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  1. I talked with my psychiatrist today and it was a little short. I think that it was helpful to check in, though. I talked with him about switching my ritalin from my sleep doctor to him, if my sleep doctor agrees, to lessen my number of doctors because I'm afraid of losing my insurance. He said I would still have to follow up with him even if my psychiatrist prescribes, so he is prescribing it.
  2. The therapeutic relationships that I've gotten the most out of seem to be the ones in which I start to wonder how they really feel, who they really are, what they are like as a person. If I don't start to wonder at all, I dont get much out of it. I don't really know why, maybe something about the quality of relationship? I don't think they should share too much about their lives. It weirds me out a little when therapeutic people over share with me, like why are you telling me this and what am I supposed to do with this information. It reverses the nature of the relationship and makes it weird. I feel like I think more about what the therapists that affect me more are actually like, though.
  3. Someone else in my household, horribly the most at risk of complications, came down with symptoms extremely suggestive of Covid-19. I was wondering if there was anything to do besides masks and gloves. I drove him back the other day from the mechanic the other day, and he and my partner go out together sometimes to do errands, and have fairly recently, so I'm sure we'll all get it if we don't already have it mildly. I guess I was wondering about suggested precautions when the person cannot quarantine alone very safely, if anyone knows.
  4. I bought a really deluxe microcontroller programmer, but I haven't done anything with it. I'm too busy sulking and sitting and staring. It's kind of funny how all the grand plans for making use of all the time sitting around doing nothing actually do end up being sitting around doing nothing.
  5. I told a psychiatrist I had once that I thought that I was hypomanic, and he asked me how much sleep I was getting, which was like 5 hours a night and if I was doing anything dangerous, which I wasn't. He told me to enjoy it and to call back if it got any worse. It didn't really end up in anything dangerous, so it was ok that time, I guess. I guess some doctors don't take mild manias very seriously, but if it is serious, they should take it seriously. I can accept some mood alterations, but the blow to the bank account can be a bitch.
  6. There's something affirming about listening to someone scream we're not alone in that way.
  7. I feel physical sensations too, not exactly expanding, but like my brain is swelling and rotting? I didn't know that was a thing that was common. I also can't process things at a normal speed, like I will have to drive below the speed limit.
  8. My hands have a tremor from lithium and I used to take propranolol for work because I kept dropping pills when I was passing them. It can be a prn thing, too, if it is mild and only bothersome for some activities.
  9. I finally got ahold of my clinic and made an appointment for the pdoc appt I missed and the tdoc appt that I never got, which was made before they shut down. I'm glad I got through to them, but I'm kind of pissed. I guess it's mostly at the office clerk? I am not sure if I should mention it because of the difficulty of getting a call through and she had clearly not listened to my voicemails. However, she is pretty new and I would not like to get someone in trouble at work when everyone is getting laid off? Idk
  10. I got mechanic work done on my car, and had to clear out my collection of baby food, two liters of soda, energy drinks, spam, rice, lentils, ramen, and canned goods. The baby food might be considered weird, but it is super shelf stable, nutritious, and some of it is ok, like cheap MREs.
  11. Are you sure they're not trying to fire you for taking too much medical leave? A place I worked really loved to do that until they got sued too much because they were too large. I assume you're under US law if you're in the Baptist South; I'm pretty sure that firing you for taking medical leave is super illegal... I'm not sure if they're firing you for just the leave, but it kind of sounds like they're really getting into all kinds of legal liability territory that I know very little about, just that this sounds super iffy, but unfortunately common.
  12. I also have concerns as to whether I have CFS and someone is complaining at me to see a doctor. I don't really think I have it, because with Ritalin, I don't sleep 18/24 hours, but more like 12, but I have a lack of sense of smell that has gone on for years and other odd things when I sleep like someone trying a sternal rub on me and being totally unresponsive. My toes and occasionally my fingers turn purple and numb. I was wondering if these weird signs were reasons to ask about CFS, if they do anything about it other than ritalin. It seems like it would be hard to get a diagnosis when already diagnosed as MI. I guess I'm wondering if I'm being a hypochondriac.
  13. I CLEANED OUT MY CAR this is amazing it was full of toilet paper and canned goods hoards on top of my usual chaos
  14. I keep a couple gloves with me and I kind of rely on my mask too much in grocery stores because there's no way I can do the 6' thing there even if I was concentrating really hard the whole time. There's just too many prices and selections and people whizzing by. I touch my face all the time, too. It is hard not to touch my face with used gloves sometimes.
  15. I got pulled off of what I am doing at my work to be a floater a couple months ago, which makes me unhappy because I like routine. However, what is also bothering me is that the task I am doing for the next week is really routine and monotonous. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on focusing on boring things. I figure that I can leave tv and music going and maybe do it outside on certain days. Maybe alarms for controlled breaks and nothing besides that? I need more exercise.
  16. Fear, frustration, and confusion. An overwhelming urge to escape, but that is difficult when everything is shut down.
  17. I missed my pdoc's call. I've been trying harder to get a response from their office staff. It is really annoying. I am not sure if they are checking the voicemails. I am also not sure if my voicemails are very clear. I should drive somewhere with better signal and try again.
  18. I don't blame you for being cautious about the hypertensives. I took a higher dose of propranolol than that without trouble, so I hope the combination works for you without causing significant cardiovascular effects.
  19. I had this really mild akathisia on abilify. Is it possible it might be barely noticeable akathisia and treatable? Though there's the problems of treating side effects with other drugs.
  20. Telepsychiatry, with phones, I kind of like not getting feedback from faces. Facial expressions tend to confuse me and I imagine all kinds of things in them that aren't actually there.
  21. Walk dog Work 6 full hours, starting at 4:30 pm make 2 meals don't forget ritalin so I won't forget ritalin wash dishes that are used today
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