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  1. Just want to say "Hi" :D

  2. I would go IP if I had a choice and money wasn't an issue. I can't seem to find the right treatment outpatient. Just don't feel stable right now. Almost got into a NIH study but wasn't chosen at the last second. I can't seem to get better on my own no matter what I do lately.
  3. I have the same feeling and thoughts sometime.
  4. I hear ya, not fun. I would try taking 25 or 50mg of regular Seroquel and see how it works. When I took Seroquel before I found that lower doses were more sedating than the higher doses. just a thought.
  5. i really hope it works for depression. Just titrated up to 200mg yesterday. nothing else seems to work that well.
  6. YES!!! Same here! totally agree with blueandgray above. same symptoms and results with adderall.
  7. Just started on Luvox and feel the same side effects almost immediately. Really suck and hope they go away or augment with another medication to counter act the effects. Really hard to deal with the side effects. Feel dull, foggy head, zombie like, numb, blah feeling, no energy at all. Just tolerating them since it helps with anxiety a lot. Not sure what to do. Felt same on all SSRI's and had to stop them before. So frustrating.
  8. HI, Sorry your having a hard time. I understand and have been there myself. I tried so many medications, self-help books, therapy, you name it. Nothing seemed to work. I did finally end up suggesting Parnate (MAOI) as a last resort medication to my doctor. He agreed to try it. I was on it for 6 months and it helped a lot with energy, mood, motivation. It causes severe insomnia and lots of other drug/food interactions. Actually, it's not as bad as they make it out to be. I never tried the patch but its worth a shot. I heard good things about it. Definitely get help! Don't suffer alone. reach out to other in the same situation as your are. I found it was useless talking to others who just don't get it. Go to support groups, chat online, keep busy, walk as much as possible outdoors in the sunlight, even for 10min at a time. Eat really, really healthy for a few days to detox your body. lot of fresh water, express yourself in forms of activities you like to do, even if you don't enjoy them at first. take it slow. one step at at time. you can overcome this. I felt hopeless and some medications make things worse, you just have to keep fighting. there are many good websites, books that help. It's a long hard road and battle. I wish you the best. Let me know if I can help in any way. I would also go for a medical check up if you haven't already. Get as much help as you can. Whatever it takes! It's also not your fault, remember that. Be kind to yourself. go to the store and buy your self something nice once in a while. I can suggest books or websites if you want. Just keep active and busy to distract yourself. Find a good doctor you trust and hopefully you will find the right medication as well. Best of luck. Hang in there. Take things one day at at time.
  9. Hi, I was told I have OCD as well but not sure. I know I dwell internally and constantly about my illness and what's wrong or what to do about it. Just don't feel myself and always trying to figure out why and and what to do or take for it. so confusing.
  10. i feel that same way, I have depression but tried to explain to my doctor about the racing thoughts, ruminations, intrusive thoughts I am having. She refused to give me anything or doesnt think I have those symptoms. I feel like I needs things to quite down and calm my mind so I can focus better. Wish I knew what that would be. Wish my doctor would help. time for a second opinion I think. Can't just stop my mind or thoughts on my own.
  11. Wow, totally can relate, it's sad to just get by and not enjoy life, its just passes by and I feel so many years are being wasted. I continue to have hope that someday things will change. wish it were an easy process but find it very difficult to get my life back.
  12. I agree with malachite, i feel the same way and people around me expect me to just get better without help. You need help when you know your not well mentally. Do whatever it takes to get better. I wish you well. We all support you here.
  13. that would be under "what not to say to a depressed person" my doctor told me that I am choosing to feel depressed. so go figure. I don't trust anyone anymore who can't relate and never been in the same situation. I would just not say anything, it's not worth it sometimes.
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