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  1. I am sorry you had such a crappy experience with sleep doctors. It sounds like you've really been through the wringer with them. I really lucked out with mine. He is pretty knowledgeable about non-sleep apnea disorders. He collaborates with my psychiatrist but is nice enough to do it by phone. He switched practices but I followed him because I was pretty nervous about going to another sleep doc because I've heard they can be pretty hit and miss especially with neuro stuff.
  2. I haven't tried provigil or nuvigil, my sleep doctor put me straight onto ritalin. I am not sure that it would help with the emotional issues that ritalin does, such as frustration tolerance and focus. I think that I should also ask my psychiatrist about the ritalin after resuming it because he is pretty enthusiastic about it even though it was prescribed by another doctor and the effects and side effects that are concerning me right now are mostly psychiatric. He could probably just tell me if the flatness would go away, though. I am also worried about telling my sleep doctor I lost it because I am not supposed to drive without it. It seems kind of like my tolerance just went away and I need a starter dose again but it would probably get me into trouble to tell.
  3. Thank you for all that information about stimulants. I will ask ask my sleep doctor about 5 mg tablets, and if that doesnt work, I might see how my sleep doctor feels about amphetamine. I really like the IR dosing because it is easier to sync the stim peaks with sleepiness or a need for absolute alertness.
  4. The sleep doctor said it was probably narcolepsy but I couldn't be taken off my meds for a sleep test so the results were inconclusive except I fall asleep really fast. He officially diagnosed me with hypersomnia nos.
  5. It's weird it worked differently at different times close together for you. I think I just have to wait for it to 'feel' like it did before since I discontinued it. I keep worrying that I'm overmedicated or something and complaining that I want to quit my meds. I know it would be stupid, though. At 10mg, I feel it pretty strongly, but it feels like calmness and flatness. I'm not really depressed right now and tend to be spazzy when I'm at baseline and it totally wipes it out. I guess I'd like some spazz energy as a remainder, but not all of it. It seems really strong.
  6. I've been diagnosed with a lot of different things, so that I do not really not know anymore. I haven't been told what I am being treated for now, except for gad, but I am pretty sure I am being treated for other disorders as well. I was taking non-stimulant adhd medication for a while because of psychosis, but I am taking ritalin now because my psychotic symptoms were pretty mild and my sleep attacks during the day increased in severity to falling asleep while driving. It has weirdly helped my hallucinations or something around that period did.
  7. I feel like some medications in my cocktail counteract each other, like Klonopin and Ritalin. I guess Ritalin is also counteracted by Latuda. I was thinking about asking for a switch to clonidine or guanfacine to address my anxiety if he is willing. I found them pretty calming when I was on them. I guess I feel like I'm on too many drugs that do too many different things. It really bothers me that I am scheduled to take a benzo rather than taking it prn and he complains at me when I don't take it 3 times a day. My cocktail is Latuda 80mg x1 Lithium ER 300mg x1 Topamax 75mg x2 Klonopin .5mg x3 Ritalin 10mg x3
  8. My current dose is 10 mg tid and it's IR. It took me a bit to get up to that dose so I guess it might even out.
  9. Ritalin is making me lethargic after found the bottle I lost. I had severely cut down on it. I am not sleepy and I can focus better but I am kind of overly calm and flat. Is it possible my dosage is too high?
  10. I think my diagnosis is bipolar and I've had a disability review. I had started working intermittently and at a low level so I had some extra questions. I went in to see someone at SSA to fill it out because I didn't understand some of it. It was accepted the first time. When I applied, I was accepted the first try, as well, but I had to see an SSA doctor. I think they usually just want to make sure all their records are current. I am not really sure, though.
  11. I never really realize when a mood episode is starting so I need to look at more things like this. I'm also bad at noticing the transitional stages like 7 and 6, 4 and 3 where self care and is really important.
  12. I've been through this type of experience as well and I still feel like it sometimes. I get particularly reminded of it by odd coincidences or people staring at me or otherwise interacting with me in a way that I could construe myself to be the person being fooled in a massive conspiracy.
  13. I was concerned that dissociative anxiety attacks were causing me to be a safety risk at work because I almost smashed my hand with something that weighed a few thousand pounds. I asked for a leave of absence at work because I thought that was my only option. However, they recommended an accomodation and allowed me to take a week off to see my doctor. I am unsure of what kind of accommodations would help shutting down under loud noises and anxiety and making stupid decisions on autopilot. One suggestion from the person that contacted me was reminders about safety by supervision. The autopilot mode is fine for some jobs, but not one job in particular so I might ask my float schedule to be limited. I was wondering if anyone would share their experiences with accommodations. I am worried about going back and being one of the people that are slated for being fired that get written up for everything. I am not sure that I would take it very well.
  14. Is the trial work period for SSDI often carried out to its full term or does an earlier review usually terminate benefits? I am worried about being fired from work but guess that it would probably be less likely in a few months.
  15. I tried a full time job but it only lasted a week and a half. I reported it over the phone, and received a letter saying it was being forwarded to an agent for review, but it inaccurately stated that I still worked there. I didn't go to the local office at that time because I'm lazy and I didn't expect them to decide anything quickly, but they just decided that I am responsible for my medicare premiums now, which I can't afford without the job. Is it too late to go to the local office with paystubs and my exit email printout?
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