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  1. I'm really glad you have a good psychiatrist who takes care of you.
  2. I am using the Klonopin mostly for anxiety but also for akathisia. I have really bad anxiety. My problems during the withdrawal from Latuda were nervousness, irritability, and really visible skittishness.
  3. Latuda works awesome for me. It is one of the few antipsychotics that I tolerate well, with something for akathisia. I was on 80 mg. It tends to be the thing to go up when I'm feeling poorly and I tend to do badly in the winter.
  4. I needed a clearer head and I usually go down to 40 mg of Latuda when I'm less symptomatic, so we went to 40 mg Latuda 300 mg Lithium 75 mg Topamax x2 10 mg Ritalin x3 .5 mg Klonopin x3 I was so nervous during the withdrawals from Latuda.
  5. I want Rice-a-Roni and I have Rice-a-Roni, so I am happy. I am too tired to cook it, though.
  6. I asked my partner if my expected productivity was realistic and he said I was going to burn out. I think I'm going to try what you were doing.
  7. I was curious because my therapist never ended up calling and I was curious about the experiences of other people.
  8. It's this weird mix of having to be more social than before, in different ways, that still give me intense anxiety, but lacking non-phone and non-virtual contact and ending up very lonely even though I am really busy and keep having to talk to people.
  9. I take it once a day most days that allergies are bad, with very few days that I feel that it is just wearing off too early and I take another. You are supposed to only take one a day. I do not know if it is harmful. I tend to supplement it with benadryl at bedtime when allergies are bad. I had a psychiatrist warn me off of benadryl for fear that the anticholinergic properties were affecting my cognition, but I am super sensitive to every real anticholinergic that I've tried. With your concerns with your meds and medical conditions and with everything being shut down, maybe you could try a chat with the pharmacist?
  10. I take fexofenadine and don't notice any withdrawals and I do stupid things like take it twice a day when it's not quite doing it.
  11. I called my neurologist about some kind of seizure like activity someone saw me do a month ago. I didn't remember anything about it and wasn't injured because I was making someone drive me around because I had a monster migraine and I was restrained by my seatbelt. I didn't remember anything about it and didn't understand why I was very sick and sore and couldn't do things. This person told me about it again this weekend so I called it in. They're going to call me back but the nurse practitioner wants me to keep a log of anything strange, including freezing and staring with my eyes darting. I am not sure how to do that if I don't remember anything about these episodes.
  12. I am on a maintenance dose of klonopin, too. I dont know exactly how he decided to go from prn to daily. It's been a while, though. It freaked me out at first, but then I figured the withdrawals wouldn't be worse than many other drugs. He was much more enthusiastic about it than me so if you feel like you really need a change to your benzo regimen, and your pdoc is more relaxed about benzos, it might not hurt to ask. I was using benadryl for breakthrough panic and am trying l theanine now. One thing I've taken around the clock that was like a prn was a tiny dose of Stelazine, for some anxiety and a tiny bit of agitation calming.
  13. Venlaflaxine made me weirdly agitated. I tolerated duloxetine a lot better and got some kind of pain relieving effect off of it.
  14. That really helps. I've been leaving for normal breaks and letting them go on too long. I think my productivity expectations are a problem, too.
  15. I don't know if it's just me, but I am really flighty while I'm working from home and can't stay at my workstation for more than a couple hours. I have the freedom to clock out whenever I want, so I do, but I wish I could just get it done. I'm much better at staying working when it's something I enjoy, like mapwork. I figure lots of people are going through the work at home adjustment, so I was wondering if people are finding it hard to adjust? I don't know if I should blame it on my ADD + anxiety and talk to my therapist about it whenever she calls, or a lack of discipline that I have to adjust to.
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