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    knitting, cats, reading Im diagnosed bipolar currently on neurontin. I live in northern cali formerly of akron, oh
  1. Nice to meet you as well! Keep posting and try chat too! you might like it
  2. you should call and talk to your doc i just got off WB because of a bad reaction better safe than sorry good luck
  3. Im so sorry. Most of the time being fired means you qualify for unemployment and it definately sounds like you were mistreated and hirrassed. You should check with your local employee rights office. And i think but im not entirely sure but your roommate is suppost to give your 30 days not 3 to move out Good luck! i really hope things turn around and your ankle heals quickly.
  4. i have welbutrin and xanax as well if it gets intolerable call your doctor they have other things that might work better good luck
  5. I got 88% that is so much better than i expected!!!
  6. i will vote and stay up on the issues but watching the debates and the news gives me such bad panic attacks i just cant more power to people who can though
  7. you should talk to your doc immediately. it could be nothing or it could be something but if its a change you doc should evaluate it asap.
  8. i am so sorry you have to go through this. im guessing she wasnt trying to hide it from you its probably just as painful for her to deal with too. my heart goes out to you.
  9. favorite quote du'jour "ok ok i take it back Un-fuck you"

  10. im with vap how is temp work working for you? i need physical work how about you what triggers your crazy?? stress triggers mine you should ask yourself and your docs these questions good luck!
  11. ive been working nights for over 10 years try to make time to get up earlier and see the sun even if you go back to bed ive never tried a light box but ive heard good things avoid tanning beds if you can especially if its just for vit d get up earlier on you days off too it really helps good luck! as for the lawn mowers cotton balls work great for me and my hubby snores like a wilda beast in heat lol eye shields are fairly cheap or just use a bandana to cover your eyes it gets better and you will get used to it
  12. it will be a good day when people learn to keep their religion to there selves
  13. i would call the doc because your on more than one perscription that can further affect the interaction until then peppermint tea, tons of fluids and try vics in steaming water, put your face over it with a towel over your head it really works. keep warm and hydrated Feel better soon! ps phenylephrine im prettty sure is sudafed dont take it until you talk to your doc
  14. chat with your doc about having a CMP and a CBC (complete metabolic panel) and (complete blood count) these are fairly common basic blood tests you may have already had them the CMP would catch things like hypothyroidism and the such see what the doc thinks
  15. your doc does have duty to the case if he refuses and does not give you written notice of 30 days its called abandonmdnt and he could loose his license, among other things. i would call again and make your self perfectly clear to the receptionist or ask to leave a message on his personal voice mail. make it clear you expect a return call by the end of the day. Hang in there im sure he is not ignoring you but call just to make yourself clear
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