubs and my exit email printout?
  2. My sleep doctor said my sleep study was inconclusive as to what type of hypersomnia I have because I was tested on all my psych meds, and I'm lucky to have a great response to ritalin, but a light box inproves it. I have this weird issue with waking up at night, though it turns out to be a normal amount of sleep. Sometimes it is sleepwalking that is creepy like acting out my dreams. It is a huge problem that we haven't really focused on yet. I have the hallucinations before I go to bed especially if I'm very tired and try to stay up and they're creepy.
  3. Has anyone does this? Has it helped? My case manager brought it up a while ago and my psychiatrist brought it up again yesterday.
  4. It is happening quite a lot of the time and is very distubing aND uncomfortable. I quit my job because of it bUT it is still happening. It has been suggested to me that it is unlikely to be occurring that much on an extremely regular basis and that my medication reduction for hormonal regulation produced negative results. I am not sure if it is correct that it is unlikely to occur on a frequent basis in most places, because I am very evil.
  5. My cycle is longer, and my period seems to be much heavier and shorter. I should probably get my actual prolactin levels checked rather than relying on the cessation of galactorrhea.
  6. I'm on Latuda 20 mg, Lithium 450 x2, Ritalin 10 mg x 3, topamax 50mg and 75 mg, synthroid 75 mcg. The Latuda was lowered about 5 months ago from 40 mg because my periods were becoming irregularly late as well as longer ongoing lactation, but they seem to be becoming more late. I have been pretty regular before the last year or so since my early twenties. I have never been on hormonal birth control and am not using any kind now.
  7. My period keeps coming very late and i am very moody and dysfunctional even though I am on a very low dosage of antipsychotic that is not causing other signs of high prolactin. I am getting really tired of thinking I'm pregnant every cycle and being messed up. I guess I will have to bug somebody to look into it more.
  8. I am on Ritalin for idiopathic hypersomnia. My sleep doctor consulted with my psychiatrist a couple times. I use a sad lamp to wake up too.
  9. I recently started a part time job doing sampling at grocery stores. I am on ssdi. Do I go to social security with my first pay stub?
  10. Levothyroxine 75 mcg Lithium 450 mg x2 Latuda 20 mg Topamax 50 mg x2 Ritalin 10 mg x3 Klonopin prn I can't figure out if anything is making me extremely sleepy. I've been on all of these meds before, but not in this combination, and my sleep doctor said that the effect of medications can't be ruled out because I was tested on all meds, including some I'm not on now. I had an incident while driving and he changed my dosing of Ritalin but it makes me feel awful funky so I changed it back.
  11. I tried to explain my problems with thinking, but I do not think I did very well. She said it might be a medical problem, which I said it probably was. I tried to get suggestions for coping, but she only suggested grounding techniques, which only help when I am anxious. I said I was thinking of hanging whiteboards and smartphone strategies. She suggested a planner, but that is part of my smartphone usage already. I might be able to receive more help on this issue when people don't think I'm slightly delusional though.
  12. I am in early stages of treatment for a sleep disorder by a sleep specialist and my regular neurologist still wants me to see him for check ups or something.
  13. My new therapist asked me last session what I'd like to work on. I said I'd like to not be fucked up after some discussion and had difficulty specifying more, then I think I specified too much, then she read about social anxiety, which is probably less important to my daily functioning than other things. I have cognitive issues like driving past where I live regularly, wasting gas getting lost, and ending up walking several hours if I use the bus. I have issues with leaving the stove on overnight and moldy laundry in the washer. I don't understand things well if people talk too long or multiple people at once, or if people give multi step directions. Can therapy help with coping with things like that?
  14. I got my copy of my sleep study results yesterday and I am wondering why it says I fell asleep in 0 seconds twice. Do they start recording after they return to the recording machines, and did I fall asleep in the time it took them to go back to the recording machines, or is it a mistake?
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