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  1. I've had muscle spasms from antipsychotics before. I took propranolol for it, I think. It was a long time ago. I have absolutely no idea if that is anything like what you have, your doctor should be able to tell. They have been able to get me in sooner with certain side effects, and they'll probably get you in if you're miserable enough that you have to experiment on your own.
  2. I have a lot of difficulty using these kinds of scales and hate them passionately. How do you put a subjective and at least somewhat individualized feeling with individual tolerance levels and functional limitations to an objective(seeming) scale and expect it to make any sense whatsoever?
  3. I can't tolerate it either and have used propranolol and benadryl as alternatives but they were probably weaker. They didn't work for more extreme movement problems for me.
  4. I went back to the shrink today and told her that I didn't like the ice cube thing but I would like some other grounding technique and she told me to try washing the dishes and to focus on each of 5 senses and maybe put on music or something. That seems great because I love the sensation of water but I hate washing dishes so if I decide washing dishes will make me more sane, I might start doing them more regularly. That seems like a DBT skill, too. I love meditation, maybe I could get into this mindfulness stuff.
  5. I have a lot of these imaginary conflicts running through my head frequently as well. I can get quite off-kilter about them. I wouldn't say I'm always angry, sometimes I am angry and sometimes I am paranoid, but I tend towards anxiety most of the time. I feel like I have some kind of unprocessed something? as well and am always running scenarios in my head to try to predict what will happen next, but it doesn't really work that well and I just get neurotic.
  6. Has anyone had a problem where they had a song in their head that was really beutiful and then colors that synched with it and spatial synchronicity that pulsed and it was effervescently beautiful and then you were still walking but not sure why? It used to happen a lot more and I like it but it confuses me at the same time it happens for a while and it is annoying
  7. I want to send this to my dad. Imma steal it.
  8. I get asked that, too. I guess I take meds to not be inebriated.
  9. Great job on giving up soda, it's so nasty! I feel like the sweeteners are addictive, too. It is creepy. Averaging like 3L a day here of Diet Mt Dew. I definitely need to give it up. I have a really bad energy drink habit, too.
  10. My psychiatrists often get to the point where they refer me to neurologists, and my current psychiatrist is telling me to go to the neurologist a lot. I was not sure why, but I was talking to my partner, and he took me to the hospital again after I overturned an SUV a few times several years ago, and he said they said something about a TBI, but I didn't remember. I know that it occurred in a different state. I don't really remember what I told him about it. I don't really know what's in my medical records about the time that I hit a semi truck and I don't really know how severe it was. How can I bring up these concerns to a neurologist or whatever relevant doctor? I don't even really remember much of anything about these accidents. Also, my neurologist was last working with Covid patients the last I talked to him.
  11. I take Klonopin for sleepwalking and I was trialed for some kind of prescription brand of melatonin because I probably have the REM type and not the non-REM type, but it didn't really work much. Klonopin works better(for me) but doesn't get rid of it. I don't really have any useful lifestyle advice for sleepwalking except we often sleep separately because REM sleep behavior disorder can have complete dream sequences acted out which is bad when they are terror dreams or action movie dreams.
  12. I just asked a psychiatrist about it straight up and she asked me some questions about it and sent me to a psychological assessment with computerized tests and neuropsychological tests and whatnot and received a rule-out diagnosis of ADD because they weren't really sure. They had historical questionnaires for two family members and someone that was currently close to me if I can recall correctly. The neuropsychological tests seemed like they were also helpful for my psychologists/psychiatrists to clarify my other problems. I think they usually do less testing, though.
  13. I have never had a doctor that even mentioned picking up meds, including controlled meds, a couple days early, but I usually pick mine up late because I suck like that and forget to take them sometimes and develop a backlog, then forget to refill until my bottles are empty. My pdoc had asked me whether I am still taking Klonopin and to make sure that I take it when he was the one prescribing it. I was scheduled to take it 3 times a day, but I was worried about taking it that often and often took it less. I mentioned this worry and he suggested taking it as prescribed to worry less. I think that he was also checking this monitoring service. I do not have a daytime dose anymore, so I probably should have paid more attention.
  14. I am living with somebody else most of the time, but he is gone for quite a while semi-regularly. I tend to go nuts from lack of social interaction. It is not because I like it; it is as you described, the level of baseline anxiety gradual rises until it is to the level of the worst social anxiety for some reason that I don't understand. I found some place that is doing in person therapy, I walk to a nearby dollar store most days and go inside and buy an energy drink, my therapist gave me the name of some kind of mental illness club or clubhouse or something that is still allowing people to come in-person.
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