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  1. depakote, which i had to titerate down off of to go onto lamictal screwed with my appetitite something fierce, LamicTaL was and remains absolutely neutral - good luck with it - i bet it will be good for You, but - as i am wont to say - Your Mileage May Vary
  2. Congratulations SyS! quite an accomplishment and that is great you've been helping folks here at CB for so long.
  3. 0ranges, wonderful shot, lovely hair - especially like the colored ends, great expression . . . 
  4. Well, i can well understand many of us having mixed feelings about the way her participation may be publicized, or portrayed in the media, besides what beauty pageants convey to girls, women, and society as a whole - but i admire her courage and would not be surprised if there are some positive aspects to and effects of her participation. I far prefer this story's publicity and relatively positive message involving autism and mental illness/disorders to the recent ones about the tragedies in Aurora and Newtown. This link, (excerpted below) gives a little more background on her than most of the other stories i have seen out there - http://www.buzzfeed.com/ellievhall/meet-alexis-wineman-the-first-autistic-miss-ameri Alexis was labeled "different" and "difficult" during elementary and middle school. She was bullied and teased for her speech impediment and eventually stopped talking to avoid attention, descending into self-abusive behavior.Socially isolated and struggling with school, Alexis would sometimes bang her head against walls or descend into screaming fits when frustrated. After a two-year process that included counseling, a battery of tests, and behavioral medicine, Alexis was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, including borderline Asperger’s syndrome at age 11. Alexis was able to develop strategies for coping with her condition during her last year of middle school. Encouraged by her family, she joined the cross-country team, cheerleading squad, and drama group in high school. Alexis began competing in beauty pageants as a last-minute attempt to get scholarship money for college. She was crowned Miss Montana in June 2012, one month after graduation. Here is a link to her Pageant background video on her and her state. I can imagine she suffered quite a bit of hell from other kids just in terms of her speech impediment and that is probably the least of her issues regarding her mental state. btw her talent portion was a comedy routine . . . The media's coverage, and lack thereof, regarding mental illness often seems to foster more ignorance and fear about MI and the issues surrounding it, than accurate or unbiased information. Anyway i 'm curious to hear what other folks here at CB think of this story and the way Ms. Wineman is portrayed or comes across. Thanks for raising the topic Luna.
  5. based on how hard you are knocking yourself out at work, i think your idea is worth a try - i hope it works out well, you deserve to have it easier or maybe better said less tough - you do way more than your fair share is what it sounds like - is there a way you could calculate the change and effect of less hours in terms of getting benefits anonymously?
  6. I agree with all the comments so far - it seems fair to say this is one of the valid reasons to see a therapist - and if the things your friend(s) shared in confidence are disturbing or triggering or affect your mental state, your outlook i think it's recommended if you are going to make full use of what therapy offers. Obviously you could sometimes change names, but i think your point is quite valid that you wish the disclosure in certain circumstances to be as "authentic" as possible to get the most benefit. Just the fact that you seek advice from others on this point shows how much you care about your friends.
  7. i had a couple of principals i taught under that i'd like to erase, but then i guess working for sociopaths makes working for other bosses something to be grateful about
  8. thanks for posting this Katamaran! - kind of fun - it helped me to move the screen to varying distances, i just tried starting out putting the closest ones to the edge colors closest to the edge and tried to see the subtle color shift across the bars - i got a 7, and at first i was like, 7 out of 10 - that sort of sucks! because on the page that first tells you your score they don't tell you it can go so high - i missed 3 bars in the green range and four bars in the blue to purple range - but nothing can beat those machines that match paint color - i just googled how they do it - they use a spectrophotometer http://www.housebeautiful.com/shopping/gadgets/technophobia-color-matching - i thought about having my dog try it, but the interface is hard for her to manipulate and i thought dogs were colorblind, but not so! http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/canine-corner/200810/can-dogs-see-colors
  9. Dear Brave MaL, YOU are in no way shape or form ridiculous - to the contrary, You are - in all i've witnessed of your sufferings a very strong, stoic and courageous and considerate soul who has survived through pain and despair i know none of us would wish on anyone . . . during this, yet again very horrible pain you are fighting and in no way deserve - all i can wish you is hope and the courage to seek other avenues, including perhaps congnitive therapy to keep the wolves at bay - i truly doubt any ECT could or would be forced on you - i can only imagine it would be counterproductive at this point in time - if you are in a position to do so - i would suggest seeking out a new pdoc and counselor you are more comfortable with helping you in manners less drastic and more effective than ECT for you - it is just my personal experience, but i'm helped by the writings and suggestions of Dr. Gary Emery (http://www.amazon.com/Gary-Emery/e/B001IQZEC4) and Dr. Aaron Peck (http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1/176-0753226-6255036?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=aaron+beck) - or any good cognitive therapy resources - http://therapychanges.com/cognitive-therapy/cognitive-therapy-resources/ - just the fact that you are open to help and honest with how you are feeling is an enormous plus - i confess that despite my feeling the suggestions above might help, i know that more immediate help in the form of some new possible combination of meds might be worth pursuing . . .
  10. Miguel! Where have you been!

  11. Hi Carpe Diem, you might want to look into the possibility of drug free avenues, at least to begin with . . . http://www.webmd.com/add-adhd/video/interactive-metronome-adhd http://www.ehow.com/way_5593334_physical-therapy-treat-adhd.html http://www.ehow.com/about_6296657_occupational-therapy-adhd.html http://www.sharecare.com/question/interactive-metronome-treatment-adhd in teaching elementary school for 25 years i saw many kids possibly misdiagnosed/overdiagnosed with ADHD, though i also saw some children undeniably benefit dramatically from medication, sometimes it is worth exploring different routes, even if meds may be part of treatment, anyway i can understand your distress and hope your little guy may be helped to find coping skills and adaptations aside from, or in addition to medication, just as i know i've benefitted from cognitive behavior therapy in addition to my meds . . .
  12. had to fool with paypal but got it straightend out, thanks for keeping the site up and running !!
  13. Luna it sounds really harsh to deal with especially cuz you are liking the job otherwise and can see it is the OCD that is the culprit. You many already have investigated or tried N-acetylcysteine - my bro & i are both BP1 with OCD, he has been taking it for a while and myself for a couple of weeks - we both note a lessening of our OCS related anxiety and thinking maybe it is worth a try - or some looking into - regardless i hope you get some relief and support for your suffering to the point of "nearly psychosis" - i know it can be paralyzing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acetylcysteine#Psychiatry Psychiatry Acetylcysteine has been shown to reduce the symptoms of both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in two placebo controlled trials conducted at Melbourne University. It is thought to act via modulation of NMDA glutamate receptors or by increasingglutathione. Pilot data suggests potential efficacy in autism, cocaine craving, smoking, and obsessive symptoms
  14. perhaps it means you only lick oxen . . . go figure
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