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  1. For hair and nails this stuff is really awesome http://www.amazon.com/Great-Lakes-Unflavored-Gelatin-16-Ounce/dp/B001ELLBJS just take a tsp mixed into juice twice a day.
  2. your not alone in feeling that way. i have an 18 month old son 100% of the time, thank god i have lots of family help with my husband, but i have had psychosis for several years, on and off meds, so i understand some of your pain. i also have a 7 year old daughter who i see on weekends. i am also thinking of getting my tubes tied pretty soon here, because this is really really hard, and i want to give all my attention to my kids i have now. i dont know, all im really saying, is i feel the same way. i love my kids, and sometimes dream of the big family, but i dont think it would be the best for me in the long run. (but everyone is different). and i never heard that mental illness is contagious. thats a little far fetched, im sorry she said that to you. when i get really stressed out and my symptoms come out more, i try and take a "me" moment and do some breathing excercizes, light a nice smelling candle and try and try and try and focus on some visualisation excercizes ive picked up over the years. i even get my little one to try and breath with me. doesnt always work, but at thoes really stressfull times, sometimes just a little something to focus on helps. just my two pennies.
  3. yeah breakfast i think would be much harder to hit that calorie intake. but homemade meatloaf with mashpotatos and gravy plus chocolate cake, its easy to.
  4. omg, that list you sent me, like 99% of the patients DIED. :/ I started taking the Zeldox in the evening with my meal 80mg and so far have been good, and I have been sleeping!!!!! WOOOOO!!! Oh sleep, how I have missed you.I am still taking the Divalproex Sodium, only got really nautious once from it because i didnt take it with enough food, had this nasty mineral salty indegestion and was worshiping the porcline god for a while. Its good to take in the morning for me, it wakes me up out of my sleepy Zeldox fog so right now I am not complaining, plus no chest reactions like I had with the Serequel and my head is finally getting quiet again! Ill call my pdoc and tell him everything is fine, but I dont think i need to go see him today since im sleeping now, and not crazy as a loon. My next appointment is in a few weeks, if things keep going like this, then ill be fine. if not, then ill try and see him earlier. Thank you everyone for your replies. God its finally nice to not feel so alone going through this craziness! :D
  5. why shoudlnt anyone aim for full absorbtion? just curious, is it dangerous? im asking cuz with a family dinner, and desert ontop, im quite sure im at least 800-1000 calories.. oops.
  6. yeah im taking it for psychosis and depression and anxiety, I talked to my PDOC today and he said to take 80mg once a day instead of twice a day, and to stay on the Divalproex sodium twice a day (which is keeping me wide freaking awake... i havent slept in 3 days now... going a little loony to say the least) I was on serequol and it was helping, a very low dose 75mg night and 25 in the morning, but i started getting chest pains and ended up in the E.R. when he raised the dose from 50 to 75. That was right before the switch to Zeldox, a week ago or so now? I think my body hates all meds, i am hyper sensitive to all chemcials, and if there is a 2% chance of a side effect, i will get it!!!!!! I wish with my miraclious odds i could win the lottery! So tonight I will try 80mg at bedtime of Zeldox and 125mg of Divalporex Sodium, and hope the Zeldox knocks me out and doesnt give me a heart attack. Doc said if I was still awake on monday to call his secratary and he would see me as an emergency. :/ How can I still be awake after 3 days? Isnt this susposed to be a super sedating med? I thought it was the Zeldox keeping me up, not the D.S. But after being off of the Zeldox for one day, my symptoms are back to a scary point, im almost answering all the voices I hear and acting on my delusions. I really really really hope I get some sleep tonight.
  7. I cant deal with these side effects anymore, i almost think being crazy is better than this. I am not going to take anymore zeldox, im still feeling like crap and its 6:21pm, my last does was at 9:30am! I will call my PDOC tommorow. I am sorta worried because he told me if I keep on having side effects to the meds he prescribs, he cant help me anymore. then ill have no doctor!
  8. Hi, I was taking serequeol but it was making me have chest pains, so my PDOC switched me to Zeldox a few days ago, 40mg in the morning, and 40mg at night. The problem is I have a little one to take care of during the day, and dont have anyone thats able to stay with me during the day. The first night I took it, i was up till 6am, finally I was able to sleep, but only for a few hrs. The next day, I took another 40mg with breakfast, I had to drive my husband to work (never again, unless this confusing stops) and stopped at the store with my little one, I thought it would just be like my serequel, which i was used to, but no this is wayyyy different. I almost passed out in the store, and the drive home I was praying the whole time to make it home without passing out, nodding off in a med induced slumber. Made it home ok, called my mom thankfully she was able to come over and make sure me and my kid were ok when i passed out. So fast forward to the evening, had to take 40mg in the evening again with dinner, was ok but didnt sleep, decided to finally take a 25mg of serequel that i had left to at least help me sleep a bit? sorta worked. woke up feeling not rested at all. This morning took 40mg of Zeldox again, now i feel spacy, far away from everything, sluggish, like im going to pass out, needless to say the hubby took the bus to work today. Worried about watching our kid, panicky about passing out. He said I should be ok, but what does he know, hes not taking this strange med. :/ SO what I want to know, Am i ever going to be able to drive again? And have normal sleep? Can I take a sleeping pill at night without having some strange reaction with the Zeldox and dying? I hate feeling so strange, i feel sorta like im floating, but far away, and that i can randomly pass out. I am also taking a generic divalproex sodium just started on that too but only 125mg twice a day.
  9. Hello. I am Crysta, from Canada. Im 29, married with children, and crazy. Have had mental health issues since 16 in and out of the fishbowl. Diaganosis right now, Psychosis NOS w/mood disorder,PTSS, possibly BPD ,was given that at 22 but never saw the PDOC regularly enough to get it past that. Fast forward till now - Going through brain snap. Ended up in emerg 2 weeks ago from Panic,depression, the voices, delusions etc.. Finally have a PDOC and GP on my side and getting stabalized. Guess I just decided to log on and make an account, to get some support. Doc put me on Serequel, I take 75mg at night, 25 mg in the morning. So far its helping. Had an allergic reaction to 10mg Ciprelix, my face got sorta puffy, racing heart, laboured breathing, panic attack after panic attack, so I only took 5mg the next day and same thing happened, so PDOC said stop that. Strange since I was taking Celexa for years and was fine with that - until one day I just wasnt, and it sent me into a manic state, no sleep for days, up cleaning my house with a toothbrush, snappy, angry, then finally went psychotic. So stopped taking it cold turkey. Bad idea, got brain clicks. :/ Wasnt thinking, just knew I had to get off it. SOOO now.. after a while being unmedicated im just starting the whole lets find your med cocktail thing from square 1. Not really looking forward to it, since ive been through this multipul times, but I know I need it. I wish I could function without meds. I think I scare my husband when he sees me becoming all parinoid. :/ I need to be a little more normal, I have a life to continue and people to take care of. Well......thats my story. Well, part of it.
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