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  1. It changed my psych meds a little bit, because lithium works so well for me, but has major thyroid side effects, so people don't want to put me on more than the lowest dose of lithium that I don't lose it on. It improved my depression a little bit otherwise, but wasn't enough improvement to change meds for me. If I get hyperthyroid, I eat a ton of benzos, though.
  2. I had been prescribed prazosin, and have been prescribed it before, but not for several years. I had to stop taking it because I had an extremely different reaction to it this time. It seemed to cause really heavy dreaming, though probably less disturbing, and my daytime dose seemed to make me live in some kind of weird nightmare and have episodes of weakness. I was thinking that my episodes of extreme daytime sleepiness have occurred since I took it last and looked it up, and it is contraindicated in narcolepsy. Would it have such a weird and different effect if I have developed narcolepsy, as my sleep doctor thought I might have? I have stopped it as I think it is making me super sick.
  3. My depressions are usually more on the irritable, agitated, restless side. Anxiety is a prominent issue most of the time for me. It gets kind of querulous and grumpy when I'm depressed, though.
  4. I was wondering if there were any commonly used significant differences in treatment between rapid and long cycling bipolar. I was asked about my mood episode frequency and I answered 1 or 2 when it is probably about 8 or so a year, only the rest don't impact my life as much and I did not think to include that in the number. I was wondering how much that mistake might have messed up the process.
  5. I was curious but could only find this reference but didn't really look hard https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30115188/
  6. I've been on some typical antipsychotics, a lot of atypicals, topamax for several years, as well as lithium, have been on several antidepressants, but mostly fleetingly, as well as Ritalin, Strattera, and blood pressure medications. I am going grey at 31, was put on psychotropics at 12 or 11 or something. I am not sure it is related in my case because my father's family goes grey early.
  7. Ty for link I called TurboTax a few days ago and they gave me the number for their affiliate bank, which said it would be a couple days, so I'll have to file later with a penalty for the first two quarters, I guess. I knew I'd end up doing something dumb like this if I took this job.
  8. I can super relate to change being scary. I have a hard time preparing for change and staying calm. When inevitable surprises come along, I can panic a lot. I am sorry you are dealing with this.
  9. We both tend to do that, too. We are both pretty grumpy people in general, but his dad is having heart issues in the middle of this mess, so we've been pretty edgy. It is hard to keep in mind to stay relaxed with everything going on, and I find it hard to let things go, too, but it is kind of nice to work everything out, and tell the other person that you know that they're going through some stuff or be told that, and explain what's going on, and work on whoever's needs aren't getting met. It can be kind of supportive in the end a lot for us, or I don't really feel like fair fights are always negative or right/wrong? I always feel so guilty, though, no matter who is mad.
  10. I read a list of common drugs and their metabolic pathways, and most of the drugs that make me sick are listed under CYP2D6. I've pretty much failed most of the APs listed so I won't worry about it. I am just worrying because I feel super crazy and I was wondering if the Latuda was going to be less effective and I was going to have to go on another one, but someone told me that I'm less crazy, just more aware of it, so I guess it just needs more time.
  11. I feel like you can give slack to a person who is having mental problems while still maintaining boundaries that are important to your physical(cat poop)/mental health and then you will have more reserves for you both. I think it is tough. I am sorry. I have problems with figuring this out, too. My partner has some mental issues as well as physical and it helped some asking what he needed because I really didn't know what was really essential for his support and where he was really struggling day to day because it changes. He is upset sometimes because I am not communicative enough when I am having functional problems. He has had to really encourage me to ask for specific help. We sometimes have tiffs when we are less functional because it is super stressful when nobody can take care of what needs to be done and we are stretched thin, make mistakes, and feel super guilty. I have no idea if any of that helps, but I guess I wanted to say that I relate to both sides.
  12. A psychiatrist that I used to go to years ago said I was probably a poor metabolizer of several drugs. I think he mostly meant the antipsychotics that had large effects and larger side effects at smaller doses. I wondered if anyone known what it means more concretely for selection and dosage of drugs, if possible, because he did not mention the enzyme.
  13. https://www.haaretz.com/world-news/.premium.MAGAZINE-the-little-known-disorder-tearing-romantic-relations-apart-1.8932372#:~:text=ROCD – relationship obsessive-compulsive disorder – is a relatively new,Center%2C Herzliya%2C and Dr. It describes a fairly newly delineated form of OCD centered around relationships. It is not particularly scholarly, but I thought I might post it because it seems like the less classical OCD forms get fairly neglected. It is interesting that they are becoming more recognized. I wasn't sure whether to post it here or in OCD or ?.
  14. I was a pretty mentally ill child, too, as well as my sister, but she was the angrier one. One thing that I think really helped our socialization, as well as helped me realize that I needed to go back into psychiatric/psychological assistance was intense pressure to get a job and go to school, because I was capable of neither of those things without further assistance. I was kind of crappy at the life transitions thing, so that age range was pretty rocky. I am not really sure how helpful that is if you are caught in a dynamic where she is dominating you. Maybe therapy about boundaries for yourself would be helpful, with specific applications to parenting? I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I don't really know how my mom did it.
  15. I love tracing walls and shower curtains and finding the patterns in the tiled walls, especially. I like feeling the squares of the shower curtain and counting them when I'm anxious and feeling their shape.
  16. No, it doesn't mean you're a bad person. It might just mean that therapy might be as important of a coping strategy for recovery as meds, for both improvement with your symptoms and coping with how you interface with the world.
  17. I'm kind of similar. I'm really obsessive, and used to be diagnosed with OCD, but have been through therapy specifically for it, and am left with the obsessiveness that does not bother me and does not meet criteria. I can really relate to the patterns thing. I have found that quarantine is really ramping up my anxiety and is amping up more obsessiveness that I don't particularly like, though.
  18. when you finally go insane from quarantine
  19. I was wondering if anyone knew anything more solid about the refund tax delays. I think I will need my return to pay my next set of taxes because I was irresponsible with my saving. Edit: I checked at the IRS site and they said it was supposed to be deposited in my account a month ago, but I can't figure out what happened there.
  20. I don't really know. I don't really think a lot consciously, but I think that I actually do because I remember to do things like take out the trash and do it without noticing thinking about it. I have a constant music stream in my mind, which is usually relevant to me in some way, but I don't consciously choose it, and it somewhat affects my perception. I verbally think about what I am typing. Sometimes I talk aloud semi-involuntarily, and I wonder if it is because I have a lot of trouble verbalizing internally. The thoughts that pop into my head are usually images. I was somewhat shocked when I discovered that a lot of people don't think in images. I think that means both?
  21. I guess I have neurocognitive deficits, my neuropsychological test as an adult put some of my IQ scores in the mentally disabled range and some very high, evening out to average and completely non-functional. It answered why I was given like 10 IQ tests in school. When I was medicated on an inappropriate and heavy cocktail, it was like I was in a delirium and couldn't figure out how to take care of myself. I am pretty sure that these deficits have been there since birth, however.
  22. I would go if they're seeing people. Mine closed down due to Covid precautions for a quarantine, so I think they are being really, really careful not to expose anyone if there's a risk.
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